8 Weeks to Stage Update

It has been a tiny minute since I did a prep update. The time is passing so fast actually. It's 8 weeks until OBC Pot of Gold here in Las Vegas!! We lost over a week from being sick. That was a real bummer. I'm on the slow road to recovery though. Very weak and... Continue Reading →

15 Weeks to OCB

15 weeks out, and I fit into my actual show suit from 2015. That's great news!! Hellooooo.. I'm back for this weeks update!! There's a lot going on this week!!It was officially Thanksgiving week. Our family did not observe but we did our own thing on Saturday. I don't ever use the words 'cheat' meal... Continue Reading →

Sixteen Weeks Out to OCB

. Hi!! It's 16 weeks out! Last week was pretty great! The below pic is 18 weeks out and 16 weeks out. I had some progress. That's cool. I "gained" about 4 pounds on the scale. I'm normally not a scale watcher but I decided to follow my patterns of fat loss so I weighed.... Continue Reading →

How I Eat for My Competition

Grill Chicky Ground turkey taco meat with Quest chips quest crackers and tuna salad chicken Thighs love squash too turkey burgers Crock pot ground turkey taco meat Salmon, squash, spinach, plum Rob and I are 17 weeks out from the OCB Pot of Gold Competition, here in Las Vegas.If you have seen my blog before,... Continue Reading →

Bad Kitty is Now Bad Kitty 3 LV

We did it!! We bought a house in Las Vegas! This blog is just some insight into my life and goals and dreams!! Samantha, Jennie and Annie always brought it! This workout was called Mr. And Mrs. Smith.Boot Camp for Tenth Life in Tower Grove Park.Our clients are awesome from day 1.Rob and Daniel Brown... Continue Reading →

IIFYM vs BRO Prep: Realization!!

In 2014 this little 99 cent treat almost killed me. This post from 2014 popped up on my timeline a few days ago. I remember this little treat was going to be the first thing I had when I stepped off stage from NANBF Southern Naturals. During this prep I was on a very scarydiet... Continue Reading →

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