Fitness Programs & Self Abuse

I'm back!! I have a new bloggie for you!! I've wanted to do this blog post for a long time!! How many times have you started a program from a place where you said "I need to get my sh*t together and get on a plan!!"What was happening before you started your program?Were you free... Continue Reading →

Show updates and Corona Virus 2020

SD with Mango!  It's cool. So here we are! All of us are in this together!  All shows are canceled and we are focused on flattening the curve.  We are learning how to socially distance and be socially conscious.  Some of our friends are struggling because they can't work.  Some of our friends own small... Continue Reading →

7/2 weeks out

I had a pretty strong week. I am super tired now and I'm starting to feel this prep. It's been over 14 weeks I've been on prep, so this is expected. But my check in this week was great. I switched to a smaller suit though. The tiny suit is one I had made but... Continue Reading →

8/3 weeks out

Just finished week 8.  I was sick until Thursday. I don't feel like I progressed any. I'm not skipping updates because it is what it is. I'm for sure feeling inflamed today.  I slept 11 hours last night which is amazing but I could have kept sleeping!  I'm still not feeling like fully recovered.  This... Continue Reading →

11/6 Weeks Out

I am very bruised on my thighs. That is what you are seeing. It is what it is. I worked hard yesterday. I did my workout at Fitcity then went to Dahlia for Open pole to work on strength. I had a great week. I still have almost 3 months to go! Yep.. it's all... Continue Reading →

14/10 weeks out-update

Progress over 4 weeks. I mostly write this blog for myself. I dig around and re learn things or get motivated by my past endeavors. I actually started this blog to be accountable to myself and it helps me stay focused on my goals.I doubt anyone will read this post and it's fine!! Here's the... Continue Reading →

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