Brownie Nice Cream Sundae

So this happened
So this happened!

This is a fantastic recipe I found on
Before you fall out and say “OMG, she’s prepping and eating that..!”
It is a very clean treat!! I’m posting the recipe here for you!
I had a fantastic dinner and had this on the couch with the mister.

Brownie Nice Cream Sundae
Serves 2:
1 whole egg
2 Tablespoons pumpkin from the can. (you know you have it, it’s fall)
1.5 medium bananas (about 7 inches)
1 Tbsp baking cocoa
1/4 cup Unsweetened Almond milk
1 scoop of protein powder (I used birthday cake from Muscle Pharm)
1/2 scoop chocolate protein powder

Brownie mug cake (makes 2 minis or 1 large )
*I made one mug cake and cut it in half

1 egg
1 tbsp. baking cocoa
1/2 scoop chocolate protein powder
2 tablespoon pumpkin puree from can
Put it in a mug and microwave 2-3 min.
Pop it onto a plate and let that cool down!

1 frozen banana
1 scoop of vanilla or your fav flavor protein
1/2 cup ice
1/4 cup almond milk
to make it thick I added a PINCH of xantham gum

In your Ninja, put all the Nice cream ingredients and blend it!
Once your mug cake is cool, you can make some chocolate
syrup with cocoa powder and water. I added a tiny bit of stevia to that.
Honestly, it’s better if it’s not super sweet.
The cocoa syrup can be drizzled into your glass.
Cut your brownie mug cake into pieces and fold it into your
Nice cream.

My photo of my own sundae was not good!  But trust me.. It was amazing. I had to eat it all up.
The nicecream is crazy! Who knew!!

How I made this work. I added these macros to my tracker in the morning and fulfilled my
day of macros/micros around the entry.  Everything on this plan could be fit into a clean plan.
If you don’t know how to swap out your bro plan check out this link


Prep 911: Sugar Cravings

Poor pup! I feel you!
Poor pup! I feel you!

If you are cutting.. then you know about sugar cravings!  I’m no stranger to this!
On my Bro-science prep, there were ZERO options for taming that. It was  cold turkey and it was tough.
On Flex.. it’s tight but you can be creative.

My perspective on Flex/IIFYM prep
I follow the guidelines of the original IIFYM protocol. 
In a cut, ten percent of your daily can come from ‘fun foods’.
I currently have 150g Carbs per day. That leaves me with 15g of fun carbs daily.
If I get my fiber in and the rest of my day comes from whole foods, that leaves me a little teeny
bit of yum.  I have to be careful, as do many  clients, of triggers. Some foods trigger binges!

I KNOW that IG
is full of awesome competitors who eat lots of variety of foods on prep.
That is awesome!  They may have more macros and my guess is that they still kept their
food pretty tight. Stage lean , is no joke.  You do what it takes. Whatever your coach tells you, go with.

For me and mine..
In Flexible dieting, while I still keep things very tight, there are more options, you just have to be creative.

Some possibilities that may work for you.
Gum:  Everyone loves the sugar free EXTRA gum. I do NOT use this. Some sugar Alcohols are a trigger for me and stimulate my appetite.  Each stick also has 1-2 carbs.  One day I had 73 pieces of gum. (It was a hard day, don’t judge). My poor stomach. I’ve left most sugar alcohols behind.

Bars:  I have become obsessed with BUP Sugar Cookie bars.
C: 25g  P: 25g F:6g  fiber 20g
The macros are fantastic on that. One of my awesome Bikini Competitors also turned me on to Oh Yeah, ONE bars. The Coconut Almond tastes like Almond Joy.  Myself, I use them until later in prep.. .
I could make bars fit until the bitter end but I don’t. I don’t stay full as long when I eat them. So..I  actually choose other foods to stretch out those macros I would have used in a bar. So in my last weeks, I don’t see them. I don’t avoid them because of any other reason.

My Favorites
Stevia drops are fantastic. You can flavor your food /drinks  with just a few drops.
If you use the English Toffee in your water, it tastes like hard candy. I use the flavors in my oats, shakes, yogurt.
Locally, you can find them at Dierbergs (just vanilla and chocolate) but Amazon has ALL the flavors. There are many, many flavors.  Search stevia drops!

Skinny Mixes!
Jordan’s Skinny Mixes. I mix this with fuzzy water for a little treat.
The macros on the mixers for 4oz  (120ML)
Calories: 30
F: 0
P: 0
C: 7g

So that fits in my 15g of fun carbs!


The peach one is awesome. It has zero everything!
I love this with fuzzy water! Peaches floating in it.. Use the ninja for a slushie!
I found these at TJ MAXX stores.

Pinterest is your friend!
You could go to Pinterest and look up Protein ice cream. You will have to search some recipes but you can find
whole ingredients that will meet your  prep macros.

I also look up
Protein cookie dough
Overnight oats
Protein pancakes
Low carb desserts (tread lightly.. but you never know)

If you like you can search on RippedRecipes the macros you have available for
your treat, but also.. look. You can search for what you need by filters.
I tend to stay low carb, high protein so I can incorporate it into my meals.

I wish I could make this fit all the way to the end but I can make a little of it.
I just modify the recipe so I can have a little.

Iced coffee plus 1 scoop vanilla whey in the blender!
I love this. It’s fantastic!
Icy Donut (my hubs created this one for me)

Add your own protein powder to this. I use Quest Salted Caramel! It’s amazing.
I don’t know what the macros are for Starbucks protein but I know my own!!

My Birthday cake shake

Last but not least.. my favorite low carb crepe is here

I know it’s hared. It’s going to be hard! Track everything that goes in your mouth! Don’t give up though.