Booty Builder: Single Leg Glute Bridge Foot Elevated

Glute bridges of all kinds are badazz for creating round booties. All competitors and fitgirl followers are deeply skilled at thrusting for a peachy booty.

This version takes it up a notch.  

We use this in my studio and do 50 per day each leg.  No one likes them. Not even me. You are wishing you were somewhere else, that’s for sure.  Ok ,so why do them? Because you get some extra activation by elevating that weight bearing leg.  The med ball is unstable so that makes it even more challenging.

Things to remember.
1.Press through the heel.
2. Squeeze as you come up.
3. The ball should be pretty close to your glute but you can experiment to see where YOU feel it best.
4. Your hamstring is engaged hard here. Good to know!

Modifications: Put your foot on a bosu, or a couch cushion, coffee table. If you are at the gym, you can use a bench but the ball is crazzzy.

I hope you incorporate this into your training for a perfectly peachy booty.



Glute Builder: Single leg press

I’m competing Halloween weekend this year. I am determined to get my legs hard and my glutes are always my trouble spot.

I was looking at my training pics from 2012 and I have been able to get some  gains in that area but you know.. it’s a never ending pursuit.  Let’s just say, I’m hitting them harder than ever . I actually want them to be hard this year because I’m no longer bikini.

I like unilateral leg work, every other week or so. I try to mix it up. The single leg press is one I can really feel .  However, this sled is too heavy for me to get a full range of motion.
My legs are long so it’s already a struggle to get my knee close to my chest. Today, I was able to get my reps in by balancing the toes of my other leg on the sled. This allowed me to get a little assist at the bottom of the lift. It doesn’t look like I’m going very deep but on the push up, I’m feeling it like mad in my glute.

I did 90 minutes of legs today with focus on the glutes/hamies and 30 min of cardio.

So here was another version of single leg press if your machine would allow you to hit this angle. I have some interesting food angles on this one.

Good luck in your training!!


Boss workouts: Fat Shredding Plyo

Plyometrics: What kind of fresh hell is this!?

Plyo has great benefits. It’s good for your heart, it builds lean, sexy muscle.
I for sure use it for prep!
This series is pretty freaking tough.
Start with 30 seconds air squats then go right into 30 seconds jump squats. Follow that with 30 seconds of wide tuck jumps.
Tuck jumps are the hardest for me.
I also did a variation with a box jump instead of the tuck jumps. There is no other fire. You have to push.

So get to it and let’s see those glutes!

Boss Bootywork: Hip bridge burnout

These are body weight moves you can do often to keep working on your peachy booty.
They don’t look like much, but they really burn. Repeat with me.. “stay in your heels!”
See how I pull my toes up? 🙂

The secret weapon is marching with your feet up on the bosu or bench. You can also have
your back on the bosu and march too. The movement just burns like nothing else.

Any of these moves can be done with a band or HipCircle around your knees for super
glute activation.

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8 weeks out: macro drop

Here comes another drop of macros as I continue my cut.  I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t at sky high ones to begin with but I took a certain pride in being able to finagle the numbers to keep my volume of food up.

I’m down another 150 calories so I’m dragging!
I’m sure I’ll get used to it again but the fatigue is here.

I have  a big leg workout today and 30 mins to do on my Air Dyne.

Track day: Sunday
Yesterday’s track workout was the best one I’ve had ever.
My training buddy, The Mister, always runs with me.

We did a full hour of sprints and it was a total of 18 laps.

This week, I really need to see some fat loss! I’m going to push.

My workout today was legs. Then I skipped the bike for deadlift cardio. I did 10×10 dead variations at 60% of my weight. 

30 sec kettle bell swings between sets. 

The one arm move you should be doing

I train competitors, brides and women who are particular about not having dangling batwing.
It doesn’t matter if you are 20 and your arms jingle jangle, that looks old!
You need to work that area!

I do not know who coined the phrase batwing but it’s pretty derogatory since no man arm is ever
referred to in that manner.

My clients know they have to do this move. We want those wedding  dresses /tank /bikini’s to lie flat and
this one hits this area hard! That overhang from a strapless dress.. we need to get busy and pretty up that back!

So Yes!! While this one is a fantastic back move,  I have found that it really
hits the arms in places that my ‘normal’ tricep work might not.  You can feel it!!

Keep your arms straight as you bring the bar down. Try not  let the tension up so you are working
with your arms tight.

2x a week! 3×10 reps as a finisher!

Booty Blaster: Barbell side to side lunges

Hey ho! It’s booty Wednesday!  This move is pretty badazz if you can handle that 45 pound barbell.
I like that side lunge to hit glutes, quads, inner thighs and  hip flexors!!

So in this video you can see variations.

You could go

1. “Right, center, Left, center.” Staying up tall in the center.
2. Continual motion skier version  (I love this one)
3. Drop it low and push way back with those skiers.

Always press into the heel because that’s what makes your peach pop.
Push waaay back. Did I say that!! GET IT

Coaching practices that are NOT ok

Inappropriate touching is NOT OK! Ever.  Got your attention right?

So this just happened.

Texas Woman Burns down Yoga Studio because It’s the Devil’s Temple

When she was arrested and booked for allegedly setting the fire, Duarte smiled brightly for her mug shot because, she said:

“I thought it was going to make me happy… to burn the place that had brought me so much pain and suffering.”

Ms. Duarte says that for years one the former proprietors of American Power Yoga in Dallas, Texas, sexually harassed her and touched her in improper ways:

“He kept hitting on me and kept trying to make me the girlfriend on the side. Even as I’m walking out the door, he kept trying to put his hands on me, and I was like, ‘No!’”
1. Inappropriate Touching is NOT ok.
Have you ever been to the gym and see the trainer doing THIS to his client?
Has a trainer done this to YOU?
3 seconds after I shot this picture, his face was in her lap. That day he only stretched his pretty clients.

I see this daily at the gym. The sad thing is that the client does not know better. Many clients tell me that this makes them uncomfortable but they think it’s ok.

But he said…
PNF stretching (as seen above)  is also known as contract/ relax stretching.  It does NOT have to be done with a trainer pushing on you. His face does not need to be in your lap.  Clients can stretch with trainers by using yoga straps or using their own resistance. In my certifications and practices over the years, we were instructed NOT to do any PNF because the risk outweighs the benefits.  Safety aside.. you do not need your coach trainer with his hands on your thighs.

Anything that makes you uncomfortable is NOT ok.

Integrity in our industry
In 33 years of training, I’ve have been through many certifications, master classes, continuing education and not once did I ever hear it was “OK” for me to fondle my clients. In fact, we were taught appropriate ways to correct form, that does not involve any sort of inappropriate touching.

Corrections can be made verbally, visually and also with directive touch or demonstration.
If I need a client to raise their head while they are in a plank, I do not straddle them and pull them up. I would ask them to raise their head to meet my hand.
There are appropriate ways in yoga/pilates to correct alignment with touch without crossing boundaries.

This is the suit cut for the federation she is competing in. She is NOT bent forward or exposed for her check in picture.

Coaches who ask for revealing photos at check in.
If you check in with your coach/trainer by sending pictures, you do NOT have to send
revealing images. I have seen countless threads from women who are asked to
1. Pull their panties into their cracks so the coach can “see the glutes.”
2. Put another color of panties on .
3. Send topless photos.
4. Bend very far  forward while in a back pose.
5.Be naked in photos.

I am appalled, disgusted that this is happening in the sport of bodybuilding.
Bikini shots for contest prep do not need to be revealing or bent forward.
If you feel uncomfortable with what they are asking for, don’t do it.
Coaches do not need that level of revealing images to assess your progress.

You do NOT have to stay with trainers who make you feel uncomfortable.

**full story


Bootilicious: Glute finishers

12 Weeks out. Must keep focused on those glutes.
Are you looking for a finisher to lift your booty and make it more peachy?

This is my version of the ‘reverse hyper’.

This can be done on a stability ball but I find that most of my clients tend to
fling their legs up and down  and miss the actual glute work. I see so much lower back
work when they fling.  This version uses the BOSU so you can be on your elbows to stabilize.

Position yourself with the Bosu right on your Britney area. If you go to low or high, you’ll be imbalanced.
I just want to squeeze my glutes over and over.

Squeeze them, like you are holding the winning lottery ticket between your cheeks.

You can change the tempo and the angles like I did in the video.

You are going to burn so don’t stop at 3×10 because you know you need at least 3×25!

I do some version of this every other day.  I will swap this in with a booty plank series on opposite days.

Game changer, girls!