52 weeks from my show

52 weeks out from my show. Happy Monday! It's about 52 weeks from my show. I have chosen Miss Bikini Universe for my show. I had| originally hoped for the Miami Show in 2022 but after flying this past week, I realize how much I swell up from travel.I will make a game time decision... Continue Reading →

I picked a new show!!!

2022 is the year!! Let me catch you up. I started prep for NGA in January 2020 and got all the way to 6 weeks out from the show and it was canceled due to Covid. Here's where I left off. Well.. the year away from the gym.. was rough. I did home training and... Continue Reading →

Gym Etiquette is a thing of the past

Not feeling myself. Gym Rant.: I was raised in the gym with good gym etiquette. You did not F around. If you didn't rack your weights, the bro's would kick your ass. I'm not joking. There was a code. Does anyone remember STL Gym Legend George Turner? No way did you screw up in his... Continue Reading →

Fitness Programs & Self Abuse

I'm back!! I have a new bloggie for you!! I've wanted to do this blog post for a long time!! How many times have you started a program from a place where you said "I need to get my sh*t together and get on a plan!!"What was happening before you started your program?Were you free... Continue Reading →

Show updates and Corona Virus 2020

SD with Mango!  It's cool. So here we are! All of us are in this together!  All shows are canceled and we are focused on flattening the curve.  We are learning how to socially distance and be socially conscious.  Some of our friends are struggling because they can't work.  Some of our friends own small... Continue Reading →

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