Boss workouts: Fat Shredding Plyo

Plyometrics: What kind of fresh hell is this!? Plyo has great benefits. It's good for your heart, it builds lean, sexy muscle. I for sure use it for prep! This series is pretty freaking tough. Start with 30 seconds air squats then go right into 30 seconds jump squats. Follow that with 30 seconds of... Continue Reading →

8 weeks out: macro drop

Here comes another drop of macros as I continue my cut.  I'm not going to lie, I wasn't at sky high ones to begin with but I took a certain pride in being able to finagle the numbers to keep my volume of food up. I'm down another 150 calories so I'm dragging! I'm sure I'll... Continue Reading →

Coaching practices that are NOT ok

Inappropriate touching is NOT OK! Ever.  Got your attention right? So this just happened. Texas Woman Burns down Yoga Studio because It's the Devil's Temple When she was arrested and booked for allegedly setting the fire, Duarte smiled brightly for her mug shot because, she said: “I thought it was going to make me happy…... Continue Reading →

Bootilicious: Glute finishers

12 Weeks out. Must keep focused on those glutes. Are you looking for a finisher to lift your booty and make it more peachy? This is my version of the 'reverse hyper'. This can be done on a stability ball but I find that most of my clients tend to fling their legs up and... Continue Reading →

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