Glute glute glutes!

It's glute day!!   So let's talk about all the things that we want in our glutes! Well.. we want them to be lifted!  Nice and round like a peach! No saggy baggy diaper booties!  No flatty patty secretary bum! I am all about finding the best ways to train the glutes  for the best results! ... Continue Reading →

Kodiak Protein pancakes!

For you Flexgirls who are ready to branch out, Kodiak Protein pancake mix is FANTASTIC! You simply add 1 cup water and  1 cup mix! Super simple and can be used in many different ways. I found them at Target but Costco has the giant box! FlexGirls dream come true! Each serving Calories: 190 P:... Continue Reading →

More Protein pancakes!

Hey guys, Since I've been competing, I have been a huge fan of protein pancakes. I eat them at least once or maybe even twice a day. They are a great way to get my egg whites in without .. well.. sitting and eating egg whites. The video above was filmed when I was strictly... Continue Reading →

Stop starving yourself to lose weight

So Christmas is over.  Now, you are focused on losing weight. This is the year you're going all the way!  What should you do? Dr. Oz detox? 21 day fixes? Cabbage soup diet? Wait.. no, that's from the 70's. No carb? Well.. let's just stop right here! Restrictive diets are a sure fire way to set yourself... Continue Reading →

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