Meal prep Sunday: 13 weeks

I'm 13 weeks from Show #1.  I'm down another pound so I'm happy with my macros and workouts right now. I'm leaving for Vegas and feeling some minor trepidation. It's only 4 days and we have a suite with a full kitchen so I should be golden.  This will by my first Vegas trip without... Continue Reading →

The Green Shake is back

Each prep I have done a green shake for my veggies.   Since I'm doing IIFYM/Flex/Macro counting I'm being very careful to keep my fiber numbers up.  This is 5-6 cups of spinach and while it does have some lovely micronutrients, the fiber for my  whole day  of veggies was 4g.  Soooo.. I'm on the green beans... Continue Reading →

IIFYM: How do you do “Fat”?

It's super weird when I give clients macros and they see how much FAT they have to eat. I hear things like " I don't want to eat fat because I'm already fat." "How am I going to eat all that fat?" "What's fat?" Fat: Whey do we need it? Just a few reasons! Essential... Continue Reading →

Meal Prep Sunday

um... well My lifestyle clients, brides and competitors are all macro counting. Doing flexible dieting is an amazing experience and for some of us, we have to be super tight with macros.  I'm glad I have more options in my prep but I'm still keeping my food very tight. Lots of veggies.  I love this meme... Continue Reading →

Summer recipes: Protein Popsicles

Had a great check in with my client, Heather. She is having lots of fun this summer, out and about. That made me think about the challenge of getting all your protein macros in when you are on the go! This is one idea that I think would be spectacular! Check out Isopure's zero carb... Continue Reading →

Kale super salad super simple

Ok.. I've perfected this super salad ! Day 3 eating one of these a day. I feel awesome. My food is on point! Here's the salad and how you can do it quickly. Start with this bag of Mann's Brocolli and Carrots. The Mann's is already washed and ready to go. Put it in the... Continue Reading →

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