Bikini Competitior Secret Arm blaster

This move is one of my favorite burnouts! It uses my red versa loop ( from Power System).
If you cannot get into the knee plank version I show here, you can press your hips to the back wall so you are more table-top.
The pattern you use is up to you but keep the band tight at all times.  It’s sloppy to let it get loosey goosey in the middle. You will receive the benefit of the time>under tension style of training.

Many clients use these bands but miss on the great benefits because they let the band slack.
My brides and competitors love this one. You know what? If your arms are tight… you look young! No droop allowed!!

See how you do!! Good luck


Booty blaster burnout

Here’s a little burn out for you. Remember, to make changes in the booty, we have to activate it and really squeeze. I know , we pulverize it with squats, and the like, but you can progress with a move like this. It’s intense. Remember to pull your core up and in unto itself!

Use just the glute!

The one arm move you should be doing

I train competitors, brides and women who are particular about not having dangling batwing.
It doesn’t matter if you are 20 and your arms jingle jangle, that looks old!
You need to work that area!

I do not know who coined the phrase batwing but it’s pretty derogatory since no man arm is ever
referred to in that manner.

My clients know they have to do this move. We want those wedding  dresses /tank /bikini’s to lie flat and
this one hits this area hard! That overhang from a strapless dress.. we need to get busy and pretty up that back!

So Yes!! While this one is a fantastic back move,  I have found that it really
hits the arms in places that my ‘normal’ tricep work might not.  You can feel it!!

Keep your arms straight as you bring the bar down. Try not  let the tension up so you are working
with your arms tight.

2x a week! 3×10 reps as a finisher!

Booty Blaster: Barbell side to side lunges

Hey ho! It’s booty Wednesday!  This move is pretty badazz if you can handle that 45 pound barbell.
I like that side lunge to hit glutes, quads, inner thighs and  hip flexors!!

So in this video you can see variations.

You could go

1. “Right, center, Left, center.” Staying up tall in the center.
2. Continual motion skier version  (I love this one)
3. Drop it low and push way back with those skiers.

Always press into the heel because that’s what makes your peach pop.
Push waaay back. Did I say that!! GET IT

Boss Booty Blaster

It’s Friday and in my studio that means.. booty day.

This series will give you enough heat on the glutes to barbeque.
I use this series 2x per week after I’m done lifting. I do some glute work daily so this one
is pretty badazz!

The position on the bosu should be comfortable so you feel your hips open when you are draped over it.
Lean more forward and just squeeze. Don’t half ass squeeze. I mean squeeze like you have the winning
lottery check between your cheeks.

1. Froggies. Soles of feet together  8
2. Hamstring curls, press through heels  8
3. Heels up with bent knees 8
4. Same thing, but point your toes.  8
5. Straight legs, criss cross 8
6. Straight legs up down 8

We do several minutes of this. You will call 911 because you’re your glutes are on Fiah!

If don’t have a bosu, I also can use those big Dynamax balls .

Get it!

Bootilicious: Glute finishers

12 Weeks out. Must keep focused on those glutes.
Are you looking for a finisher to lift your booty and make it more peachy?

This is my version of the ‘reverse hyper’.

This can be done on a stability ball but I find that most of my clients tend to
fling their legs up and down  and miss the actual glute work. I see so much lower back
work when they fling.  This version uses the BOSU so you can be on your elbows to stabilize.

Position yourself with the Bosu right on your Britney area. If you go to low or high, you’ll be imbalanced.
I just want to squeeze my glutes over and over.

Squeeze them, like you are holding the winning lottery ticket between your cheeks.

You can change the tempo and the angles like I did in the video.

You are going to burn so don’t stop at 3×10 because you know you need at least 3×25!

I do some version of this every other day.  I will swap this in with a booty plank series on opposite days.

Game changer, girls!

12 weeks out: plyo series

It’s pretty simple. Twelve week prep is time to push even harder. I add Track to my workouts this week.
My plyo series this week was a hard one.


I am using the Urban Rebounder and the Bosu for a lot of my plyo this season.
I am once again fighting with Tennis Elbow in BOTH elbows now. So the Bosu burpee is
a better choice for me right now.

Don’t be fooled…
My  heart rate was sky high and my legs were on fire.

Six rounds of this took me 45 minutes to complete.

Plyo or jump training is one of my least favorite workouts. I prefer lifting but if I stay focused
I’m into it.  It works really well in combination with the track to get my lower body lean. I’m always strggling with the thunder and my abs!   This process will bring me in nice and tight but not without a ton of work and dedication.

I lifted my back today and added in 45 minutes of intense springboard pilates for a total calorie burn of 1345.
I’m resting the rest of the day. I’m so lucky my team is helping me with my studio clients!

Today I modified my food to compensate for this huge burn, but I’m still cutting hard. No slips, no derails here.
Eye on the prize!

Suspension Training ab blast

I’m 14 weeks out from my show. I did a 30 minute plyo series followed by an intense pilates spring board workout. Then some ab finishers.

The RIP60
The RIP60 is basically an amped up TRX.
I’m pretty Meh on suspension training because I’m really into iron.
I cannot deny the core benefits though. It is a great tool.

The above video series is one I haven’t done for  a long time.
I did a full plank version of knee tucks and pikes and the elbow version.  This was my finisher for the day. I was cooked.

My heart belongs to springs!
I’m focusing on  the springs to bring my legs in tighter. It’s working. I’m down  1.5 inches in my waist and 2 ” in my hips and 2″ in my abs.

Ahh.. core
Ahh.. core

I am not doing the usual “meat head core” work .  No offense to meat heads.  I’m only doing pilates and suspension training abs.  My abs are like rocks. I never do ‘traditional’ abs.  I hate ab workouts. I do pilates on the springs and when I’m lean (obviously) I love the way they look.  I’ve done  pilates for about 8 years but the springs are the hardest workout I’ve ever done for core.  Just to note, I’m not interested in abs that look like fun sized candy bars. I’m about a pretty, bikini belly so hold your hate mail!  This totally works for me.


love these!
love these!

I’m the only studio in St. Louis with the spring boards. They are
so intense. My clients love them. I use them to train my brides too.
All the youtubers on springs do super slow, workout on it, my team cranks it hard. We did 400 calories burned in 40 minutes today.

I’ve been working more in my studio so I have less time in the actual gym. I get there roughly 3x a week. The rest I do with my team. I’m feeling really lucky to have great girls to train with. They really know how to push.
This was was how my morning ended up.

Push hard today!

Glute glute glutes!

It’s glute day!!   So let’s talk about all the things that we want in our glutes! Well.. we want them to be lifted!  Nice and round like a peach!

No saggy baggy diaper booties!  No flatty patty secretary bum!

I am all about finding the best ways to train the glutes  for the best results!  I love this variation of the thruster/bridge.

I started with a bosu and a box for my shoulders.  Place your foot right in the center of the ball and stay in your heel!
As you lift up, squeeze like you are holding on to the winning lottery ticket!  Keep pressing!

I added Batteman into this mix and combined it with the thrust.  Batteman is one of my secret weapons! It’s from ballet and I use it so often to create a beautiful back of the leg. Think of a “Rockettes” kick.  Aim for your forehead, even if you can’t reach it!  As you kick, keep your core from wibble wobbling!

The burn out is a crossed leg until you bleed from your eyeballs!