Talk me down: Trusting the process except when I don’t

so that means..
This is  as real as it gets!
I’m not so different than most of my clients. I like instant gratification. I spent most of my life searching for the new
diet to solve my problems. I grew up with a mother who weighed every day and celebrated the end of  our numerous diets with cake. (She did.. I’m not mad at her.. I like cake). Learning a new lifestyle is hard!

I take on clients who are like me, because I understand.  We are smart women and we try to be logical because of the science but sometimes it is so hard  ‘trust the process’.

What does that even mean?
Fat loss by eating food and training hard to create a body that is both healthy, and esthetically pleasing to us, is not the same as watching the scale numbers plummet because you malnourish yourself.

Let’s face it,  our nation is fat.  Diets don’t work. We are knee deep in ‘fat acceptance’ campaigns and yet, everyone is looking for quick, permanent weight loss.  We have gained and lost so many times that we have set up automatic emotional responses based on scale numbers!

More truth
 process is not A to B. It’s not linear. It’s not happening overnight. It’s not. It’s just NOT.

I love the idea that people devote  4 years to get a degree to better their life. They will put their all into that but when you ask them to dedicate more than 3 months to a fitness program, it’s not fast enough to undo years of unhealthy habits.  They want thin thighs now. I do too. See what I’m saying?

The process
…We must to eat to get lean.  We will need to make sure we are fueling so our body knows we are no longer starving. We will eat to build sexy, lean muscle so we may be lean and tight and healthy But yet…

Eating is hard?
It’s not hard. Your body wants fuel. If you snack on candy for the first 5 hours sitting at  your desk,  you are going to be  hungry.  You have provided your body with no fuel. But sitting down to eat 25 grams of carbs and 25 grams of protein for some reason is unmanageable.  It’s  “too much food”.  Real food is satisfying. It makes you full. You must eat and you must accept that this is what you are doing now!

My client trusts me! She lost around 10-12 pounds. :)
My client trusts me! She lost around 10-12 pounds. ūüôā
One of my lovely clients let me share her progress pics. This is not quite 4 months and she has lost a 10-or so pounds.
We aren’t weighing right now. She is in smaller clothes and rocking her favorite jeans she hadn’t been in for years.
I gave her more food recently and she got smaller still. She has been consistent on her food and workouts.
This is a real trust the process success story.  She now lifts heavier weights than I can.  She is coming in leaner
and tighter each check in.

Here’s is an update!

Size 8!


But the scale….
My client lost weight but she looks like she lost so much more than she did!  So let’s take that out of the mixture and focus on the work.
Embrace it.

Non scale successes are abundant when you trust the process. Being smaller, tighter, leaner will happen because SCIENCE!
Strength gains, more confidence, better health, less medication, better sleep, stress release, wow!

My clothes are too big but my inches aren’t changing!
Something inside of us seems to want to seek out the negative.
Last year, had a client who trained with me for 3 months. She lost a little weight but when we measured her hips they had stayed at 36 inches!  She was furious!  I asked her about her clothes and she said “I’m down 3 sizes but these inches are unacceptable.”.  We took pics side by side and discovered that she had gone from a flatty patty booty to a popped out booty  with narrow hips.   Three sizes down but yet.. her measurements  were the only thing she focused on.

We do not gain muscle at the same rate we lean out. Sometimes, it’s two steps forward and 1 step back. Sometimes things shift . Sometimes, life makes us puffy. Sometimes our bodies hold and hold and hold and then we whoosh! Sometimes, we have to look beyond numbers and get a bigger picture of progress and success.  Focus on the things that are changing and not the things that aren’t.

So today..Remind yourself  as you hide your scale that your dedication to your overall  well being, will give you what you want. We must put panic, negative thoughts aside and bring our best every day because while we struggle to ‘trust the process’ sometimes, we  could possible enjoy it.

Round Booty Blaster

This is my special secret weapon the round booty blaster.
This move is guaranteed to give you a burn on your glute like no other.

We say “booty in the back seat, chest on the dashboard”. That means, push your hips to the back
wall as far as you can and your chest presses forward and is lifted.  Make sure your leg goes

Here’s how I would use this:

Heavy sumo squats 20 reps
20 RBB each side
3-4 sets.

I would also use this on a metabolic workout! It’s so hard!
Get it!

Best Glute Blaster

Gym time! I used my heavy duty giant rubber band from Dick’s Sporting goods for this one.¬†¬† You can hook your band around the dead lift bars in the cage or squat rack at your gym.¬† Grab a bench and start thrusting.

Stay in your heels and pull your toes up to really keep the work in the glutes.

The red band is a Slingshot. This red one is the mega tight one which really activates your glutes the second you put it above your knees. It’s almost unbearable.

The goal with this burnout is to stay up and squeezing with the the lifts. I don’t want any bit of this work to be done with my back, or calves or whatever. It’s sheer will to keep pulsing for as long as you can.¬† Challenge and change tempos. Squeeze, holds, fast pulses and keep your knees from caving!¬† Glutes are screaming!


Ps.¬† Tank is VSX studio Tank. Pants are from Capezio. ūüôā


Show update 21 weeks out

First of all.. picked my shows. If I’m ready, my first is June 20, 2015 in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Starting the cut
I have struggled with binge eating after my last show in June.¬†¬† If you follow my blog you know this.¬† I rebounded from my Bro diet hard and¬†ate ¬†some great food. I added muscle too.¬† I got some great lifts while I was getting fluffy. No apologies. I’m fixing this problem. It’s a journey, for sure!

The process
I began a slow cut January 1. I made a change to remove most processed foods like cookies and candy, pastries because I was being triggered by the sugar.¬† I¬†am NOT¬†on a a bro diet at all. I’m simply eating more whole foods and enjoying things I KNOW I would¬†have ¬†never gotten to eat on my Bro-prep.¬† IIFYM¬† Tracy Style.¬† I’m ONLY using processed sugars around my leg workouts and eating things that are not triggers for binges.

My Goal
My goal¬†was to cut 1 pound a week until I’m 10 pounds from show weight then start my official 12¬†prep-whenever that would be.

In my mind, I’m 20 pounds from my show weight right now. 153.

I started January 1 at 157 and dropped immediately to 153, then 152, then back up to 153, where I have been for 3 solid weeks. EVERY SINGLE DAY!

My beginning macros were 1800 calories and we upped them in week 2 to 1900 and I’m at about 200g Carbs per day.
I’m not carb cycling.¬† I just want to eat well¬†and not binge and I’m doing great on that!


I was very stressed at the scale! I was contemplating adding more cardio! Hey, my FitBit said I should have lost 3 pounds a week!
My head kept saying, cut back,  cut carbs at 21 weeks out!  I was seriously freaking because my plan was NOT happening.

Fortunately,  I had taken  my beginning pics  on January 4. I hate these with all my heart!  UGH! Fluffy but determined!

3 weeks difference with no change on the scale.
3 weeks difference with no change on the scale. Left side is 200g carbs a day. I added more food to see what would happen.

I took the next set January 24. I just woke up no spray tan, no pump, just 5am -me.¬† I like these!!¬† I know I have miles to go in 21 weeks but I’m encouraged!¬† More food!

Flex prep!
There is not one other person in this world who cares as much about my health or show prep than me. I will do what it takes to
flex prep properly. If I can’t¬†compete until later, I’m ok with that!
I’m¬†¬†100 percent responsible¬†here.¬† I will be successful! Yeah,¬†I said it. No one would be as anal as me about this!¬†¬† After 2 eye diseases, I’m doing this right.

I’m actually ¬†not scared. I will reach the stage without starving, or burning off my glutes with hours of cardio. I’m only doing 2 x 15 min HIITs right now. I’m lifting heavy 6 days a week. Changes will come later¬†as needed.¬† Stay the course and eat.

What I learned :
With my past¬† Bro preps (low carb, dangerously low fats) the scale moved.¬† I’m eating more carbs now than I ever had before.¬† By nature, the scale will be inaccurate because of the carbs.
I expect it to move eventually. I typically hold for a bit then drop.
However,¬†the scale is not going to be the determining factor this¬†prep.¬† I will be leaner for my shows, but I won’t be hungry and ready to pass out on stage again!

So that’s the long¬†update for today!!


Friday Strategies to Avoid Weekend Binges

Today sets the pace for your long term success!
Today sets the pace for your long term success!

It’s Friday and you have done great all week!¬† Today is the day to set your plan for the weekend.
I know many clients tell me they do great during the work week but find themselves straying from their macros or all out binge eating/drinking on the weekend.  You must NOT continue to do this!!

Our bodies can store an unlimited amount of fat. If you are on pointe during the week, you need to continue that without fail on the weekend.  This is when motivation steps aside and discipline needs to be front and centered.

Let me tell you.. if you are cutting (active fat loss) YOU MUST end up your week in a caloric deficit.  If you have done well all week but eat enough over the weekend to put you in surplus, you are going to be bummed!  You are also going to be bloated and inflamed and you could look up to 10 pounds heavier from a binge!

Many clients who are NOT seeing results are faithful to their food plans but derail every weekend. It’s a continual hamster wheel of frustration, and it’s real. Every macro matters.

You can begin your weekend with abandon and end it with remorse.¬† Monday morning comes and your check in is not what you wanted. This leads to negative self talk and over training to try to ‘make up’ for what you have done.

This weekend you put a plan in place. You know what your events are, right now!  Sit down and create and actual plan if you are concerned you might derail.

Lifestyle clients and Flex competitors alike can be successful IF you have a plan.
Leave NOTHING to chance!
Monday morning you will wake up feeling successful and proud.
You can do this!


No Jiggle Arm blaster

I train A LOT of brides!  Like a bikini competitor, there is NO margin for error on getting your look right.
You need to be camera ready and one area women struggle with is the “bat wing.”

Bat wing:¬† That jingle jangle part of the arm that NO one wants.¬†¬† I’m very sure some snarky man named it that but I assure you that in MY studio, my clients do not rock a bat wing.¬† EVER.

Ok.. we have to do a full body workout and our symmetry has to be correct. Lots of tricep, back, guns but this one is a finisher that really pretties up the back of the arm.  Plus it hits that lat nicely so you can rest assured your strapless dress will lay flat. Your whole upper body will thank you.

Keep your chest lifted and your core tight as you press down.  I use a weight that is heavy enough to load the muscle but I do not want to see my clients struggling to press the bar down using their back.  I am almost moving too much in my video.
Focus on feeling the work in the back of the arm and squeeze.¬† Don’t just go through the motions “I wish I were somewhere else.”¬† Put the focus into those muscles!

This is one finisher we use  and feel free to hold it for a few seconds at the bottom for some extra burn.

Oh.. you won’t get to see that gorgeous, lean physique if your food isn’t spot on! So hit those macros!!

Stop starving yourself to lose weight

Stop doing this!

So Christmas is over.¬† Now, you are focused on losing weight. This is the year you’re
going all the way!  What should you do?

Dr. Oz detox?
21 day fixes?
Cabbage soup diet?¬†Wait.. no, that’s¬†from the 70’s.
No carb?

Well.. let’s just stop right here!

Restrictive diets are a sure fire way to set yourself up to fail.
 1. Restrictive diets that are too low in calories, and nutrients cause the body to hold on to body fat.
When you starve your body, your body thinks it’s starving.¬† That makes sense right?

2. Restrictive diets often lead to binge eating!
Every day we wake up with the potential to be a little bigger or a little smaller.
Our bodies can store an UNLIMITED amount of fat. We can rock our meal plan
all week but consume so many calories on the weekends that we cannot get ahead.
Consistency is key! If you are  so restricted that you dream of binges, you are walking
on a slippery slope.

I can help you with your meal plan!

Downloading generic diets are not the way either.
You are an individual. Generic diets are not based on your dietary needs.
Menu plans should be based on your personal stats, like age,height, weight, the energy you expend as
well as your lifestyle.
You need a different meal plan than the girl in the cube next to you.

This is what consistency , not perfection looks like.
I put Heather on a cutting meal plan for active fat loss.  I gave her minimal  cardio but heavy
lifting.  She has leaned out in just a few short weeks! She is coming in lean and tight.
I’m very proud of her, because she is a pro at flexible dieting.
She said
“I made it through Halloween and birthday dinners without completely negating my progress.
And I got to eat an entire box of rasinettes at the movies woo hoo! “


#Flexible dieting, or #IIFYM, (If It fits your macros) works because you eat until you hit you own
macronutrient numbers, then you stop.   You must eat the appropriate amount of
Carbs, Fats, Protein and Fiber. This ensures you are eating for nutrition as well as physique goals.
As your body changes, your macros can be tweaked to prevent stalls.
Bottom line, you will eat more food because your fueling your body not starving.

With flexible dieting, you do NOT have to be perfect. We strive to reach our macro nutrients
each day. Some days are better than others. However, since no food is off limits, you do not
have to deprive yourself of things such as movie treats if that’s what you want.

I don’t eat fats. Don’t want to eat fats. Coach gave me one egg yolk a day.
Here’s some science for you. You need fat in your diet.
Fats help with
vitamin absorption
brain function
cardiovascular health
keeps you full
Never go below 20% fats in your diet. Not even the most extreme cutting should be that low.
Health is number 1!


I can help you with your meal plan!

Eating Carbs:
This is my client, Jax. She is training for her first bikini competition this spring..  I started
Jax on a reverse diet to give her more  food and slowly upped her carbs.
Her goal was to gain muscle and that, she is doing. She eats around 400g
carbs a day. She does NO cardio but lifts heavy weights.

Abs: no starving here
Abs: no starving here. Over 400g carbs a day.

BAM! Look at this bikini body!

Jax has abs now, because she eats.

Dieting intelligently means:
You¬†aren’t locked into one menu.

You can eat with your family.
You can eat what they eat.
You don’t have to skip social functions.
You can have food that satisfies and fuels your progress.

If you need a meal plan, please, let me help you!
Start this year with the right plan for YOU.
Contact me here



Bootylicious Bikini Blast


Need a glute centric workout that has no weights necessary?
Try this one and be sure to push hard.  Engage those glutes
by adding a fire band to our squats and bridges!

Air Squats-1 minute (go fast, sit back .. way back)
Donkey kicks 1 minute each side¬†(on your elbows or hands¬†and knees, lift that leg back.. here’s my video

4 rounds of that!

Alternating back lunges=12 each side
Single leg glute bridges=30 each side
4 rounds

Jump squats =25
Sumo squat pulses 25 (stay low, lowww)
4 rounds

Curtsey lunges Alternating 25 each side
Low side skaters 25 each side
4 rounds

Bonus abs: 50 jack knives, 50 reverse crunches, 3×30 sec plank hold. Core tight!

Would you like to work with me online!¬† My online program allows you to train in your own home or gym!¬† It’s flexible and I can help you reach your goals! Check out my Online program here

Change your mindset to change your body.


We have to change our mindset!
We have to change our mindset!

Are you stuck in the cycle of dieting/binge eating?
Are you someone who prides yourself that you ONLY EAT CLEAN?
Do you think other people are wrong because they eat things you would never eat, like sugar, or junk food?

The trend came about for CLEAN EATING and let’s just say, ¬†a mess was made.¬† There is NO such thing
as¬†“clean” eating. I’m a recovering clean¬†eater. “Clean eating” served my family well for a few years while
we re-tooled our household from a steady diet of fast food and soda during some stressful times in our business.

We got our shit together and made everyone around us miserable because “clean eating” was all we talked about.

What is Clean eating?
Problem one: No one really knows the definition of “clean”.
Vegans/Veg say meat isn’t clean but they eat grains.
“Clean eaters” say processed food and sugar isn’t clean.
Paleo¬† folks say grains aren’t clean but they eat meat and consume sugars.
Some people abide by only organic and NON-GMO and the rest is not clean. We are all screwed there!

Problem two:  All these diets are restrictive and can lead to binge eating.
If you are Paleo, yet you drink beer, pizza and wings on the weekend.. what is that?  Cavemen did not make cookies, paleo friendly protein bars with processed whey protein and chocolate chips. Beer is processed, yes?

If you are a certified clean eater and enjoy a cheat meal of the exact things you say you never eat.. what is that?

Retrictions!! UGH!

The cycle of binge/eat disorder (BED) might look like this.
Diet hard- I’m a rock
Slippery slope moment leads to binge either in public or privately.
Mental beat down ūüė¶
Over exercising and even more heavy restriction.

One way we can break this cycle is to step back and re-cultivate our  relationship with food.

Food is Fuel: Carbs are not bad. Fat is not bad. We must stop using terms like “good food” “bad food”.
Food is macro nutrients. It’s carbs, fats, protein.¬† Your body doesn’t know if protein comes from ‘what you deem’ as clean or not clean.
Science, much?

If you are restricting foods the one thing you never eat is probably the one thing you really want to.
Restriction leads to binging. Have you ever done that? I have.

Cheats, cheating or cheat meals: Negative connotations on food can create guilt. Why do we need more guilt?
Frankly, when my coach gave me a “cheat” meal for meals 5 and 6 on my menu, I will be honest, I had a hard time¬†being trusted.
Cheat meals read as  binges.  I can eat a whole cake in one sitting.  One binge can set me back for 3 weeks.
I almost didn’t get to the stage because I went crazy on a sanctioned ‘cheat’ meal. I know that’s NOT what¬†my coach¬†meant, but
that’s how my brain works!

Post cheat meal/binge  can follow with even more restrictive diets, guilt and extra hard beat downs in the gym.
How stressful and self defeating this cycle is. If this is you, then you know!

Find some peace.
Flexible dieting allows you to have food that you prefer. If your body likes more paleo, vegan, non-processed, NON-GMO that’s ok.
You can eat how you like as long as you reach your  personal macro nutrients of Protein, Carbs, Fats and the micro nutrient fiber.

If you have macros that allow you to fit in your sweet treats or pizza then you able to enjoy food rather than being on lock down.
If you are not able to eat sugar because it is a trigger for you, then you don’t have to!¬† You have freedom and no food is off limits.
If it fits it fits.

This year, I am working on my brain as well as my physique.  A mindset of always be catching myself in a failure state makes a person weary.
I am no longer using these terms of which consumed me. I am learning how my body responds to different food sources.  I have definitely learned that I am at my best when I am eating nutrient dense whole foods. My skin looks much better when I have the right amounts of fat in my diet.
I notice how sugar pre-workout fuels me, but sugar laden foods while watching TV is a trigger to binge. And if that happens..I am working on not classifying eating off my macros as a failure but a learning experience.  Every person, given patience can realize peace in their meal plan, with a desire to change of course.

Changing your mindset to change your physique. All or nothing mentality cannot sustain. What could we accomplish if we enjoyed food without guilt or punishment?


Christmas Bikini Girl Workout challenge


This is your Christmas week, Monday Challenge.

You’ve been working so hard. Let’s see what you are made of!
This is a timed workout. You will need a timer app for sure. There is NO rest, but as always, take one if you need to.

Because this is a volume workout, you will lighten your weights some but use what¬†you can! ¬†Pay attention to form. The goal is not to go as fast as you can, it’s to do all reps that meet the expectation of proper form. No slacking to complete reps!

Warm up: Warm up your whole body for 10 minutes, make sure you have your low back warm too!

Equipment: Dumbbells, bars,  power cords. If you have no equipment, do everything you can bodyweight.

1×3 minutes of deadlifts
1×2 minutes squats
1×1 minutes side skaters
1×2 minutes standing over head press DB
1×2 minutes single arm triceps extension (1 min each side)
1x max reps pull ups with TRX or assisted pull up.¬† (if you don’t have it, wide band pull downs)
1×1 minute pushups (any variety)
1×1 minute knee ups
1×2 minutes db curls
1×1 minute tricep dips
1x 3 minutes dead lifts
1×2 minutes sumo squats
1x 1 minutes side skaters
1×2 minutes lunges alternating and curtseys
1x max reps pull ups
1x max reps crunches
1x 1 minute standing lateral raise
1x 1 minute overhead DB press
1×3 min sumo deadlifts
1×2 min sumo pulse squats
1×1 minute side skaters
50 crunches
50 hip bridges squeezes

A little holiday Mean Girls  for you.. just for fun!