IIFYM and accuracy

To make your IIFYM experience really successful, you have to get accurate.  Whew!  Who knew!

I always feel like I’m totally accurate! Maybe you are, but your kitchen utensils might not be.

eyes up!  Weigh it properly for success!
Eyes up! Weigh it properly for success!

1. I started with my scale and my weighing unit. I put the plastic bowl on the scale and zero’d it out.
2. I poured 1/2 cup of dry quick oats into my Pyrex measuring cup. It looks totally right!

3. The label on my oatmeal says 1/2 cup of oats (40g) is
150 calories
2.5g Fat
27 C
4. When I weighed my 1/2 cup of oats I got 51 grams!
So I was over by 11 grams.  That is 41 extra calories and 16.5 extra carbs.

Competitors!! When it’s measured.. it needs to be really measured.
The interesting thing is each of my measuring cups gave a different weight.
I’m better off starting with an empty unit on the scale and adding 40g of oats.

The little scoop in my chia seeds did not hold the amount of grams that was a full serving as per the label. I poured that little scoop into a measuring spoon and it was exact. The weight was under by 10 grams.

I don’t ‘eye ball’ my food ever!
Most everything in your tracker like MyFitness Pal and My net Diary is listed in grams so it’s good practice to start using it.

I have a friend who “eyeballs” olive oil.
This is a serving of Olive Oil

Using flatwear table spoons for cool whip, peanut butter, fluff, honey, etc is lazy.
You need to be accountable and get that on the scale!

You may feel like this is too picky or complicated but as a competitor, I don’t have room for error.  If you are not seeing results, check your measurements. It may not be a problem with your macro numbers, but your
grams.  I’m sure you aren’t just eating your food all hilly, willy,nilly!

Weigh your Quest bars as well.  I’ve heard rumors of the label weight being off on products like that as well.

Edit:  Weigh your protein powder! Do not belive the scoop. One scoop of my protein powder was actually a full scoop and a half!
Use the grams for everything.

Continued success!