Peak week 2016

Hey.. weird.. I purchased pics from my show last year and never looked at them.
Found a couple on their website.  LOL.. can’t wait to see how I looked last year.

Last week we had our photo shoot and it was the! So now it’s time to
dial it in.

I started peak week today!! everything is fine but that water load.  Oh man..
I peed at every fast food place, Ross Dress for Less and Starbucks.

Today was hair day with my glam squad, Melissa Lambert. I’m freshly colored and ready to go. I have my wardrobe fittings on Sunday and hopefully pick them up on Monday!

My workouts are slow as molasses and I’m tired as can be but I’m ready to finish this strong.

I wish you luck with your competition too!

Starbucks for girls on prep

I drink Starbucks every day. Close to my show, I’ll do 2x a day.  That’s my thing.  These are the things I love to order when I’m cutting.  You can make your own at home too. I have an espresso machine so often I will do my own.


Iced coffee plus 1 scoop vanilla whey in the blender!
I love this. It’s fantastic!
Icy Donut (my hubs created this one for me)

Add your own protein powder to this. I use Quest Salted Caramel! It’s amazing.
I don’t know what the macros are for Starbucks protein but I know my own!!

My Birthday cake shake

Prepping Not Starving:Sweet Potato Protein Pancakes


I’m a bit of a creature of habit. I’ve had protein pancakes for breakkie since 2012.
I like them!

I was having a conversation with one of my friends/competitor clients.  We both agreed that food prep is “meh”.   So when I tell you I had to bake sweet potatoes for this, that’s about the extent of my prep.  If I’m home, I will toss 5 or 6 into the oven. I keep them in the fridge for pancakes!

Note to the clean eating mafia: Hurray.. these are full of amazing magic sweet potatoes.
egg whites and oatmeal! #BroCoachApproved

How I bake Sweet Potatoes
Step 1: Turn the oven on to 450 degrees. Set your timer for 45 min.
Line your cookie sheet with tinfoil so you don’t have to scrub it!
Put your washed sweet potatoes on the sheet and bake them until they ooze caramel.

*never microwave sweet potatoes. So yucky.

Pancake is:

3/4 cup pourable egg whites
4 oz sweet potato

Mix it in your ninja.
Spray your pan and make a pancake. It’s not easy to flip. It might get messy.

Macros without syrup


Here it is with 4 oz IHOP sugar free syrup .

Just to mix it up. Here is 2 oz sweet potato and 20g quick oats

If you add the syrup, you could add less. 1/2 cup is a lot of syrup.
You can modify the amount based on the carbs you have to work with. Since I typically lift in the morning, this recipe with syrup is a great pre-workout with 39 carbs.

We make double recipe every single day and this is meals 1 and 2 for me.
I don’t mind eating pancakes all day!

If you want to up your fats, fiber, toss in some flax or chia. Just sayin..
This pancake smells awesome. It tastes awesome and you can add spices or SF coffee syrup to create something YOU love.

Say it with me. No. More. Gagging. On . Egg Whites!

Peak week as told though pictures and funny memes

This year I did 16 weeks of prep. Peak week is the last week before you compete. Basically.. you should be ready to go. You are dialing it in. Peak week is known to be it’s own kind of fresh hell. You are tired, carb depleted and ready to be done. Tired isn’t even accurate. Training 7 days a  week  2x per day and here we go!
Started peak week off pale. It’d been a full week since my last spray tan.
You have to prep your skin for your show tan. I used Castile soap, and baking soda.
Feeling tired from the macro drop. Gallons of water too. But hey, I had my hair done!

Cardio: 2x per day
Up at 4am. Cardio, posing
Then back in the afternoon to lift. Depletion circuits. I kicked my own ass.
I’m so pale. I can’t focus and I drool a lot. Drinking 2 gallons a day

Don’t act like you didn’t notice. That’s why I stayed home! That and because of the peeing.
And this
Nails: Get gel or Shellac on your fingers and toes so that the mother loving tan doesn’t foil your French.
Once I start crying at the gym.. I know I’m about to go HAM. I always cry at the gym
at least one time in peak week. Then I push hard.
Thursday morning. 131 pounds. I haven’t been this weight since I was 11 years old.
How many times do people tell you that you look icky or disgusting?
All the freaking time. Why do people tell you this? No one wants to hear this!
I’m LEAN! Not skinny. Come on!
Here’s a picture of my kitten Tatu Baby. She eats carbs and is fat.