When Pants Attack

When Pants Attack.pants

In 2013 I competed and then set on a course to build my glutes.

In 2015 I dug out a pair of my old ‘boyfriend’ style jeans and they wouldn’t go over my thighs. I took to the bed. Crying. Rob said something like.. “we worked on this with food, you trained hard to build your glutes” Stating the obvious.. didn’t matter. I was broken in pieces. Brains are a thing that sometimes do us dirty.

If those jeans would have fit.. then I would have not achieved my goal. My plan would have been “off”.

I have lost many competitors from PANTS. They quit when their work pants don’t fit. They don’t want to invest in more work pants. They don’t like going up a size in pants.

They want to win in this sport but remain the same. We can’t remain the same. We shouldn’t. We all should be moving forward. The industry joke is ‘buy leggings”. I actually only own leggings or jeggings. I don’t even try on denim so my head doesn’t explode. We get used to being thrilled when we go down a jeans size not up. So…

These are things that we all do.. we put things in our head that are measures of failure. If the scale says this number, I’m trash. If the scale says this number.. I’m winning. It’s made up. 😭

My pants issues are just part of the issue I have with my body and perception of what is optimal.

As our body changes, it’s not a straight shot down to ‘skinny’ because we don’t live like that. We are eating, lifting and creating a physique that WE want. It’s not linear. We have to eat to grow and we have to build what we want. We won’t give up because pants told us we aren’t good enough.  Pants are not in charge. Www.sleekbodyonline.com

How to stay motivated on your fitness plan


I posted the Rock’s Instagram so you can click through, follow and get motivated.

When a client begins a new program, they are on fire. They head out and buy new gear and get all their ducks in a row. They immerse down in it ready to slay dragons on their way to  their new physique.

That works for a while until they loose their steam. Getting up early is a chore. They begin to fall into old habits and soon their motivation is gone.

What has also happened here is yet another time they have not been successful in their journey.  😦

I wanted to do a blog on motivation but I cannot offer the secrets to staying motivated until I tell you the actual truth.  If you are frequent reader of my blog, you’ll hear the same tone resonate.  Consistency wins over perfection. Starting and stopping is the opposite of consistency but we sure do find ourselves in that predicament way to often.

Here’s the hard fact: Motivation fades. Discipline is the way change happens.

If you find yourself dropping off a program after a certain amount of time,  then let’s explore some ways to help you push through that trouble spot.

If you ask the body builder sect, they will tell you to Just F’n do it. Yep. I totally hear that. I totally agree with that. I totally think that some people don’t really know how to do that!!

Here are some of the reasons people start a program.

“My doctor told me to lose weight or I will be facing a health crisis.”
“I need to lose weight so I can have the surgery I need.”
“I need to lose weight or I will be put on medicine for my blood pressure”
“I am told to work out 3 days a week for my health issues.”

When I get this from a client, they already have the motivation to make a change. Wouldn’t you say?  You would be surprised how little health issues motivate people.
It’s shocking.

When we talk to them about why they drop off the plan, they use reasons (excuses) like “I just can’t get the food. I can’t find the time. It’s not a good time.”

Motivation for health isn’t enough.  This person needs discipline to make this happen.

I want to help my clients to reach their goals and no amount of barking about their health seems to matter. They need tools in their tool box to help create new habits.
A goal is an idea of the future or desired result that a person or a group of people envisions, plans and commits to achieve”

Things I hear from clients
“I want to lose weight.”
“I want to get back in my smaller clothes”
“I want to eat better and be healthy.”

The most successful clients are ones that do not set arbitrary goals like these but more  specific/realistic ones.

“I’d like to be one size smaller by Christmas”
“I’d like to be wearing my favorite dress again by Easter.”
“I’d like to learn to manage my stress eating.”

We also see them do much better when we set long term goals and short term goals.

“Overall, I need to lose 100 pounds but in the next 90 days, my goal is to train
4x per week and lose two dress sizes. “

What has been so helpful for my program and clients is we set up 3 month plans.  We have a goal, a start day and end day.  We then assess, look over what we have learned and begin that process again. It’s not wrong to also set rewards for the end of the challenge. Make it non- food based !!

I like to incorporate Challenges into their plan so they are working progressively each week on improvement!  You don’t need the 200 squats a day challenge. Progressive challenges are attainable and provide positive reinforcement!!

Plan of action:  
To achieve our goals, we are going to be very successful if we are accountable!
My clients use our app to track their progress, workouts and can see an actual spreadsheet of improvements.  They can check in their workouts and get achievements for their efforts.  Apps like My Fitness Pal or even your Fit Bit are there for the accountability factor!!  Tracking your food is simple on the apps so you always know you are on point.  No food is eaten without being tracked!!  Accountability !

Many clients say they loose steam because are too busy to workout or do their food. Everything seems to go to the back burner.  I ask them to book their classes /workouts like it is an important business meeting.   One of the things I love about the apps is that you can put your workouts on the calendar and it will signal you if you miss one.  Our app syncs with My Fitness Pal so I can see my clients daily food intake!!
Accountability is one of the things clients tell me they need the most.  Using tools to help with this is a fantastic way to move forward!

Vision board:
This is fantastic.  Vision boards are great for any goals/projects you have set up.  I love this board from one of our athletes.  She hit the mark on positive text and images for her project!!  I recommend this for you too!!

A workout /program buddy or support group.
Having support on your journey is fantastic and actually will help you succeed more than going at it alone.  I have found that posting my goals in public or sharing my journey on my social media is very helpful for me.

Many people set up fitness journey accounts on Instagram so those who like to can follow it.  I find a lot of inspiration from others who are also on their journey.

Our dear client on her fitness journey!14183885-1363590546987638-9165857793060093686-n_1_orig

For me, posting progress, or selfies and telling of my successes and struggles may help someone feel motivated but it’s more for my personal growth. I’ve been able to see trends in my progress as well as just overall accountability to my goal.  Personally, I’m going to finish a project if I share it publically.

Facebook has lots of groups or challenges you can join. Our clients have access to our fitness group and  macros boards. We can talk about concerns or get new ideas. It’s fun to post personal records and Non scale victories when others are cheering for you.

What I have found is that clients who refuse to be a part of a group fall off faster than those who are part of a community.  There is a lot to be said for surrounding yourself with like minded people.

Don’t stand up your friend. If you need a workout buddy, you can set that up at your gym or in a group.  Seek this out!!   If your buddy is online only, you can share your accountability posts by sending gym selfies so they know you went.  The two of you could set your own parameters to help keep you motivated and on track!!

Instagram: I have found that I’m super motivated by my fitness friends and people like The Rock. I always set my alarm for 10 min before I’m going to get up and scroll through my fitness feed for inspiration.  I love seeing others training and doing well. It energizes me.  I love looking at cute workout clothes and thinking of what I want to wear that day. You may not feel motivated by those things but there is something you can explore to help you set the pace for the day.

If you set up a fitness account for Insta, only follow fitness accounts. Nothing annoys me more than baby pics on my fitness feed.  I can load my personal friends accounts on my main account. When I am looking for inspiration, I want to keep my feed focused

What do you do to to stay disciplined/motivated?
This is Bun. He is motivating you with his mind.

Do you need help with your plan? Would you like to be a client and reach your goals!! I can help you! You can find me at http://www.sleekbodyfitness.com
Our coaches do online, in studio and competition training!!

Secrets to successful fat loss/prep

When I began competing, it was all I thought about. I was in beast mode 24/7. I started with the determination and will of steel.
The next time I competed, I was fired up, but had a hard prep. I was sick and injured. I relied on sheer will when the motivation was lacking.

Maybe you have also felt that way when you began a program.  You were excited, on point until you got weary.
I’ll be honest.. sometimes I think of quitting when I smell the neighbor’s bbq .

Then I have to re-evaluate my whole life.

Motivation fades and discipline has to take over.

This year, I am doing a long cut. I am not interested in a fast weight drop with the potential to rebound so I have made a decision to take it slower.  I think in some ways this is a different struggle than being handed a menu with six meals of chicken turkey or fish.  I HAVE to make good choices.  I have to make choices that further my goal and it’s all on me.

The other day we drove by a QuikTrip. I saw lots of very overweight people leaving with their slushies and bags of treats. That place is heaven on earth. Every craptastic snack treat under the sun is present and accounted for!

All the people leaving looked happy.
They looked like they were going somewhere fun!
For a moment I asked myself “Why do you want to be an elite athlete?”
“Why get leaner? Those people look so happy”.

Now, I know in my heart that I would never and have never been happy eating mounds of junk food. I straight up do not feel well.  Been there. I know better, but that internal dialog is a real B.  I chose my sport. I know it so I need to level up and
get my cut done.

The Mister has been with me in every prep. He seems to know the right thing to say to help me out.

Prep in our house lasts only 18 hours.  I have to get through these 18 hours.  I can do anything for 18 hours!
That means I’m eating this weird elephant 1 bite at a time. I’ve always had better luck if I don’t look at the project as a huge undertaking.  I’m better off stringing together lots of successful days . This feels much more do-able than 4 months on cutting macros.

Cutting is hard. It’s not fun,  you do the best you can to make it as delicious as you can but the bottom line is you are eating less.  Take your project and create a small incremental goal.  One day, one week , YOU CAN do it.

Talk me down: Trusting the process except when I don’t

so that means..
This is  as real as it gets!
I’m not so different than most of my clients. I like instant gratification. I spent most of my life searching for the new
diet to solve my problems. I grew up with a mother who weighed every day and celebrated the end of  our numerous diets with cake. (She did.. I’m not mad at her.. I like cake). Learning a new lifestyle is hard!

I take on clients who are like me, because I understand.  We are smart women and we try to be logical because of the science but sometimes it is so hard  ‘trust the process’.

What does that even mean?
Fat loss by eating food and training hard to create a body that is both healthy, and esthetically pleasing to us, is not the same as watching the scale numbers plummet because you malnourish yourself.

Let’s face it,  our nation is fat.  Diets don’t work. We are knee deep in ‘fat acceptance’ campaigns and yet, everyone is looking for quick, permanent weight loss.  We have gained and lost so many times that we have set up automatic emotional responses based on scale numbers!

More truth
 process is not A to B. It’s not linear. It’s not happening overnight. It’s not. It’s just NOT.

I love the idea that people devote  4 years to get a degree to better their life. They will put their all into that but when you ask them to dedicate more than 3 months to a fitness program, it’s not fast enough to undo years of unhealthy habits.  They want thin thighs now. I do too. See what I’m saying?

The process
…We must to eat to get lean.  We will need to make sure we are fueling so our body knows we are no longer starving. We will eat to build sexy, lean muscle so we may be lean and tight and healthy But yet…

Eating is hard?
It’s not hard. Your body wants fuel. If you snack on candy for the first 5 hours sitting at  your desk,  you are going to be  hungry.  You have provided your body with no fuel. But sitting down to eat 25 grams of carbs and 25 grams of protein for some reason is unmanageable.  It’s  “too much food”.  Real food is satisfying. It makes you full. You must eat and you must accept that this is what you are doing now!

My client trusts me! She lost around 10-12 pounds. :)
My client trusts me! She lost around 10-12 pounds. 🙂
One of my lovely clients let me share her progress pics. This is not quite 4 months and she has lost a 10-or so pounds.
We aren’t weighing right now. She is in smaller clothes and rocking her favorite jeans she hadn’t been in for years.
I gave her more food recently and she got smaller still. She has been consistent on her food and workouts.
This is a real trust the process success story.  She now lifts heavier weights than I can.  She is coming in leaner
and tighter each check in.

Here’s is an update!

Size 8!


But the scale….
My client lost weight but she looks like she lost so much more than she did!  So let’s take that out of the mixture and focus on the work.
Embrace it.

Non scale successes are abundant when you trust the process. Being smaller, tighter, leaner will happen because SCIENCE!
Strength gains, more confidence, better health, less medication, better sleep, stress release, wow!

My clothes are too big but my inches aren’t changing!
Something inside of us seems to want to seek out the negative.
Last year, had a client who trained with me for 3 months. She lost a little weight but when we measured her hips they had stayed at 36 inches!  She was furious!  I asked her about her clothes and she said “I’m down 3 sizes but these inches are unacceptable.”.  We took pics side by side and discovered that she had gone from a flatty patty booty to a popped out booty  with narrow hips.   Three sizes down but yet.. her measurements  were the only thing she focused on.

We do not gain muscle at the same rate we lean out. Sometimes, it’s two steps forward and 1 step back. Sometimes things shift . Sometimes, life makes us puffy. Sometimes our bodies hold and hold and hold and then we whoosh! Sometimes, we have to look beyond numbers and get a bigger picture of progress and success.  Focus on the things that are changing and not the things that aren’t.

So today..Remind yourself  as you hide your scale that your dedication to your overall  well being, will give you what you want. We must put panic, negative thoughts aside and bring our best every day because while we struggle to ‘trust the process’ sometimes, we  could possible enjoy it.

February No scale challenge update

Lil Bub tank for inspurration
Lil Bub tank for inspurration

So I weighed on January 31 even though I said I wouldn’t. I’m still at 152.

Rob said “Oh, I guess it’s not February yet.”.
See.. this is a struggle because I grew up looking at the scale, just like YOU.

OK… so day 3. No weigh in that’s great.

Dirty it up
Saturday night we had some ‘dirty’ food at the diner. I had a Cuban Sandwich and fries. I knew I was  going to have a bad ass leg day on Sunday morning. I crushed it! I felt awesome, awesome.

Hit my macros Sun, Mon, Tuesday and today I feel like I look pretty good. Yesterday, hugely bloated and inflamed!
I’m 20 weeks from my first show and today I actually feel like my macros are working on my behalf.

I’m still *trying* to lean out as much as I can without cutting food or adding hours of cardio.

Changes I made this week. I added one interval on the step mill. I got a new Polar monitor that works with my phone. My Fit Bit Charge HR  went back to BestBuy because the heart rate monitor was NOT accurate. SCIENCE here!
I need correct info!!

red zone.. NOOOO
red zone.. NOOOO

I haven’t done true heart rate training for months and my intervals were terrible. I couldn’t get my pulse to drop into my second zone.
I had to stop the machine to get it to drop down at all.  For my age,159bpm  is like near cranial explosion.

With my new monitor, I can see  my calories burned might allow me some extra food. I’m going to give it another 2 weeks and see how I’m looking.

Lifting 6 days a week, 1 plyo and 2 HIITs (15-20 min).
Macros: about 1900 calories.  200C 145P F 59

No Scale February Challenge


Omgoodness.. every day I get email after email about the scale!
Stop with the scale already! I totally understand but it’s time to get over it!

The scale is not an accurate representation of body composition.

Oh,. remember last week when this happened to me?

3 weeks difference with no change on the scale.
3 weeks difference with no change on the scale.

In case you missed my last two years of blogs about why the scale is dumb and if you have too many committments to go look them up.. here’s a recap.

1. Water will show on the scale. Six ounces of water “can” show up to a pound on the scale. You body is made of water so figure that out.

2. Eating carbs puts moisture into the muscle (good thing). See number 1.

3. Hormones will make the scale shift.

4. Your body weight fluctuates on the scale up to 6 times daily.

5. Biggest Loser weigh-ins are TV! They are dehydrated, they pee blood and have kidney issues from sitting in saunas for 4 hours a day. This is NOT real.  You need to eat and train to lose body fat! Science said so!

To gain weight (fat) you need a surplus of calories and 3600 calories will equal a pound.
If you want to lose weight (bodyfat) you will need to be in a deficit of the same 3600 calories. (less food or exercise ) Calories matter.

So having some salt and gaining 3 actual  pounds is NOT possible.

My goal for this month is to create “No Scale February” or “Self-uary”.  

This challenge is very simple to do. I wonder how many of you can complete it without cheating.

1. Begin with a set of selfies or have someone shoot your beginning pics.  Front, side, and back shots are best!

2. Measure your waist, hips and abs and write that down.
If you need help with these things visit my “How to measure tutorial”.

3. Commit to your macros and your water each and every day.

4. Train 4-5x a week consistently.

On February 14 and 28 repeat numbers 1 and two.
You will use your collage app to see your side by side comparisons.
We will check back with selfies at the end of the month for results.

If you are see your body changing and your clothes are fitting better, what difference is the scale?  No one ever, at any time will ask you what you weigh. No on stage,  not on a date. It’s not important. It’s NOT important.

You must NOT, no matter what.. abandon this challenge. If you binge drink on Mardi Gras, get right back to your plan. If you eat candy Valentines Day, get back on your plan.  No scales, just day to day successes.

My hope is that without the stress of the impending weigh in you can focus your energy on positive steps toward your physique goals.

Challenge ON!

If you still don’t know about the scale.. read my posts here

If you want me to see your selfies for accountability: You can drop them here.