Competition Booty workout

Hey guys,

Here’s a leg workout I used to build my glutes.
The above video is the weighted split lunge and it’s pretty badazz. 
In this series, I used a 45 pound plate so to give enough ROM (range of motion)
I put my front foot on a step.   I balanced it out with a light hand on the Smith.
The back leg is the working leg and I dropped it down with 8 single reps and did 8 short reps in the hole.
Keep pushing through the heel on the front foot to really engage the glute and make sure your knee does
not push out over your toe. 

3 sets per side.  You can use dumbbells if you prefer. I was in a building phase here so I’m all about some iron in all these moves.  Good luck!

Competition Booty workout
Weighted split lunge   3×8+8  Each side (ES)
Box step ups weighted (don’t rush)  3×15 ES
Leg press : feet close together  3×15
Curtsey lunges 3×15 each side (weighted )
Donkey kick machine 3×20


Show pics NANBF 2014

Show pics
Show pics from my t-walk.

On June 28,2014 I competed in my second show, NANBF St. Louis Naturals .
This is  a natural body building show. I competed in this exact show last year and placed 2nd in Masters (40+) bikini.  I was 47 years old in my first show.

This year I competed in Bikini Masters and Bikini Tall open.  Alas, I did not place in either.
I held off posting this blog until I received my judges comments.

If you are so inclined, the judges will send you their written remarks about your physique and stage presence.  This is good feedback if you are planning to set new goals and compete again within this federation.

In this show, I got very positive feed back about my upper body, but across the board  was  “Too much muscle for bikini. Do figure”.
And.. “work on glutes”.  That’s a given. Til the day I die..I will work on my glutes.  That didn’t bother me a bit.. because… ta da.. I added more glutes this year! Whoo hoo.

This is one year apart.  More glute! I'm happy.
This is one year apart. More glute! I’m happy.

I had a great experience this year, but will be working toward new goals. I will not be doing
figure. My next competition season will be very different!  I will be moving into a different federation that is better suited for my body type.



I wish I could post the videos of my judging and t walk. I have them on dvd but will have to wait until they find their way onto youtube!

I’m very proud of the muscle I gained. I am not at all upset. I will be 49 years old in 2 weeks.
I hit every single mark I wanted to. I achieved every goal I set for this show. I learned so much more!  Now on to off season!!

xoxo 🙂


11.5 weeks out

I do the stack on the outer thigh machine. woot
I do the stack on the outer thigh machine. woot

Quick progress update for my prep. I am 11 .5 weeks out.
The last two weeks have been weird. I have held about 5 pounds of water. So much water it was
painful. I had just started to see the scale move in the right direction so besides bloated, I was
feeling pretty frustrated. This week though, I lost the 5 pounds plus 1 more so that’s good news.
I’ve made some changes in my meal plan. I’ve upped my protein quite a bit. I have such a hard time
holding on to my muscle. I have to preserve it!!

Sunday it was 60 degrees and I hit the track with my friends. It’s not essentially
track time yet for me, but this was such a strange warm day, it was impossible to pass up.

Our workout was
11 hundred yard sprints
11 fifties walking.
We finished with a solid 200 sprint

Last summer, track was excruciating for me. I have never run that fast, but I figure that the only thing
that matters is I give 100 percent. I was never able to do this many sprints on track day last prep.
I was lucky to get 8 fifties.This workout was really hard, but I felt much more solid in the sprints than ever before. I believe it’s my supplements.
Creatine and BA are my holy grail. I didn’t even C4 before this workout.

I was extremely proud of my accomplishment. This is from someone who hated gym class in grade school.

That night, I slept 11 hours and woke up feeling fantastic. I rarely sleep so I feel like I was rejuvenated!
My leg workout was perfect. I hit new PR with my girls. I thrusted 125 and squatted 105. I worked the Abductor machine
out! 290 with the stack plus the extra 15 pounds added you can’t see in the pic.. I’m on a glut mission!

So goals this week are:
More green vegetables.
Dialing my calorie burn back at Sleek. Less doing more instructing.

This weekend I’m going to posing college in Columbia with Rob. I’m pretty excited.
Leaving town for a day sounds great. I have my 6 pack cooler ready to go.

That will do it!
Have a great night!

Supplement stack: Fat Burner Pro-sculpt


I have found a product that I really like and it’s called Pro-sculpt.
Pro-sculpt is classified as a ‘fat burner’ and it is from GNC.
You can watch my video review of my fat burner stack or I will give you the key points here in this post.

Pro-sculpt is great because it contains 3 of the supplements I took in my last show prep.
It is a powder mix and you only need a tiny scoop as a serving size.  I start my day with my
vitamins and a scoop of Pro-sculpt.

What it does.
Pro-sculpt has a non stimulant fat burner. It does not make me feel jiggy. It has 200mg of caffeine which is just enough to
make me feel good and have great focus. It has green tea and white willow bark which are fat burners.

It also contains BCAA: In our studio we take Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) during our workout. BCAAs help with muscle recovery and it helps you to not be so sore.  Pro-sculpt has the amino L-Glutamine which is very important for muscle recovery. It also is an immune system boost.

Pro-sculpt also contains CLA: Conjugated Linoleic Acid is an essential fatty acid that not only reduces body fat from the mid- section region,  but also increases muscle strength and exercise endurance.  The recommendation for CLA is that you drink 100 oz of water each day to flush out the toxins. Just a heads up! CLA makes you pee a lot!  Did I just say that?  I’ll bet I get an AMEN here.

Pro-sculpt also contains Beta Alanine which is an amino acid that gets your muscles prepared to train.
It also has L-Carnatine for even more energy and fat burning. Whoo-hoo.

This product is a supplement /fat burner stack. It is not classified as my pre-workout. I use Cellucore’s C4  exactly 30 minutes prior to lifting for amazing results. I will do another blog post on pre-workout.

Because you must cycle off Pro-sculpt after 60 days, I had to use these products as a replacement for 30 days.
We cycle our supplements because, like exercise, your body somewhat adapts and it stops being as effective.  I typically do not mind switching up because this is when I find products that really work for me.

My switch up:
Fat burner: GNC Epiq Shred capsules: 1 per day.  I used this fat burner for two cycles during my first show prep. I had amazing results. I love it. It does not make me feel jiggy at all. Since I cannot take Roxy like many of the other competitors do, I felt really happy that I got such a good result with a non-stimulant product.

Ab-cuts:  AbCuts is CLA.  The AbCut company has several different versions of this product but I bought the basic mid-section formula at Wal-Mart for 17.99.  The down side is that you must take 2-3 capsules with each meal.  That made it tedious.  If you shop online or at GNC for Abcuts, be prepared to pay over 50 dollars for it.  It works.  You can also buy straight CLA from GNC.  CLA is typically not sold at Walgreens or drugstores.

Glutamine:  I purchased a container of Glutamine from Amazon. It was a very basic, generic brand. You don’t need fancy here.

I take other variations of BA and Carnatine as well but frankly, it sure is nice having everything in one product.

This product got 4 out of 5 stars on the GNC website. It retails for 49.99 for non-members and 34.99 for members. I try to get my products on a BOGO so I have two months worth ready to go.  It comes in Blue Raspberry and Fruit Punch. Both flavors are fine.

Worth noting:  Glutamine is in many products that are marketed for muscle recovery.  It is a bit powdery and hard to mix.  The same goes for Pro-sculpt. I use my Ninja Blender but if you have some good arm strength you can get it done with your blender bottle.

My recommendation is Pro-sculpt over the other 3 product stack. I am not loving my results as much with this interim replacement stack. It just doesn’t wow me. I’m preparing to begin another two month round of PS as I begin my show prep.  I will have to pull all my supplements close to the show so this will be perfect.

Not every supplement is right for everyone. One of the reps at GNC told me he thought this product was not good. I say different strokes for different folks.  This one in my book is a winner.

Thigh Gap Gate: Your thighs are ruining my clothing options

Oh Lawdy, LuluLemon got themselves in a pickle when owner/CEO, Chip Wilson basically said Lululemon pants can’t accommodate ample thighs because it causes pressure on the fabric. So now there is eruption of negativity against this company. Eruption over the fact that a man who makes yoga pants prefers to make them for “skinny girls”.

Here are a couple things. This man is a DBag. He shouldn’t speak. I’d boycott him for simply being a moron. Isn’t there someone else who might be more qualified to represent his company to … women??
I actually don’t doubt at all that he likes women with tight bodies wearing yoga pants. Many men (and women) do. Fabric is tricky, y’all!! *rolls eyes*

However, I’m a bit confused on the negative energy pushed out over this. I don’t recall seeing quotes that he only wants women with thigh gaps to wear his clothes. In Lululemon’s defense, their sizing goes up to a 12. Lulu’s run about 1 size bigger. I’m a size 8 and I rock 6 in Lulu. Therefore a size 12 could possibly fit a size 14 woman. I witnessed with my own eyes, women of all sizes wearing Lululemon pants while in their Nashville location. The store was not filled with size zero girls as you might imagine.

Just, as a comparison, Victoria’s Secret VSX has similar sizing.
Both are great lines. One has the sense to market without insulting. I hope you aren’t insulted by hot women working out..

Lulu-haters are crying out, ditching the brand saying they don’t want to buy from a company that caters only to girls with the thigh gap. If you don’t know what the thigh gap is, here is a picture.

thigh gap girl
Who are these thigh gap girls that are making everyone so crazed?

Thigh gap girls are their own entity. They post ‘thigh gap’ pics on Pinterest. Thigh
gap is caused by loss of muscle. In my industry we shudder and call these girls
“skinny fat.” I want to help them!

I always say these girls are living ‘real housewives’ style. They drink their calories and nibble on food. They look skinny in clothes but holy cow, naked is another story.

When you are ‘skinny fat’ you basically have bones, a little muscle (because you starved and used it all up as energy) and a squishy layer of fat. Fat is stored because
your body thinks it starving. Extreme cases lead to anorexia.

Typically, when I see a skinny fat client, she complains that she can’t lose her gut, or her booty is saggy. Well.. of course it is. Fat is lumpy. Even in a cute pair of Lulu’s you are going to look lumpy, because your body is lumpy.

If you are rolling, ‘real housewives style’, you are going to have a painfully slow metabolism. You eat very little so your body will not burn very fast to preserve your resources. When you eat a little more food, you will store that! Survival!!! So now
you have to up your cardio and eat less (see anorexia). Along with your thigh gap, you get a case of metabolic damage. Pants are the least of your worries now.

Real women’s thighs rub together. I’m empowered!

I saw a blog stating that “ I’m a real woman and my thighs rub together”. Here’s where I get surly. That’s not the mantra that makes sense. Just as much as thigh gap is not healthy, neither is excess body fat. Being overweight brings its own risks that have nothing to do with yoga pants options. Being ‘real’ doesn’t mean you don’t want lean, tight legs or to be able to rock whatever clothes you want, from whatever store you want.

I’m alarmed more by the fact that we are on our way to a 70 percent overweight/obesity rate and yet people are angered by a dufus who makes pants for customers size 14 and under. I can tell you for a fact that there are lots of fitness clothiers who make items in ONE SIZE that don’t fit me. I’m a size 8 but I’m not “THAT SIZE”.

The real conversation that we should be having is not about boycotting a doucher who makes yoga pants. Who cares? Buy them, don’t buy them. How about we start a conversation about boycotting companies that add High Fructose Corn Syrup to everything they make. Let’s talk about getting control of our own food and being the fittest, healthiest individuals we can be. After that, we can talk about the steps we can take to end the epidemic of obesity. When we are done with that, let’s reach out to our teenagers and show them positive ways to have fit healthy bodies with healthy body images!

What if.. we could focus that crazy force of energy even just to “be” examples of positivity in places that could make a difference. That’s energy well spent!

Stop starting over

STAY fit. Getting back on track is so frustrating!
STAY fit. Getting back on track is so frustrating!

Have you ever lost weight and gained it back?
Have you ever started a program, saw results then quit because your results came to a screeching halt?
Have you ever been discouraged in your workouts and wanted to give up?

You are truly not alone!
In fact, I hear stories like this every single day.

When I meet a client for the first time, I get to learn about their successes but more importantly where they feel they’ve failed.
Each time a client attempts to get fit/lose weight and fails is detrimental to their mental well being. A person can only falter so many times before they simply give up. My main goal as a trainer is to help this person to never need to start over again.

Let’s look at some useful ways to keep yourself on track.

Set a long term goal:
Be precise and make it tangible. Tangible goals are something you can feel with your senses.
‘I want to lose some weight’ is not tangible.
‘I want to lose one pants size by Christmas.’ is solid. S

Define how you will achieve this
Your plan of action should be realistic and involve short term goals.
Example: 1. I will prep my meals on Sunday. 2. I will pack my meals the night before
for work the next day. 3. I will train Monday thru Thursday after work.

Without goals we have no bench marks! Start there for amazing results. You can also find the places
that you struggle and readjust your plan of action. No one is perfect! This is a journey so use it as
a learning experience.

Self motivation:

It would be great if we had Jillian Michaels keeping us in line, but at the end of the day, YOU have to be the one who
does the work. Try these self-motivators and see if they help.

Weekly Selfies

Not everyone does selfies, but they certainly do tell a story. You do not have to be an Instagram lover to benefit from
the selfie collage. Each week you can see how your body is changing. Documenting that change will help you make decisions
on where you are going. I post mine for accountability. Many people use social media to keep them accountable.

Create a Pinterest board of motivation. If you don’t wish to share it you can build a ‘secret’ board for just you.Knowing that not everyone is motivated by fitness models in bikini’s, you can pin exactly what gets you in line.

Eliminate negativity: Social media can be negative or positive. Surround yourself with communities of like minded people. is an excellent resource as is This is not the time to be an island! If you enjoy being with people, also find a group to train with. Our studio has an amazing community AND a facebook forum. Fitness communities are very popular.You don’t not have to join Crossfit, there are programs for every style of training.

Learn the art of Faux drinking
So many times, we hear that our clients derailed because there was alcohol. You already know that alcohol lowers inhibitions and pretty much offers a giant does of #F*ItAll. I’ve seen people throw away months of hard work and results for a weekend binge. Did you know that when you drink, clients typically make bad food choices for at least the next 24 hours. I’ve yet to have one client tell me it was worth it. Why they often derail is because others get all judgy when they opt not to drink.

“You USED to be fun when you drank!”

Our clients use Faux drinking to combat this. No one really *needs* to know that you are on a program. Start at the bar yourself and get club soda with lime in a clear glass. You can still be fun while you are omitting the fact that you are not drinking Vodka Club. Face it, a tall glass of water is a big downer. Faux drinking can work if you chose to make it fun and YOUR choice.

Being a fit girl (or guy) is a journey and a lifestyle. Of course, it isn’t easy. Sometimes we have to hit that reset button. Be assured though, that little slip ups are normal and you can bounce back. Never quit. We never give up!

If you need help with your meal plans or motivation, contact me here or at my website,