Why I changed my branding to Bad Kitty Fitness.

I realized that I never blogged about my rebranding!! In December of 2020 I decided to make a change.

Hey Bad Kitty!
My name is Tracy .  My pronouns are she/her. I’m the owner and creator Bad Kitty Fitness.
I have owned Sleek Body Fitness for about  the last 10 year and felt that the brand needed an upgrade. 
I wanted to no longer have aesthetic terminology  (sleek body) in my brand. I believe that people can choose how they want to look and should not be based on  one beauty standard! 

Bad Kitties are unruly and go against the grain. They build what they want. They rock the look they want. If it’s a competition physique you want.. we will slay that!  Whatever look or fitness you seek.. I got you!

I also  wanted this brand to be more inclusive and feel welcoming to all body types and humans. We are not women only. We are a safe space and inclusive. 

Bad Kitty Fitness aligns with my personal fitness philosophy and beliefs.   

About me:
I have been in fitness for almost 40 years. I have watched the fitness  world change from the 80s to now. I’ve seen everything come and go and come back around. I have worked with so many people over the years and have created amazing transformations and I am so excited to continue to help more people reach their goals.
I’ve learned so much from working with people and I don’t mess around with stuff that doesn’t work.  I find what is missing for people is the ability to create sustainable fitness programs and accountability. 
I got you! I’m here for customization if that is what you need! 

I’ve been a bikini  athlete since 2012 and that made me happy.  I love that aesthetic too.  What is very powerful about fitness is the idea that we can build exactly what we want. Not based on anyone else’s ideas of what is acceptable.  Sadly, this goes against the fitness industry as a whole. 

What always annoys me about my industry is the extreme nature of fitness and the shame it puts on women who are not of a certain size.   We are more than just size, weight or a number.  I believe that we can be fit and look amazing! I believe having goals is a great thing!! I believe we should build the physique we want but do it for longevity and with health in mind!  I believe we can incorporate things we enjoy into our fitness and create consistency!!  I believe we can find ourselves and feel empowered in our bodies and love them for all the do and yeah.. they will look amazing too!!  

Another thing that annoys me about my industry is the way they market to shame women into looking a certain way.  One industry giant uses tag lines that say being more attractive to men will keep them faithful.  I refuse to bow to this because we need to have our own power as women and that’s who I am. 
We choose  for ourselves!  We decide!  That is how I feel, these are my beliefs.

Nutrition:  I do not believe in restrictive nutrition. I believe that food is amazing and we can reach our goals by eating things we enjoy!  I teach
Macro Counting and it works amazingly.  I built my program to teach my clients how to eat for their lives and learn how their body loves to eat!  I do not believe in living on low carb, keto or any buzz word diets because those things are temporary Hail Mary’s. Trust me.. I’ve seen it come around more times than I can count. The great news is,  I can teach you how to never have  diet again!  My program is based in sports nutrition for health but is so fun and easy!  I’ll teach you everything!! I have that skill set!

Me:  I am mom, business owner, fitness professional, Pitbull mom, pole dancer, performer, show producer and film maker. Cat mom since forever!!  I live in costumes and that’s who I am! I love working with people who are excited about their transformations because I get really excited too! For me, fitness has shifted from being locked into one aesthetic/plan. At age 55,  I’m excited to train using things that make me so happy.  I love the idea of training for longevity and using pole, dance, aerial sports to be a part of my life. I love lifting and creating great booties!!  I am excited to help others catch passion for building their best physique!! 

I’ve been a studio owner and now I am a lover of small space training so my clients are all online!! We are killing it at home!!  We didn’t miss a beat when gyms weren’t an option.  This is a new frontier and I’m here for it.  
If you are training at home, or the gym, you will have everything YOU need to be successful! 

When you start with me, we’ll figure out the best path for YOU!  We’ll go over everything and make a plan!
I’m super pumped to work with you, Bad Kitty!

All of my businesses, Bad Kitty/Mobscene are LGBTQIA+ friendly, BLM and we love all body shapes and humans.
If you know me as a person, you know that. I care about people and I will care about you too if you work with me.

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