RANT: Backstage for newbies: What to expect!

Pro Qualifier!!

Backstage at bodybuilding shows can be great but also toxic. To navigate it properly, you must have your bullshit monitor on . You will encounter assholes, poachers and people will tell you that your coach screwed you over. They will tell you that “they could have got you a pro card.” You will hear that you should have done 400 ab crunches every day or that drinking vodka is a great idea before you step on stage. You will hear that you only can place if you ate asparagus all week. You will hear crying from people who didn’t win and felt entitled to have a pro card on their first show.

Bad sportsmanship.. and crying.

I watched a winner throw her trophies in the trash and say that it wasn’t that hard and everyone in the show is stupid for doing it. It’s a weird ride.

But, you might make amazing, new friends backstage. You might find camaraderie and help each other backstage!!
You might find enjoy yourself and realize that you have a coach for a reason and there’s always work to be done. You might enjoy the experience so much you will be hooked!

We can take the experience and learn and be challenged to come back with new goals!! The learning is amazing!

We can give support to shows that are a good fit for us, and move on from shows that are not. There is so much to learn in this sport and it requires trusting your coach and some critical thinking and not wavering from your path.
But you can do it!! I wish you luck in your shows!!!

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