Boss Bootywork: Hip bridge burnout

These are body weight moves you can do often to keep working on your peachy booty.
They don’t look like much, but they really burn. Repeat with me.. “stay in your heels!”
See how I pull my toes up? ūüôā

The secret weapon is marching with your feet up on the bosu or bench. You can also have
your back on the bosu and march too. The movement just burns like nothing else.

Any of these moves can be done with a band or HipCircle around your knees for super
glute activation.

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Booty Blaster : Smith Machine Burn out

I’m 4 weeks from my show. I spend a lot of time fine tuning my glutes. Hopefully, once I get leaner I can see the work I put in last winter. On a cut, you aren’t building.. sorry.. but we have to push hard to maintain the muscle we have.

I work my glutes/lower 3 days a week. This one is a huge burn. I finished my leg workout with this today.

Key points.

1.The smith machine is weighted as  heavy as I could handle for this.
2. I’m pressing through the heel in the standing leg.
3. Hips are pushing to the back wall.

I can feel my glute as I pulse. It’s on fire.

Moving my other foot to different spots gives variations to where I feel the work.
When my foot goes back, I feel my quad in the standing leg more.
Try it.

Boss workouts: Cruella

When you get your judges remarks back, they always seem to say
“More glute”.

I mean, really? Who doesn’t want a little more peachiness to their booty.

This move is called CRUELLA
The difference in the training technique is that using the box/bench allows for more range of motion
than your normal back leg lift.

How to:
Use a box, bench and stabilize yourself. I might do this at the gym holding on to the wall, or a piece of equipment.
Don’t over think it. You just need balance.

The standing leg goes in and out of a pistol squat. You are pressing into your heel as you bring the weighted leg to the floor and up high.  You will feel both legs ignite!

Don’t¬†mindlessly do 50 reps and head to Starbucks.¬† Get in there.¬† Use¬†tempo changes, ROM (range of motion) changes, intensity,¬†and push hard.

Slowly squatting lower and lower on the standing leg is like a crime against puppies.  It burns so commit.

I know my video is long.¬† I made so many nuance changes in that 1:20 you’ll see how to get that done for amazing results.

Jane Fonda’s are back


Christmas 1981 I got this book, leg warmers and a matching leotard from my mama.
My career began! I found my calling!

Jane Fonda workouts had lots of leg lifts and lots and lots of repetitions!
Did you know that she was on the right track?  Her moves do recruit the glutes.
These moves do have merit! If you don’t believe me, check out my favorite Glute Guy,
Bret Contreras’s research on the subject!

My video today is a very basic Jane Fonda series. This can be a good warm up too.
Be sure your hips stay stacked up and you don’t roll backwards. Keep your core super tight!

My favorite, end of the week burners are to add fire bands to your legs for resistance. If you travel
you must carry your band! You can really work those glutes!

Leotard is not required with this series!

straight leg lift toe pointed 10
straight leg lift toe flexed 10
straight leg lift leg in front of you 10
diamond clam 10
regular clam 10

Booty blaster burnout

Here’s a little burn out for you. Remember, to make changes in the booty, we have to activate it and really squeeze. I know , we pulverize it with squats, and the like, but you can progress with a move like this. It’s intense. Remember to pull your core up and in unto itself!

Use just the glute!

Booty Blaster: Barbell side to side lunges

Hey ho! It’s booty Wednesday!¬† This move is pretty badazz if you can handle that 45 pound barbell.
I like that side lunge to hit glutes, quads, inner thighs and  hip flexors!!

So in this video you can see variations.

You could go

1. “Right, center, Left, center.” Staying up tall in the center.
2. Continual motion skier version  (I love this one)
3. Drop it low and push way back with those skiers.

Always press into the heel because that’s what makes your peach pop.
Push waaay back. Did I say that!! GET IT

Boss Booty Blaster

It’s Friday and in my studio that means.. booty day.

This series will give you enough heat on the glutes to barbeque.
I use this series 2x per week after I’m done lifting. I do some glute work daily so this one
is pretty badazz!

The position on the bosu should be comfortable so you feel your hips open when you are draped over it.
Lean more forward and just squeeze. Don’t half ass squeeze. I mean squeeze like you have the winning
lottery check between your cheeks.

1. Froggies. Soles of feet together  8
2. Hamstring curls, press through heels  8
3. Heels up with bent knees 8
4. Same thing, but point your toes.  8
5. Straight legs, criss cross 8
6. Straight legs up down 8

We do several minutes of this. You will call 911 because you’re your glutes are on Fiah!

If don’t have a bosu, I also can use those big Dynamax balls .

Get it!

Kale super salad super simple

Ok.. I’ve perfected this super salad !
Day 3 eating one of these a day. I feel awesome. My food is on point!
Here’s the salad and how you can do it quickly.
Start with this bag of Mann’s Brocolli and Carrots.
The Mann’s is already washed and ready to go.
Put it in the Ninja: This one has the tall blades! It’s going to make short work of these veggies.
Here it is.
Kale: I used 150g of Kale.¬† I had to do about 75g twice. Remember to pulse it with the ninja so it doesn’t turn into juice.I couldn’t get it to be any smaller than this before it got a little juicy.
Add it to your bowl
Mix it up!
Add Berries (150g of strawberries) or Blue berries?? Added 20g Walnuts!
And I topped it with this
If you are cutting and can use it.. it’s very good.¬† You can also use balsamic on it.

Macros for the whole salad!
If you want to eat less.. you can break it into servings for your 6 pak cooler!

10 weeks : Dirty 30 workout

I’m 10 weeks out. I’m feeling freaking awesome. I was sick one day last week but got back to it.
My workouts are pretty rough now. I’m switching gears. This workout was called Dirty 30.

Yeah. my video is 90 seconds long but I want you to see my heart rate at the end.
Cardio on the treadmill..? Naw.. Not today.

Track today was really good.
We hit Bishop Dubourg for some 50’s, 100’s and 200’s. Since it was my first time out, I went
in just hoping I didn’t die. Well. we did 40 minutes. I used my heart rate monitor and hit sprints, jogs
in all three zones. Creatine saved me this year!   Creatine works on blasts from 30-60 seconds.
The sprints weren’t bad at all. We went straight to the gym.
I’m kind of weirded out, that I seem to be the only bikini girl on the FB groups who does track.
No one knew what I was talking about.  I do it for 10 weeks 1x per week. It helps me get my thunder
under control. That’s where I’m holding on to fat!¬† Upper.. coming in BAM!

The squat racks were full so I had to make due with the loaded bars. It was fine. I’ll live.
5 rounds of 30 reps.

10 DEADS110#
Rest until heart rate is back to zone 1.

Halfway through the series, I switched the weights  to light deads and heavy squats .

My workout today had 3 different dirty thirty series.  1 hour was 789 calories burned in all three zones.


Plan your work. work your plan!

Bootilicious: Glute finishers

12 Weeks out. Must keep focused on those glutes.
Are you looking for a finisher to lift your booty and make it more peachy?

This is my version of the ‘reverse hyper’.

This can be done on a stability ball but I find that most of my clients tend to
fling their legs up and down  and miss the actual glute work. I see so much lower back
work when they fling.  This version uses the BOSU so you can be on your elbows to stabilize.

Position yourself with the Bosu right on your Britney area. If you go to low or high, you’ll be imbalanced.
I just want to squeeze my glutes over and over.

Squeeze them, like you are holding the winning lottery ticket between your cheeks.

You can change the tempo and the angles like I did in the video.

You are going to burn so don’t stop at 3×10 because you know you need at least 3×25!

I do some version of this every other day.  I will swap this in with a booty plank series on opposite days.

Game changer, girls!