I picked a new show!!!

2022 is the year!!

Let me catch you up. I started prep for NGA in January 2020 and got all the way to 6 weeks out from the show and it was canceled due to Covid. Here’s where I left off.

Well.. the year away from the gym.. was rough. I did home training and felt great but no way would I be ready to do any kind of shows. So now that I’m back to the gym, I wanted to see what was available for 2022. I want to take a full year at least and get some gains.

We will be moving this year to Las Vegas and I’m glad for it. I don’t want to compete in the same competitions in St. Louis anymore. I found Fitness Universe by doing a search and holy smokes.. I was so ready to say YES!

In 2021, this show will be in June in Miami but who knows for 2022. It will be in Las Vegas in the fall so I can do that one if I’m not coming in right to start prep in Spring 2022. I’m easy breezy. This federation has lots of shows all over the world and I need to dig in and figure out how to compete in the theme wear as well as bikini.

When I started this blog, it was helpful for me because I was journaling my show journey. I want to do that again!
This will be officially 10 years of competition in 2022! I will be a 56 year old Bombshell fit girl competing in this show and my goal is to come in better than I ever have. I have learned more, and prepped more people than I can even count. I feel really pumped to do this.

If you want to follow my journey.. keep your eyeballs here!!

BTW: You can learn more about coaching with me at http://www.badkittysport.com

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