Booty Burn Workout for Home or Gym

Yall.. today I had Pole work to do for my certifications. I danced for a while then did my Booty Burn Workout.
This one is so great for either home of gym. If you are in the gym, you can slow down and go heavy AF.

Perform AMRAP
side to side squat blast w/band around knees – 1 min
Frog pumps -20 with band.
Single leg squats supported or not supported 10/10
Staggered stiff leg deadlift – 10/10
band side to side walk -10/10
Side step ups – 10/10 – add weight for more challenge if needed
Band glute kickback – 10/10

This one had me sweating!!

For the many people who are joining me on the bikini plan.. this one is bomb!
Let’s do it!!
Jonesy shows up in my video. Here he is to say.. you got this.

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