52 weeks from my show

52 weeks out from my show.

Happy Monday! It’s about 52 weeks from my show. I have chosen Miss Bikini Universe for my show. I had|

originally hoped for the Miami Show in 2022 but after flying this past week, I realize how much I swell up from travel.
I will make a game time decision later but this is a great place to set the first goal.

Ms. Bikini Antelope Valley Championships
Open – Short & Tall
Classic – 35 Years+
Masters – 45 Years+

This looks great to me! I will be 56 at the time of this show. I’m happy for a Masters 45+ category.

I am working with our Bad Kitty Sport Team posing coach Belinda for this show. She knows this show really well and I know she will help me bring my best. I’m ready to work my ass off for this show.

I really like blogging my training for shows. This blog has all my show preps all the way back to 2013!! I don’t really care if anyone reads this, but I like looking at it like a journal. I learn a lot in my show preps and it makes me better as a coach.

So we just got back from Vegas and I’m excited to hit the ground running.

Poblano Chicken

Rob is back in the kitchen. Well.. he is never not on food prep. He is the master of food prep and knows how to cook for me when I’m on the game. I’m not ‘cutting’ right now but I am keeping my macros at a place where I can do some good recomp. I have a few photoshoots coming up in a month and I’ll be building until I start prep in the early spring of 2022. I’m keeping my Protein up and fueling the F out of my workouts!! IIFYM is amazing.

Much of the time I’m able to do intuitive advanced macros. But I’m working in My Net Diary to track everything.
My Net Diary is the absolute best food tracker out there. I talk about that all the time in my blog. I won’t use anything else.

Today Rob baked two turkey breasts and roasted veggies. He made Mango chicken and Sweet Potatoes. The white potatoes are really good too. I eat both. I remember in my old preps with my previous coaches where I was not allowed anything but Turkey Chicken and Fish and green beans. Rob asked me if I wanted green beans and I turned green thinking about that. Gross. Nope.

If you have been on my blog before, you know I bring up my early preps all the time because they literally were the most unhealthy time in my life. I’m non negotiating on my fuel and food/nutrition. Macro counting is fantastic.

I’m going to make Cotton Candy Pancakes tomorrow. I’ll post those.

If you are curious about IIFYM, this blog is for you. If you are curious about competing on IIFYM.. I’m your coach.
If you are just hoping to learn how to eat and get some peace in your life and want to rock a tight physique.. just check my site out.. http://www.badkittyfitness.com

This is Salem Saberhagen (given name). AKA Jonesey. He is our new kitty and he came to us needing a home.
He is a bad Kitty and weirdly I made the Bad Kitty Logo before he got here. It’s kismet. He wants us to do well in our shows.

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