Glute glute glutes!

It’s glute day!!   So let’s talk about all the things that we want in our glutes! Well.. we want them to be lifted!  Nice and round like a peach!

No saggy baggy diaper booties!  No flatty patty secretary bum!

I am all about finding the best ways to train the glutes  for the best results!  I love this variation of the thruster/bridge.

I started with a bosu and a box for my shoulders.  Place your foot right in the center of the ball and stay in your heel!
As you lift up, squeeze like you are holding on to the winning lottery ticket!  Keep pressing!

I added Batteman into this mix and combined it with the thrust.  Batteman is one of my secret weapons! It’s from ballet and I use it so often to create a beautiful back of the leg. Think of a “Rockettes” kick.  Aim for your forehead, even if you can’t reach it!  As you kick, keep your core from wibble wobbling!

The burn out is a crossed leg until you bleed from your eyeballs!


Round Booty Blaster

This is my special secret weapon the round booty blaster.
This move is guaranteed to give you a burn on your glute like no other.

We say “booty in the back seat, chest on the dashboard”. That means, push your hips to the back
wall as far as you can and your chest presses forward and is lifted.  Make sure your leg goes

Here’s how I would use this:

Heavy sumo squats 20 reps
20 RBB each side
3-4 sets.

I would also use this on a metabolic workout! It’s so hard!
Get it!

Best Glute Blaster

Gym time! I used my heavy duty giant rubber band from Dick’s Sporting goods for this one.   You can hook your band around the dead lift bars in the cage or squat rack at your gym.  Grab a bench and start thrusting.

Stay in your heels and pull your toes up to really keep the work in the glutes.

The red band is a Slingshot. This red one is the mega tight one which really activates your glutes the second you put it above your knees. It’s almost unbearable.

The goal with this burnout is to stay up and squeezing with the the lifts. I don’t want any bit of this work to be done with my back, or calves or whatever. It’s sheer will to keep pulsing for as long as you can.  Challenge and change tempos. Squeeze, holds, fast pulses and keep your knees from caving!  Glutes are screaming!


Ps.  Tank is VSX studio Tank. Pants are from Capezio. 🙂


Bikini Girl Secret Arm blaster

I used this move in my prep to keep my arms bangin.
One thing I do not allow in my studio is for my clients to have jiggly arms.
If your arm is jiggly, you look old. I said it.  It doesn’t matter how old you are, so the trick is to keep it tight.

Use a plate at your gym. Keep your elbows tight to your ears and rep that hard.  Do 3-4 sets of 12.  I do not want to hear about you, bikini girl, lifting 5 pound plates.  Go get some big girl plates and get your work done.  Even if you start with only a few, drop your weight down and finish the set!

Core and upper body blaster

Try this on your next core/upper body workout.

Remember to pay attention to form!  I’m picky!
Don’t let you back ‘arch’ off the floor to come up.
You should use the pilates principle of articulation and peel
each vertebra off the mat like you are lifting a strand of pearls.

It’s so hard!!  No momentum!!
I get it.. You want to rock some big old weights on this one, but don’t lift with your ego.  Really focus on the precision of this challenging series!!


No Jiggle Arm blaster

I train A LOT of brides!  Like a bikini competitor, there is NO margin for error on getting your look right.
You need to be camera ready and one area women struggle with is the “bat wing.”

Bat wing:  That jingle jangle part of the arm that NO one wants.   I’m very sure some snarky man named it that but I assure you that in MY studio, my clients do not rock a bat wing.  EVER.

Ok.. we have to do a full body workout and our symmetry has to be correct. Lots of tricep, back, guns but this one is a finisher that really pretties up the back of the arm.  Plus it hits that lat nicely so you can rest assured your strapless dress will lay flat. Your whole upper body will thank you.

Keep your chest lifted and your core tight as you press down.  I use a weight that is heavy enough to load the muscle but I do not want to see my clients struggling to press the bar down using their back.  I am almost moving too much in my video.
Focus on feeling the work in the back of the arm and squeeze.  Don’t just go through the motions “I wish I were somewhere else.”  Put the focus into those muscles!

This is one finisher we use  and feel free to hold it for a few seconds at the bottom for some extra burn.

Oh.. you won’t get to see that gorgeous, lean physique if your food isn’t spot on! So hit those macros!!