Power Pak Pudding for leaning


Prepping/cutting is tough enough without feeling like you are missing out on treats. I have seen this product around for years but it never occurred to me to check it out.  Well.. I’m all in. I purchased the pack of 4 small sized
Fit and Lean Vanilla Cream pudding cups.   They are
Serving size 1 cup
Fat: 2.5g
Protein: 15g
Carbs 4g

You can learn more about the product at this link on Body Building .com.

This product for sure is great for girls who are struggling to get more protein in. Many of my clients work hard to get their numbers up without going over in other macronutrients.  This product is solid. I got my pudding at GNC but Amazon has it too. I think most Supplement stores have it. Chocolate and Vanilla are your options!! Whoo hoo.

Prepping not Starving: Birthday Cake Crepe

If you are on cutting macros, sometimes you need something that is very low carb.
This is my M4 today.  I have been eyeballing the bananas on the counter for 3 days.

Pourable egg whites 100g
Muscle Pharm Whey protein in Birthday Cake Flavor (It has sprinkles!) 17g
Banana 25 g

Put that in my Ninja and made a super thin crepe.

Topped it with a drizzle of SF syrup from Walden Farms.
If I had more to work with today I might add some Sugar Free or Fat Free whip.
I think something like greek yogurt and the Birthday Cake Protein powder might make a nice filler.

I have to be honest, the little bit of banana took it over the top flavor wise. It was just enough to keep it from being ‘regular’.

Macros are:
Calories: 145
Protein: 23g
Carbs: 8g
Fat: 1g
Fiber 1g

While at the NPC show, we ordered Muscle Eggs. I’m super excited to incorporate them into my prep. Many of the competitors use them and I had the chance to taste them.
Soooo good.  They also have a birthday cake flavor. I will post more when we get them!

Happy Prepping!


Bootilicious: Glute finishers

12 Weeks out. Must keep focused on those glutes.
Are you looking for a finisher to lift your booty and make it more peachy?

This is my version of the ‘reverse hyper’.

This can be done on a stability ball but I find that most of my clients tend to
fling their legs up and down  and miss the actual glute work. I see so much lower back
work when they fling.  This version uses the BOSU so you can be on your elbows to stabilize.

Position yourself with the Bosu right on your Britney area. If you go to low or high, you’ll be imbalanced.
I just want to squeeze my glutes over and over.

Squeeze them, like you are holding the winning lottery ticket between your cheeks.

You can change the tempo and the angles like I did in the video.

You are going to burn so don’t stop at 3×10 because you know you need at least 3×25!

I do some version of this every other day.  I will swap this in with a booty plank series on opposite days.

Game changer, girls!

Mastering Poverty Macros on a Cut



This picture says everything I want to say.  In our house, when we are out of macros we say we are on
Monkey Macros.  This poor little guy is inconsolable!

If you are on a ‘cut’ or ‘active fat loss’ phase of your diet then you understand how precious each one of those
macros are each day.  I have had days where I was out of nearly all my macros by 2pm.

Let me explain.  I wake up at 4am to go train clients.  If you are a coach, or competitor that’s the normal time for your own workouts too.  I have to fuel up before I start and post workout.  By 7:30 am I’m already on Meal 2 and hungry.
The day progresses and by 4:30, I’m pretty much done for the day.   It makes no sense for me to skimp on my necessary pre and post workout macros just for the sake of having more for couch time.

My main goal is muscle development and fuel so most of my food is eaten during the day when I’m either working out or training clients.  That leaves me with “monkey macros” come late after noon or evening.

If you are low on macros, those are referred to as Poverty Macros.  It’s like stretching your money from paycheck to paycheck.  You must tread carefully so you don’t over spend and have nothing left!

One salvation for poverty macros is Volume Foods. 

Volume foods are the equivalent of shopping at the dollar store.  You get lots of stuff for a little cost.
So basically, volume foods are foods you can eat more of and that will fill you up but take very little of your macros.

Items such as
Sugar Free Jello (you know you do it- it has protein!)
and my new favorite Shiratake noodles.

The Spiralizer
My girlfriend, Christine surprised me with a spiralizer for my kitchen. It was the As Seen On TV version
and we vowed to try Zucchini pasta.  That moment saved my prep and my macros!
Green Zucchini is fantastic.

Zucchini is made mostly of water and but it fills you up really well.
100g of zucchini is
16 calories
3g Carbs
1g Protein
0g Fat
1g Fiber

There are so many wonderful recipes on pinterest for spirialized zucchini.
It tastes amazing. My kids actually ask for it.


Miracle noodles are another great volume food.  These Shiratake noodles come in
orzo, fettuccini,  and angle hair pasta. The mister rocks these with shrimp and Thai seasonings for me.
They are Soy Free, Gluten Free and Vegan. They can be made to taste like whatever you like!
They fill you up. I ordered them from Amazon Prime! Easy peasy.

This is a 10 calorie “Miracle Noodle ” cookie!
If you click on the picture, you can see the recipe!

Macros on Miracle Noodles are
0 Calories
0 Fat
0 Carbs
0 P


When you become a label sleuth, you will find that you can actually fit more into your day and feel full. I encourage you to check out pinterest and RippedRecipes.com to plan your Poverty Macro meals!

Round Booty Blaster

This is my special secret weapon the round booty blaster.
This move is guaranteed to give you a burn on your glute like no other.

We say “booty in the back seat, chest on the dashboard”. That means, push your hips to the back
wall as far as you can and your chest presses forward and is lifted.  Make sure your leg goes

Here’s how I would use this:

Heavy sumo squats 20 reps
20 RBB each side
3-4 sets.

I would also use this on a metabolic workout! It’s so hard!
Get it!

Show update 21 weeks out

First of all.. picked my shows. If I’m ready, my first is June 20, 2015 in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Starting the cut
I have struggled with binge eating after my last show in June.   If you follow my blog you know this.  I rebounded from my Bro diet hard and ate  some great food. I added muscle too.  I got some great lifts while I was getting fluffy. No apologies. I’m fixing this problem. It’s a journey, for sure!

The process
I began a slow cut January 1. I made a change to remove most processed foods like cookies and candy, pastries because I was being triggered by the sugar.  I am NOT on a a bro diet at all. I’m simply eating more whole foods and enjoying things I KNOW I would have  never gotten to eat on my Bro-prep.  IIFYM  Tracy Style.  I’m ONLY using processed sugars around my leg workouts and eating things that are not triggers for binges.

My Goal
My goal was to cut 1 pound a week until I’m 10 pounds from show weight then start my official 12 prep-whenever that would be.

In my mind, I’m 20 pounds from my show weight right now. 153.

I started January 1 at 157 and dropped immediately to 153, then 152, then back up to 153, where I have been for 3 solid weeks. EVERY SINGLE DAY!

My beginning macros were 1800 calories and we upped them in week 2 to 1900 and I’m at about 200g Carbs per day.
I’m not carb cycling.  I just want to eat well and not binge and I’m doing great on that!


I was very stressed at the scale! I was contemplating adding more cardio! Hey, my FitBit said I should have lost 3 pounds a week!
My head kept saying, cut back,  cut carbs at 21 weeks out!  I was seriously freaking because my plan was NOT happening.

Fortunately,  I had taken  my beginning pics  on January 4. I hate these with all my heart!  UGH! Fluffy but determined!

3 weeks difference with no change on the scale.
3 weeks difference with no change on the scale. Left side is 200g carbs a day. I added more food to see what would happen.

I took the next set January 24. I just woke up no spray tan, no pump, just 5am -me.  I like these!!  I know I have miles to go in 21 weeks but I’m encouraged!  More food!

Flex prep!
There is not one other person in this world who cares as much about my health or show prep than me. I will do what it takes to
flex prep properly. If I can’t compete until later, I’m ok with that!
I’m  100 percent responsible here.  I will be successful! Yeah, I said it. No one would be as anal as me about this!   After 2 eye diseases, I’m doing this right.

I’m actually  not scared. I will reach the stage without starving, or burning off my glutes with hours of cardio. I’m only doing 2 x 15 min HIITs right now. I’m lifting heavy 6 days a week. Changes will come later as needed.  Stay the course and eat.

What I learned :
With my past  Bro preps (low carb, dangerously low fats) the scale moved.  I’m eating more carbs now than I ever had before.  By nature, the scale will be inaccurate because of the carbs.
I expect it to move eventually. I typically hold for a bit then drop.
However, the scale is not going to be the determining factor this prep.  I will be leaner for my shows, but I won’t be hungry and ready to pass out on stage again!

So that’s the long update for today!!


Bikini competitor’s secrets-I pee more than pregnant women

Bikini competitor's secrets-I pee more than pregnant women

Someone told me they couldn’t come to class because they had to get up last night and pee 4 times! Oh my! I laughed so hard. Since I started prep, I’ve been up every hour on the hour. I pee more than a pregnant woman.

1 am, 2am, 3am 4am.. time to get up.

When you are cutting, getting all your water in is important. It’s important anyway. I never want to be ‘dry’. Dry is not good for building muscle! Water flushes toxins. I take CLA and that makes you pee even more! I can’t say I recall being on 1 gallon a day this early in my prep last time. Whew!!! It’s a good habit for me though. I don’t drink anything else except coffee 1 time a day.

I admit though that getting my water in is pretty much a fight everyday. I’m struggling to get the last bit down before I go to bed. Today I’m on a mission. I have most of it down and it’s not even noon. I’ll space the rest out before 4 and be done.

I remember peak week last time. I was running around looking for last minute things for the show. I stopped at 5 fast food restaurants and once at my friend, Kim’s house to pee. She left the door open for me so I could get in and out. I don’t even think I said hi to her. We’re good like that. She knew. Prep is prep and I believe I was at 2 gallons a day.

These things I’ve discovered.

I might pee in the car. It’s true. I said it. I hope not. Jeeze I hope not.
There’s always someone in the bathroom at Starbucks.
Gas station bathrooms are always locked.
Someone always asks me if I’m pregnant.

I hope your prep is going well!
Drink water. Have a floaty day.