Round Booty Blaster

This is my special secret weapon the round booty blaster.
This move is guaranteed to give you a burn on your glute like no other.

We say “booty in the back seat, chest on the dashboard”. That means, push your hips to the back
wall as far as you can and your chest presses forward and is lifted.  Make sure your leg goes

Here’s how I would use this:

Heavy sumo squats 20 reps
20 RBB each side
3-4 sets.

I would also use this on a metabolic workout! It’s so hard!
Get it!

Back Workout

First gym back workout.
First gym back workout.

I have started my stack so I should start to see more muscle development.
I felt good today, but really could have used my pre-workout!
Started today off with
First Phorm  AlphaCre HD
ProSculpt  Extreme Muscle Definition system
Half shot of Phormula-1 CTC (cinnamon toast Crunch)
1 shot of Blox (pink lemonade) BCAA
plus my vitamin stack.

I’lll hit another shot of AlphaCre 8 hours from my first dose.
I was bummed out because the assisted pull up machine was out of order.
I will hit that again later in the week!!  On to family time!