Your next level self

Do you every think about losing weight? Getting lean? Seeing your abs? Getting healthy? What does it take to get that? It takes a whole lot more than you are doing now. Sorry if that sounds harsh.   You probably want to stop reading now! Hear me out. I'm a comfort zone person. I actually... Continue Reading →

Booty gains

Nothing like random Target mirrors to catch booty gains. Mirrors are soooo dirty! yuck! I work glutes daily in some way. Yeaaa.

Best Glute Blaster

Gym time! I used my heavy duty giant rubber band from Dick's Sporting goods for this one.   You can hook your band around the dead lift bars in the cage or squat rack at your gym.  Grab a bench and start thrusting. Stay in your heels and pull your toes up to really keep the... Continue Reading →

Show update 21 weeks out

First of all.. picked my shows. If I'm ready, my first is June 20, 2015 in Bentonville, Arkansas. Starting the cut I have struggled with binge eating after my last show in June.   If you follow my blog you know this.  I rebounded from my Bro diet hard and ate  some great food. I added muscle... Continue Reading →

Stop starving yourself to lose weight

So Christmas is over.  Now, you are focused on losing weight. This is the year you're going all the way!  What should you do? Dr. Oz detox? 21 day fixes? Cabbage soup diet? Wait.. no, that's from the 70's. No carb? Well.. let's just stop right here! Restrictive diets are a sure fire way to set yourself... Continue Reading →

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