Grow Booty: The secret to getting glutes

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2019 update.

Do you want to get a lifted, round, peachy booty that salutes?  Are you working hard in the gym but you seem stuck? Do you feel like your results are NOT coming fast enough?
It’s important to know is that building glutes takes time and you must eat to get gains.
The process is not a  Pinterest 30 day squat challenge. It’s not a 6 week make over. It’s a long process with a lot of hard work. This is my growth from nearly 3 years.  Picture 1 is from my show in 2013. Picture two was 34 months later. Pic three is 3 years later. I’m 54 years old now. . I have worked hard for these gains. I ate a lot of good food and quite a bit of Captain Crunch Donut Cereal.  And if you didn’t know.. we are IIFYM so we eat what we want to grow that booty.

Don’t know what to eat to grow your booty? We got you!

Instagram Lies
Do you need to ground yourself from Instagram? Are you feeling low because you don’t look like the Insta famous and their  dumb Shredz asses?  Do you feel like your changes should come over night?  Of course you do feel that way. I do too!  We have to stop and remember that we are natural body builders!  We have to eat the right amounts of macros for bulking/growing. Companies like Shredz are making lots of  money off photoshopped images. You must understand that glute implants, photoshop and other trickery are going to be used in marketing  because everyone is looking for a quick fix. Don’t fall for this!

Cutting grows nothing!
One thing to remember is:  You are NOT building muscle in a deficit. I compete every year which means I am cutting (active fat loss)   and losing some muscle for roughly 20 weeks of each year. If I were to build for a solid year, I might have gotten here sooner.  If you live in a deficit of calories so you can ‘stay shredded’ chances are you  aren’t really shredded plus you probably  haven’t been in the caloric surplus you need to build muscle.  EAT!

Since January 2016, I have put the hurt on my glutes and trained in a new fashion. I am moving out of the bikini category into Fitness Model in my federation UFE.  I want more of the Oxygen Magazine look anyway.  I used bulking macros for myself and many of my clients at the end of 2015 as we prepared for this spring season of cutting.


Jax started on my team  late  in 2014 in a size xxs in VSPINK. She grew that booty and placed in the top 10 out of 55 girls in NPC . She took another year, ate and lifted and is about to rock NANBF. Look at those booty gains. Jax was eating over 400 carbs a day this winter.  Pasta is her favorite.  Jax is a busy mom of 2 little girls and works 40+ hours a week! She knew what she had to do and she did it!  She built what she wanted!
Jax at UFE Worlds!

Oh, hey.. there was no waist training, detox tea, magic supplements, magic wraps, gels,  lotions.No Kardashians were involved here. This was just science. Bad ass science, lifting heavy shit and great food.   If you were looking for the secrets.. this was it.

Meet Ashley

Lovely and so sweet, Ash joined my team in late 2015. These are  her  booty changes in just a few months.  She just took 2nd place in her  first NPC show.
Her judges comments said she was spot on in her conditioning and physique!  The last picture is just 10 days before her show. Ash was willing to eat to grow even when it was hard! She lifted like a rockstar and when we cut her down.. bliss!
Her food favorite was Oreos!

Coach Lauren
These gains are straight up fierce!  Lauren eats all the food! She is slaying her shows! That peach is popping and not flat!!

Rowan is an amazing athlete.She is truly gorgeous inside and out! She started with me in July of 2015 and the March 29 picture is just a few days before she hit the stage with OCB.  She was willing to eat and grow!   She loves pancakes!  Oh.. how did she do??

Three wins for Rowan!  Oh boy, did she eat a lot of food in those months before we cut hard. No bro food.. She ate what she wanted. She put the work in and it paid off. She is now taking a full year to build for her next  NPC show in 2017. This athlete is on a mission.

Coach Ashley!  
Our Sleek Bikini Team mate Ashley put the work in. She ate food. No starving here.
This booty transformation was awesome!!  She nailed her  macros.

3 years worth of gains here! Ashley eats so much food!29597674_1645146512220449_4498118771515443845_n
Pay attention to the hamstring changes and she made over her entire back chain!

Coach Madison: Gains
20181126074447983There is so much food that went into this transformation!!  I love her hammies too!

Angela took her overall wins and is now a bikini pro!! This is 8 months transformation.
You can do it
If you have a goal to build your glutes.. dig in and commit to the time and macros it takes to do it. You have to be patient.  You must stop comparing your results to  others. You must be willing to eat in a surplus to get gains and you might feel fluffy!  So what. Get some stretchy pants and rock them!  We get it. We are here to support you! Three cheers for strechy pants!

My blog has so many of my glute moves here but if you need help… I can help you!
If you are a competitor looking for a team home, check out SleekBikiniTeam!  We might be a good fit.

We also have lifestyle training and would love to help you!  You can work with these coaches!
I wish you success in your competition!

Booty Builder: Single Leg Glute Bridge Foot Elevated

Glute bridges of all kinds are badazz for creating round booties. All competitors and fitgirl followers are deeply skilled at thrusting for a peachy booty.

This version takes it up a notch.  

We use this in my studio and do 50 per day each leg.  No one likes them. Not even me. You are wishing you were somewhere else, that’s for sure.  Ok ,so why do them? Because you get some extra activation by elevating that weight bearing leg.  The med ball is unstable so that makes it even more challenging.

Things to remember.
1.Press through the heel.
2. Squeeze as you come up.
3. The ball should be pretty close to your glute but you can experiment to see where YOU feel it best.
4. Your hamstring is engaged hard here. Good to know!

Modifications: Put your foot on a bosu, or a couch cushion, coffee table. If you are at the gym, you can use a bench but the ball is crazzzy.

I hope you incorporate this into your training for a perfectly peachy booty.



Boss workouts:Booty builder

This workout is one of my favorites for competition training.
I do this on my big leg day.  I set the big leg press up with 4 plates. Yeah, I can lift a lot more than that but this one is a volume set so I keep it on the light side-you know.. like Luke Skywalker.

10 leg presses
10 pop squats
10 rounds

Of course, you can use your regressions and cut the sets down and lower the weight.
If you don’t have a leg press, you can rock the power cord version which will burn like
Hades. Just saying.

I wish you well in your competiton! Keep pushing!




Booty Blaster : Smith Machine Burn out

I’m 4 weeks from my show. I spend a lot of time fine tuning my glutes. Hopefully, once I get leaner I can see the work I put in last winter. On a cut, you aren’t building.. sorry.. but we have to push hard to maintain the muscle we have.

I work my glutes/lower 3 days a week. This one is a huge burn. I finished my leg workout with this today.

Key points.

1.The smith machine is weighted as  heavy as I could handle for this.
2. I’m pressing through the heel in the standing leg.
3. Hips are pushing to the back wall.

I can feel my glute as I pulse. It’s on fire.

Moving my other foot to different spots gives variations to where I feel the work.
When my foot goes back, I feel my quad in the standing leg more.
Try it.

Can I drink in prep and other practical questions for competitors

Thank you for this!
Thank you for this!

I follow a lot of competitor boards. These are actual questions from new people who are competing in their first show.
Perhaps you have these questions too.

1. Can I still drink in prep? It’s just so hard to go out with my friends. I deserve a drink! I work hard.

Answer: You can. But the girl on stage next to you didn’t.  What kind of athlete do you want to be?

2. I didn’t feel like going to the gym, so I cleaned my house, that counts as a workout. It was so hard.
Answer:You could certainly  do that. Ask yourself,  will you be on stage knowing you did everything you could or will you wished you’d done more? Go to the gym!

3. I did a Beach Body video for my workout instead of lifting. I didn’t feel like going today.
Answer: See above answer. I take clients who think they train hard enough to compete, then give them my workouts and they have no idea! I would never recommend Beach Body videos for competition prep. I said it.  Feel free to send hate mail.My clients have workouts that are designed for them. Good coaches won’t recommend generic workouts. Go to the gym and do 100 percent of what you NEED to do to get your physique on point.

4. It’s ok to have a cheat day, right?  I don’t see why not. I work hard.
Answer: No. It’s not. You can look at the above answers but let’s get real. One big cheat can blow your progress out of the water. I’ve been there, and my coach told me she wouldn’t let me on stage if I did it again.  If you aren’t serious about your prep, competition may not be right for you.  If you derail, get it together and tell your coach!  You have a finite amount of time to  complete the project. If you are Flex and  struggling, with wanting to binge, check out my blog posts on how to calm sugar cravings. If you are on a Bro-prep.. suck it up.

You are competing in a body building competition. If you commit to doing it, follow through. It’s not supposed to be easy!

Competition 101: Off season vs. Prep

She put the time in!
She put the time in!

Are you new to bodybuilding competitions?  Are you confused as to what “Off Season” and “Show Season”  “Prep” “Peak Week”  is all about? My goal with this post is to give you very basics for a better understanding of your competition strategies.

Off season:
aka: Grow season, bulking,
Many athletes say there is NO Off Season. I also believe that.  I am an athlete all year round.   Off season is typically classified as the time  you are not prepping/cutting for a show. Perhaps you have finished your show season and it’s time to make improvements to your physique.
Depending on who your coach is, you will have plan of action.  Good coaches will give you a post competition plan to reverse you out of your show diet.
Don’t be like me. I went to OFF SEASON with epic binges and gained much of what I lost in prep!


My own fault.  Don’t do that! Follow your plan just like you did in your prep!
Get some gains! It’s a good thing!

Gainz! Make a plan of action!
Gainz! Make a plan of action!

Building muscle/getting gains:  To gain muscle/strength/glutes you must be in a surplus of calories.  Getting a big ol booty means you need to eat. So yes, your off season is time to grow and eat well.  You cannot build muscle in a caloric deficit! Science.

Off season for my clients isn’t to make them super fluffy but I want them to eat more than they were during their prep so we can continue to build and create a better package.  Many competitors eat so little for fear of getting bulky. Reversing helps your body adjust to more food slowly.  Many people are able to reverse their way back up to their maintenance/bulking macros without gaining massive weight.  If you are afraid of 3-5 pounds in your off season, that’s going to be hard!  Mentally, post show, many competitors can’t fathom anything but a show body.   I totally understand that! Competition lean and off season are two different things.
Why can’t I just stay on my show diet for my off season?
Competitors who live on very little macros to stay  show lean can face a couple possible scenarios.
Restrict Binge is very common: Long term restriction can lead to binges and that is incredibly hard on your physique and your mental state!

Not healthy! To get stage ready, many of us have to really cut macros. For healthy bodies, we should not exist on that little food! Health is #1 priority for my clients!  This is not a lifestyle plan!

Lack of gains: No surplus is means you can’t improve your physique by adding muscle or fixing lagging muscles. In a deficit, especially a competition diet, you are struggling to keep the muscle you have. That is why we love off season because we can eat more, PR more, get muscle gains!

I want to do lots of shows so I can stay in prep/low macros.
Many athletes fall into this pattern. I’ve watched them chase trophies but they don’t improve their physique. Being on low macros for a long time is hard on  your body and you will not get the gains you want.   Take your off season. Aim for longevity in the sport.

Setting the pace for your next prep.  If you are eating on a competition diet for your entire off season, you are going to have a hard time when you try to do a 12 week prep. What will you do if you are already living low calorie, low carb and doing massive cardio?  How will you cut again? You will have nothing to do but take away more food and do more cardio.  This is NOT a good strategy!

How long is off season?  Off season lasts as long as you like, until you have a plan for your next show season. Some people do a year off season to really grow. Some people do several shows a year. It depends on you and what your physique goals are.
I don’t want a long off season, I want to cut again for summer.
You must get back to normal calories and lift! If you turn around and start cutting again.. you are doing yourself an injustice. You won’t have time to grow at all.  

I don’t want to get fat
So much gets lost on a real off season physique because people who are not on a results driven eating plan ‘say they are bulking’.  I can’t speak for every competitor but I do macros for myself and my clients based on muscle growth, or cutting. I don’t ditch my entire plan for 8 months then try to cut in 12 weeks.  I still want to make sure I get the right amount of protein, carbs, fats and fiber while I build.  There is more freedom in my off season macros than my prep macros.
For that reason, I say if you are eating whole pizzas by yourself and calling it a ‘cheat’ day, you aren’t really focused on a goal.  That’s my opinion.

Ugh. How fat am I going to get? I have no idea. The goal is to keep competitors 10 pounds from stage weight. Stage weight and “pool” weight are not at all the same thing. I have some competitors who stay lean on bulking macros.  To gain muscle, you must eat consistently in a surplus of calories. Consistently.

I don’t want to be fat in the summer, my show is in the fall.
No one ‘wants’ to be fat or fluffy or chubby. The focus has to be on muscle gains. Lifting heavy, eating. This is the stuff memes are made of.
You may need to reassess your goals.  “Whatever it takes except when I decide I don’t like what I have to do” isn’t going to get you the physique you want.
We pretty much eat all the time.

When I train clients in off season, we have to build glutes!
We ALL have to work on that. I promise you, judges will score you and you will see “work on glutes”. It is what makes a winning physique.  You must eat to grow.  If you are worried about your pants fitting, you need to get stretchy ones or leggings. It’s the official uniform of the off season competitor. Growing your  booty means, of course your old pants won’t fit.
You are trading up for a peachy booty.

But.. my friends say I look bulky and I’m too big? Friends rarely understand competitive bodybuilding lifestyle. If you are choosing to be a competitive body builder (yes, bikini is bodybuilding), you are going to find yourself defending your choices. It’s a sad truth of the competitor lifestyle.

Again: To build muscle you must eat in a surplus of calories consistently.
That is science.


At first I was excited until I smelled BBQ next door.
At first I was excited until I smelled BBQ next door.

tick tok….time to get lean

Show season:  If a competitor has a timeframe or actual show date, they will plan for their show season or prep.  Normal prep is 12 weeks.  I have done longer preps with slower cuts and I have clients who do shorter preps because they are already very lean. Your coach will help you decide when to start your actual prep.   I have vowed to never be more than 10 pounds over stage weight again. Having done Flex (macro counting) for so long, I am very aware now of how my body drops fat and where my struggles are, I am better off being a slow loser and hanging on to as much muscle as I can.

FYI: Cutting: To lose body fat, you must  be in a caloric deficit consistently. No muscle growth is happening. We are trying to keep as much muscle as you can during this time. That means, everything you already built in grow season will now be revealed.
Being in a caloric deficit means either eating less or burning more. Sometimes we do both.

Check in pic. I'm doing a 17 week prep. Cardio has started and my food is tight.
Check in pic. I’m doing a 17 week prep. Cardio has started and my food is tight.

What happens in prep?
You will be focused on leaning and you will lift heavy 5-6 days a week..  Your coach will check in with you at their discretion and make changes to your diet plan/macros and workouts.  You may have more cardio.  Depending on your coaches style, you may very little food, and two a day cardio sessions to get you stage ready.  Ask your coach about their prep style before you hire them!  I have so many clients who can’t wait to get into prep, but I gotta say.. I do not love it.  Having done IIFYM for several years now, I have perfected my prep though and it’s actually very good.  Our team has created so much variety in our food and we all do a truly flexible prep so the cut is no where near as bad as it was on a bro plan.  That being said, the last few weeks for me are very lean macros so it’s extremely challenging.  No matter what..

You have to be focused and push through.

The final week before you compete is called peak week.  First of all.. despite what all the guru coaches say.. it’s not voodoo. You should be ready to go before you start your peak week. If you are not lean enough.. peak week isn’t the hail mary time.  I’m just telling you the truth.

How your coach does peak week is up to them. You may have the mystical coaches who have you manipulate sodium, drink distilled water then spring then eat red peppers and then have fish because it thins the skin. Magic!!!  Or you may have a coach who understand that every client is different and peak week looks different to each athlete.

Things you might see and be prepared for
Water loading:  You can flush out a lot of water when you drink a lot of water. The goal is to have you on stage nice and dry.   You will drink more water in peak than you are drinking now.

Extra cardio: some of us have extra cardio and 2 a days. We are simply trying to burn more calories.  Some of our clients have no cardio in peak week.

Workouts: workouts might be tougher if you are on low macros. You are tired. You are hungry.

Here is a hack for you.  FUEL your workouts for peak week and eat volume food the rest of the day. The workouts are super important. I don’t need as many carbs in peak because I stick close to home. I’m literally at my desk and going pee for the whole week.

Fasted cardio doesn’t really mean anything. The science just isn’t there. If you are trying to lift fasted, you are not getting your best workout. That’s my gift to you. Fuel your workouts and eat less during the day if you are on lower macros.

Dem feelings:  Things that are normal. freezing cold, Crying, not sleeping, worry, peeing, crying, screaming, hormones hormones, girllll hormones… crabby, pissed off, hungry, depressed, sassy, can’t lift anything, worried, bossy, diva, stomach distended, feeling bloated, not looking bloated but swearing you are, hate everyone, super emotional, love everyone,  thinking you look terrible, thinking you look bomb,
telling everyone you can’t poop,  no one can poop,  bloated, crying, did i miss anything????

“Could I be wearing anymore clothes?”


My coach looked me straight in the eye and said, “If you binge again, I won’t let you get on stage”.  One derail made my body a mess. I hope you don’t do that. Prep is stressful enough. Take it seriously because you are in a body building competition. If you don’t think it matters, don’t compete.

I have to say though, that being on bro prep had me binging like crazy. I have gone over 6 months without a binge on my IIFYM prep. My cut was 24 weeks! I ate what I wanted so I did not feel the urge to binge.  No matter how your nutrition is set though, you have to understand that a sudden surplus is hard on the physique.

I wrote about this above but I am telling you that you are not doing your body any favors if you are already eating very little. I refuse to prep someone who is not eating.  Let me tell you about one client. We got her at 1100 calories and reverser dieted  her up to 400 carbs a day. She is lean AF on that. She has more muscle and she never even had to taper  calories in prep.  She went to stage on 400 carbs. Oh.. she’s an outlier right? Nope. She took the time to fine tune her macros. Remember she was living on 1100 for months.

Another client finished her show at 1300 then reversed up to 1800 for 8 weeks. She never dropped lower than 1800 calories and was ripped on stage for her next show.  We take every client as an individual case. We have to know that they look better with more food!!  Don’t fall for the starving to get to stage myth.  Take the time to get with a coach who will work with your body!!

IG IS DECEIVING:  Many of the fantastic awesome pros you follow on IG and FB diet down for photo shoots and shows.
Some of them have enough content to never publish pictures of themselves in their off season.  You may benefit from following girls like
Caitlin documents her journey to stage realistically!  Look to people who are honest and feel free to ground yourself form IG if it is interfering with your postive energy.

Overall..I want you to know.. both seasons are critical.
There is plenty of reason to  follow a solid off season protocol so your show season and competitions go well.  The work that is done in the off season will show on stage.

Bootilicious: Glute finishers

12 Weeks out. Must keep focused on those glutes.
Are you looking for a finisher to lift your booty and make it more peachy?

This is my version of the ‘reverse hyper’.

This can be done on a stability ball but I find that most of my clients tend to
fling their legs up and down  and miss the actual glute work. I see so much lower back
work when they fling.  This version uses the BOSU so you can be on your elbows to stabilize.

Position yourself with the Bosu right on your Britney area. If you go to low or high, you’ll be imbalanced.
I just want to squeeze my glutes over and over.

Squeeze them, like you are holding the winning lottery ticket between your cheeks.

You can change the tempo and the angles like I did in the video.

You are going to burn so don’t stop at 3×10 because you know you need at least 3×25!

I do some version of this every other day.  I will swap this in with a booty plank series on opposite days.

Game changer, girls!

Secrets of why you can’t keep your weight off

Restrictive diets work.. temporarily
Restrictive diets work.. temporarily

Everyone is looking for the ultra quick fix for weight loss.  Diets by nature are restrictive.

Here are some of the ones I see  online.

No eating after 7pm
No carbs
No grains
No fats
No fruit
All juice
No juice
All fruit, veggies , no protein
All protein, nothing else
Eating only baby food and less than 500 calories a day
No sweets, no processed food, NO no no no

To put it in very simple terms:
To successfully lose weight, you must be in a calorie deficit.
So by default, if you eat less food, or burn extra calories  you will lose weight. Simple right???

Then why is there still a 60+ percentage obesity rate.

Quick fixes sell
This is nothing new.  Since the dawn of time, people have been looking for the magic pill for weight loss.

The problem is that restrictive diets are ‘restrictive’. Science tells us  that people who lose  weight on crash diets, will gain the weight they lost back and more!

You have an over 80% chance  of gaining more weight!

Did you need science to tell you that?  Everyone knows someone who has lost and gained at least once!

As a competitor who has done the normal Bro-science prep, I can assure you this is real. The interesting thing,
which I now consider data, is that upon regaining 15 of the 20 pounds I lost, the fat came back placed differently, and it’s tough to get rid of!

Basically, if you restrict yourself and then go back to  to the eating habits you had before, you will rebound.
This is a post starvation rebound.

Socially, it’s grueling

There is something to be said about the un-socialness of restricted dieting. Friends get fussy if you aren’t eating or drinking with them.
Some people get judgey with you while you are dieting and going places socially is, sometimes, too much temptation.  We often see clients fall into the “Screw it!” mentality and eat more food and drink than they would have if they just allowed themselves to eat well.

What else?

Another reason why restrictive diets aren’t effective for permanent weight loss is mental. If you are told you cannot have something, isn’t that typically what you really want?   On my last prep, I stayed up at night pinning recipes of sugary desserts and treats to binge on post show. I had dreams of vats of cake icing.  The first thing I ate after stepping of the stage was a pound of Birthday Cake Fudge that had more butter in it than I would eat in a year.  I don’t even remember tasting it!  So when you throw the baby out with the bath water.. the baby is GONE!  Buffets here we come!

Another reason, restrictive diets fail is metabolic adaptation. You metabolism isn’t static. Every time you put yourself on a restricted diet, your metabolism adapts to that amount of food for survival.
If we are eating so much less, we must be starving!  After you stop your diet and go back to your old eating habits, you will gain because you are now in a surplus of calories from where your body has adjusted.

So which ‘diet’ should I do to lose fat and keep it off?”

Any diet that you can see yourself realistically on for at least the next year is the one you should do.

Consistency is your greatest ally in the fat loss endeavor.
Stopping and starting diets,  starving  followed by binging  these things lack consistency.

I have learned a great many things following the process of competition prep and Flexible dieting.  Things I swore by, I no longer hold to be true.

Flexible dieting works for me and many others, to help them get off this roller coaster. Eating foods that satisfy your nutritional needs as well as your mental ones is quite liberating.  Flexible dieting means no food is off limits.   While I cannot eat a whole cake, I can certainly be accountable for a piece if I want it.

I am finding that meeting my nutritional needs with food I like makes me feel amazing.  Being ‘perfect’ on flexible dieting isn’t the goal.  Being consistent is the goal and it’s not that hard.

Long term, we can expect that by eating well, training hard we can expect solid body changes for the better.  We must be willing to work toward long term goals as well as our short term ones.

If you need help with your macros or workouts,  you can contact me here