Power Pak Pudding for leaning


Prepping/cutting is tough enough without feeling like you are missing out on treats. I have seen this product around for years but it never occurred to me to check it out.  Well.. I’m all in. I purchased the pack of 4 small sized
Fit and Lean Vanilla Cream pudding cups.   They are
Serving size 1 cup
Fat: 2.5g
Protein: 15g
Carbs 4g

You can learn more about the product at this link on Body Building .com.

This product for sure is great for girls who are struggling to get more protein in. Many of my clients work hard to get their numbers up without going over in other macronutrients.  This product is solid. I got my pudding at GNC but Amazon has it too. I think most Supplement stores have it. Chocolate and Vanilla are your options!! Whoo hoo.

My beauty secrets for stage and beyond

side 1: before I began skincare side 2: after 6 months with Alix
side 1: before I began skincare side 2: after 6 months with Alix. No filter on either. My first pic was after my first botox and she froze me so much the bottom of my face crinkled. Side 2 is after 1 year using Brooke at Dr. Rottler. I use less botox each time, because I see Alix.

Muscle is the fountain of youth! If you follow my blog, then you know I believe it, I live it.  Now skincare.. don’t backburner that!

I was a tanning bed girl for decades but I stopped that!
My skin was beginning to sag  as it was losing elasticity!
When I started competing, I wanted to bring my best package
so I began to focus more on my skin.

Facials, Peels
My very dear friend and client Alix Mancuso  is my esthetician.
We started working together a  year ago to revitalize my skin.
We do peels and collagen treatments.  I am noticing that the damaged skin is coming to the surface and my skin looks better with each peel!   Soon it will be clear from all the sun damage. I do my peels with no down time!

Anti-Gravity Face Lift
Alix  also started me on microcurrent face lifts. I do this with her
once a month.
Microcurrent anti gravity lifts are amazing. They retrain the muscles in your face. I have noticed great results from doing them.
They are NON-invasisve!  YES! You look tighter instantly. Results are cumulative!

I have an in home version of the Nu-face as well which I do for 5 minutes a day.  This is the one I’m using at home.  I wish mine was PINK! You can click to see more about it.

My nuface
My nuface

Alix is local to St. Louis and works at the Four Seasons Spa.
You can book her there! I hope you do. She is amazing, caring and one of the best people I know. Book here

I was a department store skin care girl for my whole life. I switch brands, buy bits and pieces here and there  and it was “ok”. When I started with Alix, she set me straight.  She was able to see that I was using the exact wrong types of products  and we changed courses. That made all the difference. This was shocking because I thought I knew my skin.  I was also piling on so many products!  A skin care  professional can look at your skin and give you the correct recommendations!  It matters! I had no idea!  Just like you need a good trainer/coach a skin care professional will change your life.

Good Products
I am loving the products I’m now using. Babor. These are available in
Alix’s spa  They are beyond fantastic.  The best anti-aging treatments!
The cleanser I was using was drying me out.  My exfoliant was TOO rough for my skin and I used it too often!  I probably damaged my skin by over use.  For cleansing I use Babor Hy-oil
and my skin never feels dry or tight.  I use the HSR lifting products
and the Mimical cream is fantastic post botox. It helps my botox last longer.

Babor HSR line is my holy grail!
Babor HSR line is my holy grail!

Botox: Yes.. I botox. I have done botox for 4 years.  I am using
Aurora Med Spa and my girl is Chelsea Becker! She is at the West Country location.

Aurora Medical Spa
13319 Manchester Road
Des Peres, MO 63131
(314) 822-1060
Visit our website

Be sure to sign up for Brilliant Distinctions. You will get discounts on your injections.
Aurora has a skin care club too for discounts. I’ve sent lots of people to them. They are very nice and Chelsea took a full hour for my consult!!

If you use my name at Aurora you can get a
$10 off your botox or $20 off microderm.

Sugar, etc.  I find my skin looks worse when I eat  lots sugar. I mean sugar like, candy cookies, etc.  I am IIFYM but I do try to keep my sugary treats to a minimum. I’m sure not everyone notices changes in their skin with sugar, but it makes a difference for me.

I drink over a gallon of water daily too. I notice a huge difference when I drink less!

I also take amazing vitamins, including biotin for my hair skin and nails.


Come Sweat with Me at Lululemon

come sweat with me!!
come sweat with me!!


Hey guys!! This  Tuesday, February 3, I will be training at the MotherShip, Lululemon in the Central West End , St. Louis.

I am so honored to be a part of Lululemons, Tone it Tuesdays!!

We will begin at 7:15pm and rock the most fun workout humanly possible.   Mats are provided and you only need to bring yourself!

Come early and see me in the store. We’ll buy some pants!

Space is limited!!  Sign up here. IT’s free!!

Competition Stage Makeup Secrets

I love her stage makeup and how it works with her tan!
I love her stage makeup and how it works with her tan!

I read the competition boards and many girls ask questions about
show makeup and foundation colors.

First of all.. I believe you can do your own if you feel comfortable.
However, there is most always a makeup artist and tanner on site at shows
so you do have options.

I want to share with you the makeup colors that work with your show day tan.

The colors of choice for tan match up are
Mac NW40 and NW45

NW40 and NW 45 Warm undertones!
NW40 and NW 45
Warm undertones!


Now..I also want to share a fantastic tool for you!


A girls dream come true!
A girls dream come true!

Super star, beauty blogger, Temptalia.com has created a foundation match system so you can use other brands to match yours.  You can search for Mac NW40 or NW45 and see what comes up in your brand!
When you use the foundation matrix to match your show makeup, don’t
pick a foundation with SPF. That causes a weird glow on your face in flash photography.
I would always choose an HD foundation but that’s just me. I love Makeup Forever, Smashbox and DiorShow.  I have been on stage where my face “matched” my tan and it looks horrible. Your face should look beautiful and like you!

The foundation matrix is here



Update! Amber Marie, a  lovely competitors on Facebook found that Revlon color Stay without SPF
is an amazing choice!

She says..
“400 caramel is to the equivalent of Mac’s NW45 (or this one says 50, but as an artist myself I would say it’s a 45). Make sure you buy the Revlon Colorstay line WITHOUT SPF, because SPF is metallic-like and reflects much lighter in photos! No SPF in show makeup!!!!!”

Competitor Shelley  said 

“This version for those of us over 45. It is awesome. Doesn’t settle into fine lines. No powder needed”

Update: If you want to know how to apply your makeup for stage here is my favorite video on Youtube. This competitor gets it right!


It’s time for posing and new shoes!!

Posing class for 2015 has officially begun.
Posing class for 2015 has officially begun.

I hired a posing coach.  In one hour I gained some pretty intense new perspective and
where I was going wrong.  My last show, I was self study which I do not recommend.
Basically what you “think” looks right and good in the mirror is NOT what the judges see.
Everything is about how you look from the judges table and they are lower than the stage.
Angles mean everything.

Different federations have different poses that you are judged on.
In bikini, you are going to be judged on a front pose and a back pose.
The judges are looking for the best total package and bad posing can make or break
your chances. I need to be STRONG this year in posing.

Many competitors begin their posing a few weeks out from the show.
Trust me, you do not want to do that. If you have time, then get with your coach now.
You have to practice, tweak then when you are stage ready, she may change your pose stance
depending on how it looks because you are lean!!  You have to be so comfortable that you can take changes in stride.

SECRET:  I have competed where the stage manager changed our walk pattern  exactly
right before we stepped on stage!  There was oil and feathers left on the stage from another
body builder and that presented a slipping hazard. We had to t-walk on the fly!
I’m not saying that was right but things like this happen!

I love my platforms!
Alas, we have decided to switch to the mini platform stage shoe.
I’m so comfortable in those big platforms because those are what I normally rock!
When I tried on the tiny platform ones, I felt like a fish out of water so I am certainly
going to have to work harder this year to master these.

I think this one is nice.
I think this one is nice.

The suit I picked out is so fantastic that I may even go with a (gasp) plain shoe
so the focus is not so much on my feet.  I’m open to that.

If you aren’t sure what shoe you want, you can visit Uncle Larry’s  Hustler Club stores
and try on a few pairs.  Those stores are always in the big cities so you won’t have to
shield your eyeballs over on the East Side. Well,  you still will.
I have found that different brands run small.  My first pair of Pleaser platforms became
too big for me to wear on stage. I kept falling. Your feet get lean too.

If you don’t find a pair you like at least you know the fit of the brand.
You can order online by searching:
bikini competition shoes
fitness competitor shoes
exotic shoes

The plastic upper molds to your foot the longer you wear it and the shoe becomes
molded to your feet so get to practicing in your shoes.

Secret: I added little skids to the bottom of my shoes . You may or may not want to consider that.
Sometimes venues have slick stages and body oil is present.

Top Supplements for fat loss

It’s that time of year!  The Supplement stores are excited to see you coming in and part with all your hard earned cash.  I know you are in search of the magic pills to make you lean and tight.

So  I want to give you the scoop on supplementation and it’s place in fitness weight loss.
The first thing I want to say is

Supplements are for supplementation. They are NOT the solution to your problems.
I do not believe in starting my clients on any supplements until we have gotten their food worked out.
Don’t waste your money on magic pills when you haven’t put down the fast food.
You cannot out train a bad diet and you cannot out supplement one either.


Dr. Oz gets a check. #truth
Dr. Oz gets a check. #truth

Stop listening to Dr. Oz, Oprah, Dr. Phil, Real Housewives and infomercials!
Now, I realize that Dr. Oz is a popular guy and while I believe he knows some things and he’s got a friendly face, I don’t think he really embraces  a brand new fat loss cure every single day of the week. There cannot be that many cures or we’d all be cured from belly fat.  Dr. Oz gets a check. So does Jillian Michaels. Uh-oh! I’m in trouble now. I’ve said something negative about the ‘World’s Toughest Trainer’.
*eye roll*

Supplementation products are terrific in theory. You can wander into Target, Walgreens or GNC and find products that promise you everything  you want. I want you to stop for a second and drink this in. If a product has a famous face on it, it is called a “licensed” product. That means the  celebrity that is ‘endorsing’ it got a check. Many times the product ends up being very kitchen sink-y. The product might have more fillers or less  quality ingredients because the company has to pay for the licensing rights.

So.. walk past those products. A personal side note.. please never give the Kardashian family a dime for any fitness related products. *shakes head* Jillian I get.

So where shall I go?
Return policy is #1
I live in St. Louis and the two competing entities in our area are GNC and Supplement Super Store.
I really like them both, but I recommend GNC for my clients for one solid reason. The return policy is great at GNC. There is no ‘official’  return policy at SS2. Quality products are an investment so if you find a product that doesn’t suit your system or you don’t care for, you need the opportunity to get it right. This is absolutely not an indictment of stores that don’t have a return policy. I have had clients who have reactions to high quality products and it’s hard to let go of 75 dollars for whey protein you can’t use. Begin your search in a store that has a return policy.

But I want some supplements because it’s January and I’m on a diet.
January is awesome. You feel all energized and ready to go. Supplements are deeply discounted for this reason. So I’m trusting that you have  your meal plans in order. I also trust that you are not going to be falling for the cardio only workout of weight loss. So if you are solid and ready to get started some supplements, alright!

I can help you with your meal plans!


Do you take a multi?
Take a multivitamin every day. I use GNC Active Multi. Love it. But I’m happy if you are on a One A Day.

Fish oil/Omega 3: Let’s do that too. Got mine at Target for 6 dollars. Fish oil is terrific for making your arteries slick and it also aids in weight loss.
It is believed that omega 3 oil improves the flow of blood to the muscles during exercise and helps to stimulate enzymes which transport fat to where it can be used up for energy. You can get Omega 3 in super foods like Flax oil or Flax seeds as well.

Vitamin C 1000mg daily: Recent studies show that vitamin C helps in weight loss and lowering body fat.
Vitamin C is one of the building blocks for carnitine, which is used by your body to transform fat into the fuel it needs.Taking extra “C” can help balance out cortisol spikes so take it!!

Calcium with D: For your bones. You already knew that! If you are taking calcium chews be sure you are tracking the macros for them!


I want weight loss supplements

Do NOT buy fad diet items like HGC, that promise rapid weight loss. You are risking metabolic damage. I will never condone anything other than solid meal plans, proper workouts and lifestyle changes. However, unless you are prepared, you ‘could’ walk out having spent a small fortune. You are doing your homework so now you know.

Fat Burners
There are two types of Fat Burners:
Stimulants (Stim) and Non Stimulant.
If you can take caffeine you ‘might’ do ok on a Stimulant. Fat burners are NOT made to allow you to eat whatever you want.
They raise your metabolism slightly and some have ingredients that stabilize your insulin. Extreme fat burners might have the Geranium oil and use tag lines like the ‘meanest and cruelest’ fat burners on the market. You may really like the idea of sitting on the couch and losing 5 pounds, or sweating like crazy while at your desk, the risks are real. I used a Stim fat burner and had terrible panic attacks. If you are on medications, be wary also. Mixing extreme fat burners if you are on anti-depressants or other mood altering pharms might not be a good idea. Do your research!!

Non-Stimulant Fat burners use ingredients like Green Tea, Raspberry Keto to rev the metabolism. Be wary, they take a long time to get into your system and work. You can certainly drink green tea as a natural fat burner if you prefer.  If you try one of these for a month and don’t like it, you didn’t give it a chance to work! The stores will try to sell you more than one month supply because YOU NEED more than 1 month.

But, there were great results on the commercial!
Those products are tested on people who are most likely
1. sedentary
2. eating terrible
3. out of shape.

They give them a controlled meal plan (read the fine print).
Get them off the couch.   Wow!  huge results!

But: it says I don’t have to exercise if I take this.
If you are still standing by the ‘no exercise’ success stories, you need to save your money on pills.
To lose FAT you need to burn it off. You need a deficit of calories. That is either by lower calorie intake or by training or moving more.   If you are not moving more, you will burn off muscle and that will slow your metabolism down.  Even weight training 3x a week will amp your metabolism. Let’s make good choices this year!!  Get lean the right way!

What I used:
The Non-stim fat burner I used before my first show was Epiq Shred from GNC. I had great results with it taking just one capsule a day.  My second show I used Hydroxy Cut non stim from GNC. It’s not the crappy version from Walgreens.  I liked both of those.

Do not purchase a fat burner that has an appetite suppressant. You must eat to lose weight. If you are not eating you are burning muscle. Your weight loss will be temporary and you will gain even more weight. Don’t be that girl!


Here’s my review of a great Fat Burner stack I love for my clients


Booty Builder: Banded Squats

Are you working on building out those glutes?

Banding above the knees gets the glutes activated immediately!

In this video I am using it for my weighted wide squats.  This is so hard that I have to drop my weight way back to complete my sets.   The glutes are activated and it’s intense.  You have to fight to keep your knees from caving!
I use the band in my thrusting, side leg work and squats/deads.


Competition update plus VSX Pants review

Update: Not much is happening in my 2015 competition training.  It’s very much the daily grind.  I am feeling better than I was a month ago, but I’m still not fully 100 percent.  I got great news from my eye doc and my cornea is healing.  I’m at about 80 percent now.  We are still on some pretty aggressive treatments and the side effects are yucko.

Good news is that in less than a month, we should be able to taper these which means I’ll be feeling much better.

In case you missed it, I contracted 2 illnesses in my cornea right before my last show.  My immune system was pretty low at that time.

Workouts:  I’ve been training as hard as I can. Some days are great and I’ve gotten a few PRs.  I am taking this winter to work on my form, get some nice muscle and think about my competition season next year.  Totally not stressed right now.  I’m happy with myself right now.

VSX Haul

I’ve been away from Lululemon for a while. I haven’t seen anything on the
uploads that made me excited.  VSX on the other hand is bringing the heat.
The VSX line on the website is full of so many fun pants, I am dying.

I’ve worn VSX for years and they  have been hit and miss. I see that now, they are really working to compete with Lulu.  They have some fantastic sports wear.  The pants I’m wearing in the above pic are the Knockout tight.
This exact pattern is not on the VS website in a Knockout. On the website, this fabric comes in the Ultimate Tight. Color is Oil Spill/Wonderland/black

In the actual store.. I could ge t that fabri in the knockout Knockout tight. . This fabric feels the same to me as my Lulu Wunder Unders in Luxtreme.  These fit great. I’m a size  6 in Lulu. An 8 in real life pants and I rock a medium in the Knockout.  I wore these for leg day and there was no shifting whatsoever.  This pant was $72.50 but I had a $10 off coupon so, “Yea!”

VSX knockout capri
VSX knockout crops

These are the VSX Knockout Capri. They feel like Wunder Unders but
I really liken them to my Inspires: Run Crop.  I love these pants. This length is new to the Knockout. I find that VSX  actual’crops’ are too short for my liking.  This is a length I gravitate towards so I was happy to see this pant in this style.  The color is Pink/ Black Blurred Lines.  They run between $59.50 and $66.50.  The price is definitely right on these. I have
a few pairs plus plain black.  Seriously, there are about 20 different prints on the VS site right now in the VS Sport section!

Oh..I also picked up a pair of the Showtime tight in Green/blurred lines
It was store only.  I like it just ok. I thought it made me look a little chunky butt.

Showtime tight
Showtime tight

Here is its.  Not my fav but still really good.

Showtime tight in green.
Showtime tight in green.

The fabric on these pants varies, but the fit is fantastic.
I hope this helps your shop it up!

Trackin macros and VSX Haul


I will take any opportunity to talk about pants. I love new pants.
My normal Lululemon hauls halted when I saw some of the fall patterns.
They are hit and miss.   This past weekend I picked up these
Knockout Capris from Victoria’s Secret VSX line.  They have stepped up their game. These are (I’m guessing) the answer to Lulu’s Wunder Unders or Run Crops.  These are GREAT workout pants.  I did a full leg workout, with squats and deads in them with no shifting. The Knockout Capri is $62.50 and it comes in 12 colors/styles.  Whoo hoo. Lulu has so few patterns at once so this is fun.  Oh.. it does have a drawstring at the waist!



I got the matching Incredible Bra too in this pattern . I also bought the green version of this fabric in the front zipper style. I did not like the ‘front zipper’ version at all.  My zipper broke. 😦
This is a tight bra for when you are feeling boobalicious so just get the regular version and squeegle yourself into it.
It comes in so many sizes up to DDD! Great support and looks great under a tank if you are shy.  I prefer VSX bras to Lululemon since I’m ‘enhanced’.
The Energy Bra from Lulu is awesome
for a ‘uniboob’ bra and the TATA-Tamer is a great choice if you don’t mind the matronly look. Tata Tamer is my Plyo only bra. It’s not cute!
VSX is bringing the heat.  Incredible bra is $54 to $63 depending on pattern.

New meal plan success!

I have completed a full 12 days on my brand new macros. I am working with
an IIFYM coach who just took one of my team mates up to the stage still eating what she wanted.  Read that again. She didn’t deplete nor did she starve. She was lean and had a great ‘off’ or grow season and came in better than ever with a win for our team!

We have no actual weight loss goals set even though my post show rebound gave me extra body fat.  I’m feeling fantastic so far.

My show season is next summer so this grow season we are going to add some muscle and I can already see it happening.   My adjustment to eating food I like everyday,  as opposed to just turkey, chicken, fish freaks me out a bit, but I’ve been within 5g of all my macros every single day and I’ve lost 10 pounds.  I had marshmallow fluff this week.  High carb day is the best!


Lululemon haul

Hipster café in Chicago. The mister and I.
Hipster café in Chicago. The mister and I.

On our Chicago trip, we did a little shop it up.

I was excited to visit the Rush Street Lululemon and found my unicorn!!
The Super Stripe Cadet Blue Wunder Under pants!!
Squeee!  I love these pants. The fabric is very different than my other WU
but it’s a winner.  I got the last pair in my size. Sorry, not sorry!

Super Stripe Wunder Unders in Cadet Blue
Super Stripe Wunder Unders in Cadet Blue

Rest less Tank

This outfit was much cuter than I had anticipated.  Rest Less Tank and the
Inspire crops in Black Burlap.  The fabric on the pants is very different than the other
10 pairs of Run crops I have. I almost had to size up!  It’s not that stretchy. I admit that I didn’t like the look of this at all until I tried it on. Lulu is like that for me. I have to try on everything.  The tank is adorbs. It has a long, strange rubber band gathering the waist.
It stays in place nicely.  The back detail on the top is really cool.

Restless tank and Inspire crops in Black burlap
Restless tank and Inspire crops in Black burlap


Rest less tank back detail. Cute.
Rest less tank back detail. Cute.

I was discussing pants with one of my friends, Jennie. We both agreed that we never really knew that different workouts benefited from different fits/fabrics.  Lulu is great for that.  I wore a pair of bright blue Under Armour pants for leg day this week. It was a huge fail. They came down with every jump up.   No one wants their business out there!

NOTE:  Wore my Speed shorts to the track with a 105 F Singlet *Silver
and both those pieces out performed me.  I looked like a hot mess after my workout but I was cool.  Believe me.. I used to wear my VSX Knock out crops to the track.  Misery.

I also picked up the Cool Racer Back in Wee Are from Space Blue Tropics.

Wee Are From Space Blue Tropics Cool Racer Back CRB
Wee Are From Space Blue Tropics Cool Racer Back CRB

I’m loving my CRB tanks as of late. Got my friend Rose, hooked on them too.
Uh oh.. once you go Lulu!

Run Pace Crop
Run pace crop is great for weight training!

My workout on Friday was tough.
HIIT at 6am
2 pilates classes
2 hours of legs

I rocked my Run: Pace Crops and the Energy bra.
The green tank is VSX studio tank.. which I own in ever color. They are flattering!

The crops are terrific for everything I did today. They didn’t move at all.
I got these in a 6 when I was 12 pounds heavier. I think they run a bit small and they are a shorter crop. They really fit me well now. I didn’t love them 6 weeks ago. I probably could have sized up.  Lots of our clients bought them at our trunk show. Terrific crops.
 These pants are still on the Lululemon site