Bad Kitty is Now Bad Kitty 3 LV

We did it!! We bought a house in Las Vegas! This blog is just some insight into my life and goals and dreams!! Samantha, Jennie and Annie always brought it! This workout was called Mr. And Mrs. Smith.Boot Camp for Tenth Life in Tower Grove Park.Our clients are awesome from day 1.Rob and Daniel Brown... Continue Reading →

IIFYM vs BRO Prep: Realization!!

In 2014 this little 99 cent treat almost killed me. This post from 2014 popped up on my timeline a few days ago. I remember this little treat was going to be the first thing I had when I stepped off stage from NANBF Southern Naturals. During this prep I was on a very scarydiet... Continue Reading →

Loving Our Body Today

Body love is really important.  I have so many clients who feel discouraged bywhere they landed after 15 months of being away from the gym.  The stress ofa global pandemic won't be recognized until later I truly believe.  Our team prevailed. We worked. We did our best and trained at home with every toolwe could. ... Continue Reading →

52 weeks from my show

52 weeks out from my show. Happy Monday! It's about 52 weeks from my show. I have chosen Miss Bikini Universe for my show. I had| originally hoped for the Miami Show in 2022 but after flying this past week, I realize how much I swell up from travel.I will make a game time decision... Continue Reading →

I picked a new show!!!

2022 is the year!! Let me catch you up. I started prep for NGA in January 2020 and got all the way to 6 weeks out from the show and it was canceled due to Covid. Here's where I left off. Well.. the year away from the gym.. was rough. I did home training and... Continue Reading →

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