Path to Fitness Universe 2022: The beginning.

Let’s get started!!

I get super excited when I pick a show. I just finished a pole competition last week so this came at exactly the right time. Shows are opening back up and people are super amped to get back to stage. Me too. I love having a goal.
You may think.. why are you booking shows so far out? I book everything far out. I book photoshoots a year out. Time goes really fast for me. I’m super busy and very focused on furthering goals. However.. I have a lot of work to do having been out of the gym for over a year. I trained at home but I really want to focus on a good build before I get back on stage.

Fitness Universe will be in Las Vegas in the Fall of 2020 so I’m guessing that’s when it will be in 2022 also. That’s always an option if I am hot feeling strong to start prep in the spring.

Right now, my focus is to get on a bikini competition plan that will bring me in the way I want. I wrote a bomb new program so I’m living for it!

Head down focus is my game.

I’m at Fit City!! It’s been over a year!

Macros: I’m solid on my food. I am great at macros and know just what I want to do right now.

We head out to Las Vegas on Monday to look at houses and neighborhoods. I have my food plan in check and I will be training while we are there. All is well. So here’s where we begin for this journey. I actually can’t wait to finish it and look back on this post. Should be a fun ride. I wish you well in your competition!

Here is a picture of Bun Bunderson. He does not care about competitions but he wants us all to do well in life.

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