Loving Our Body Today

Body love is really important.  I have so many clients who feel discouraged by
where they landed after 15 months of being away from the gym.  The stress of
a global pandemic won’t be recognized until later I truly believe. 

Our team prevailed. We worked. We did our best and trained at home with every tool
we could.  We talked about feeling stressed, tired, unmotivated.. we helped each other.

Many of us are feeling confident to return to the gym now and that means there’s a potential for feeling that we aren’t where we were.  When I left off at the gym in 2020, I was about 5 weeks from my show which was canceled.  

So today this is where I am on my pull ups. I am proud of myself. I am working very hard on
loving my body for all it can do and not judging it by other standards.  

When I film my Mobscene/pole videos, I love my body and all the curves. I feel amazing.  
From time to time, I choose to compete on stage and this journey is really amazing and fun for me. I love the transformation.  I don’t live in a  show body. I don’t even resemble it on regular days. I’m not thin. Oh well. But I love working toward something and getting on stage. It’s  very powerful to achieve that goal.  

Today I am about 52 weeks out. I’m proud of myself and I am a really hard worker who is super pumped to create a brand new stage body for this new show!!   I am focused on each lift and how I’m building my program to create exactly what I want to show on that amazing stage.

We can love our bodies at every stage of our life.  We can also create goals. We can  
live in a world where we don’t wrap our worth up in flat abs.  It’s not there. Mindset is everything.  

I won’t be ‘where I was’ a year ago. That’s not the goal. The goal now is to create and I’m super excited.    It’s ok if you read this and say.. blah blah. but I hope someone feels that they are not less than because of where they are right now.  

I wish you luck in your shows!!

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