I haven't posted a good booty workout for a minute!! I did this one today. It's my second leg day and I focused on glute activation. I did about 45 min of this plus the finishers.  Good luck Goal is 3-4 rounds with purpose. Glute activation and zero slacking! Warm Up: be sweaty and ready... Continue Reading →

Show Update: UFE Mayhem Prep

Oh man, it's been a long time since I wrote a blog post. It's been so crazy. My mother in law says I have "luxury problems" being that I'm so busy with my business and what not.  Ok.. maybe so here's what going on.. the short version. Stuff Photo shoot went really well. Took 7... Continue Reading →

Summer Abs: Roll downs

This is one of my favorite ab moves. It takes some practice. Start working on your roll downs with the knees bent and your feet on the mat. Advanced Roll up As you progress you can move on to the advanced roll up with your legs straight in front of you. Here's a secret: Squeeze... Continue Reading →

Bikini Girl Abs

  This is the advanced version of the reverse curl. If you want to start your training with 2 dumbells, that's great too. I'm using a 45 pound Olympic bar. The goal is to balance the bar and keep it very still while you do your reverse curls. You can  use a lighter bar if... Continue Reading →

Boss workouts: Fat Shredding Plyo

Plyometrics: What kind of fresh hell is this!? Plyo has great benefits. It's good for your heart, it builds lean, sexy muscle. I for sure use it for prep! This series is pretty freaking tough. Start with 30 seconds air squats then go right into 30 seconds jump squats. Follow that with 30 seconds of... Continue Reading →

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