Glute glute glutes!

It’s glute day!!   So let’s talk about all the things that we want in our glutes! Well.. we want them to be lifted!  Nice and round like a peach!

No saggy baggy diaper booties!  No flatty patty secretary bum!

I am all about finding the best ways to train the glutes  for the best results!  I love this variation of the thruster/bridge.

I started with a bosu and a box for my shoulders.  Place your foot right in the center of the ball and stay in your heel!
As you lift up, squeeze like you are holding on to the winning lottery ticket!  Keep pressing!

I added Batteman into this mix and combined it with the thrust.  Batteman is one of my secret weapons! It’s from ballet and I use it so often to create a beautiful back of the leg. Think of a “Rockettes” kick.  Aim for your forehead, even if you can’t reach it!  As you kick, keep your core from wibble wobbling!

The burn out is a crossed leg until you bleed from your eyeballs!


Round Booty Blaster

This is my special secret weapon the round booty blaster.
This move is guaranteed to give you a burn on your glute like no other.

We say “booty in the back seat, chest on the dashboard”. That means, push your hips to the back
wall as far as you can and your chest presses forward and is lifted.  Make sure your leg goes

Here’s how I would use this:

Heavy sumo squats 20 reps
20 RBB each side
3-4 sets.

I would also use this on a metabolic workout! It’s so hard!
Get it!

Bikini Girl Secret Arm blaster

I used this move in my prep to keep my arms bangin.
One thing I do not allow in my studio is for my clients to have jiggly arms.
If your arm is jiggly, you look old. I said it.  It doesn’t matter how old you are, so the trick is to keep it tight.

Use a plate at your gym. Keep your elbows tight to your ears and rep that hard.  Do 3-4 sets of 12.  I do not want to hear about you, bikini girl, lifting 5 pound plates.  Go get some big girl plates and get your work done.  Even if you start with only a few, drop your weight down and finish the set!

Kodiak Protein pancakes!


For you Flexgirls who are ready to branch out, Kodiak Protein pancake mix is FANTASTIC!
You simply add 1 cup water and  1 cup mix! Super simple and can be used in many different ways.
I found them at Target but Costco has the giant box! FlexGirls dream come true!
Each serving
Calories: 190
P: 14g
C: 30g
F: 2g
Fiber: 5g

High carb day whoo hooo!
There are 100’s of recipes that are IIFYM friendly on Pinterest using the Kodiak mix.


I found this picture on Pinterest. I would make this with the Kodiak mix.
Adding Strawberries to the mix and on top. Sprinkles are optional!
If I needed more protein, I might mix greek yogurt with the berries and stevia to create
a sweet icing.

Or.. If I’m feeling like Beyoncé, I would do a variation, Birthday girl Kodiaks.
I found this pic on Pinterest so I know I can make my Kodiaks as directed.
Adding zero fat greek yogurt, plus vanilla protein powder and a little SF or Fat Free Cool whip
to make the icing.  Sprinkles all around.


When you start with your pancake base macros, you can get creative and see what fits!

More Protein pancakes!

Hey guys,
Since I’ve been competing, I have been a huge fan of protein pancakes.
I eat them at least once or maybe even twice a day. They are a great way to get my egg whites
in without .. well.. sitting and eating egg whites.

The video above was filmed when I was strictly doing Bro-science with my coaches.
But it is still the pancake I use almost  every day with some variation.

Here is the modified recipe for this pancake:
3/4 cup liquid egg whites
1/2 cup uncooked quick oats
SF Torani syrup (or stevia) to taste
*1 table spoon chia seeds (wow fiber)

Calories: 316
P: 27g
C: 33g
F: 8g
Fiber 9g

Blend all ingredients and make as a pancake. You can dress it up however it fits your macros.
I eat this in the car on my way to my 5:45am workout!

Bikini Competitor Pancake variation
4 whites
½ scoop protein
¼ cup low fat cottage cheese
1/3 cup oats

Calories: 310
P: 20g
C: 22g
F: 3g
Fiber 9g

To get my fiber in, I would add either Flax or chia to these recipes.
We were never counting fiber in my prep before but I am very in tune with getting
enough fats and fiber so I would modify.  Of course you can add many variations to your recipe.

If you are hyped on protein pancakes then hit PINTEREST for some cool ideas.


No Jiggle Arm blaster

I train A LOT of brides!  Like a bikini competitor, there is NO margin for error on getting your look right.
You need to be camera ready and one area women struggle with is the “bat wing.”

Bat wing:  That jingle jangle part of the arm that NO one wants.   I’m very sure some snarky man named it that but I assure you that in MY studio, my clients do not rock a bat wing.  EVER.

Ok.. we have to do a full body workout and our symmetry has to be correct. Lots of tricep, back, guns but this one is a finisher that really pretties up the back of the arm.  Plus it hits that lat nicely so you can rest assured your strapless dress will lay flat. Your whole upper body will thank you.

Keep your chest lifted and your core tight as you press down.  I use a weight that is heavy enough to load the muscle but I do not want to see my clients struggling to press the bar down using their back.  I am almost moving too much in my video.
Focus on feeling the work in the back of the arm and squeeze.  Don’t just go through the motions “I wish I were somewhere else.”  Put the focus into those muscles!

This is one finisher we use  and feel free to hold it for a few seconds at the bottom for some extra burn.

Oh.. you won’t get to see that gorgeous, lean physique if your food isn’t spot on! So hit those macros!!

It’s time for posing and new shoes!!

Posing class for 2015 has officially begun.
Posing class for 2015 has officially begun.

I hired a posing coach.  In one hour I gained some pretty intense new perspective and
where I was going wrong.  My last show, I was self study which I do not recommend.
Basically what you “think” looks right and good in the mirror is NOT what the judges see.
Everything is about how you look from the judges table and they are lower than the stage.
Angles mean everything.

Different federations have different poses that you are judged on.
In bikini, you are going to be judged on a front pose and a back pose.
The judges are looking for the best total package and bad posing can make or break
your chances. I need to be STRONG this year in posing.

Many competitors begin their posing a few weeks out from the show.
Trust me, you do not want to do that. If you have time, then get with your coach now.
You have to practice, tweak then when you are stage ready, she may change your pose stance
depending on how it looks because you are lean!!  You have to be so comfortable that you can take changes in stride.

SECRET:  I have competed where the stage manager changed our walk pattern  exactly
right before we stepped on stage!  There was oil and feathers left on the stage from another
body builder and that presented a slipping hazard. We had to t-walk on the fly!
I’m not saying that was right but things like this happen!

I love my platforms!
Alas, we have decided to switch to the mini platform stage shoe.
I’m so comfortable in those big platforms because those are what I normally rock!
When I tried on the tiny platform ones, I felt like a fish out of water so I am certainly
going to have to work harder this year to master these.

I think this one is nice.
I think this one is nice.

The suit I picked out is so fantastic that I may even go with a (gasp) plain shoe
so the focus is not so much on my feet.  I’m open to that.

If you aren’t sure what shoe you want, you can visit Uncle Larry’s  Hustler Club stores
and try on a few pairs.  Those stores are always in the big cities so you won’t have to
shield your eyeballs over on the East Side. Well,  you still will.
I have found that different brands run small.  My first pair of Pleaser platforms became
too big for me to wear on stage. I kept falling. Your feet get lean too.

If you don’t find a pair you like at least you know the fit of the brand.
You can order online by searching:
bikini competition shoes
fitness competitor shoes
exotic shoes

The plastic upper molds to your foot the longer you wear it and the shoe becomes
molded to your feet so get to practicing in your shoes.

Secret: I added little skids to the bottom of my shoes . You may or may not want to consider that.
Sometimes venues have slick stages and body oil is present.

HIIT: full body Kettle bell blaster

This is a Kettle bell pass through, plus twist.  This is a huge move and pretty tough if you are  not used to using kettle bells.  Start in a squat position and pass the bell under your leg and around, you are going to have to use some big force to get it back up high enough so it is level.  You want to “high five” the bottom of the bell; Keeping it level as you twist.   I’m using a 30 pound bell here. I did this for 5 rounds of 30 seconds.  It’s crazy. I don’t think it ‘looks’ nearly as hard as it is. I was sweating filming clips!

Stop starving yourself to lose weight

Stop doing this!

So Christmas is over.  Now, you are focused on losing weight. This is the year you’re
going all the way!  What should you do?

Dr. Oz detox?
21 day fixes?
Cabbage soup diet? Wait.. no, that’s from the 70’s.
No carb?

Well.. let’s just stop right here!

Restrictive diets are a sure fire way to set yourself up to fail.
 1. Restrictive diets that are too low in calories, and nutrients cause the body to hold on to body fat.
When you starve your body, your body thinks it’s starving.  That makes sense right?

2. Restrictive diets often lead to binge eating!
Every day we wake up with the potential to be a little bigger or a little smaller.
Our bodies can store an UNLIMITED amount of fat. We can rock our meal plan
all week but consume so many calories on the weekends that we cannot get ahead.
Consistency is key! If you are  so restricted that you dream of binges, you are walking
on a slippery slope.

I can help you with your meal plan!

Downloading generic diets are not the way either.
You are an individual. Generic diets are not based on your dietary needs.
Menu plans should be based on your personal stats, like age,height, weight, the energy you expend as
well as your lifestyle.
You need a different meal plan than the girl in the cube next to you.

This is what consistency , not perfection looks like.
I put Heather on a cutting meal plan for active fat loss.  I gave her minimal  cardio but heavy
lifting.  She has leaned out in just a few short weeks! She is coming in lean and tight.
I’m very proud of her, because she is a pro at flexible dieting.
She said
“I made it through Halloween and birthday dinners without completely negating my progress.
And I got to eat an entire box of rasinettes at the movies woo hoo! “


#Flexible dieting, or #IIFYM, (If It fits your macros) works because you eat until you hit you own
macronutrient numbers, then you stop.   You must eat the appropriate amount of
Carbs, Fats, Protein and Fiber. This ensures you are eating for nutrition as well as physique goals.
As your body changes, your macros can be tweaked to prevent stalls.
Bottom line, you will eat more food because your fueling your body not starving.

With flexible dieting, you do NOT have to be perfect. We strive to reach our macro nutrients
each day. Some days are better than others. However, since no food is off limits, you do not
have to deprive yourself of things such as movie treats if that’s what you want.

I don’t eat fats. Don’t want to eat fats. Coach gave me one egg yolk a day.
Here’s some science for you. You need fat in your diet.
Fats help with
vitamin absorption
brain function
cardiovascular health
keeps you full
Never go below 20% fats in your diet. Not even the most extreme cutting should be that low.
Health is number 1!


I can help you with your meal plan!

Eating Carbs:
This is my client, Jax. She is training for her first bikini competition this spring..  I started
Jax on a reverse diet to give her more  food and slowly upped her carbs.
Her goal was to gain muscle and that, she is doing. She eats around 400g
carbs a day. She does NO cardio but lifts heavy weights.

Abs: no starving here
Abs: no starving here. Over 400g carbs a day.

BAM! Look at this bikini body!

Jax has abs now, because she eats.

Dieting intelligently means:
You aren’t locked into one menu.

You can eat with your family.
You can eat what they eat.
You don’t have to skip social functions.
You can have food that satisfies and fuels your progress.

If you need a meal plan, please, let me help you!
Start this year with the right plan for YOU.
Contact me here



Gorgeous workout:


This workout will give you a full body workout, meta to amp your calories. So pick up some
heavy weights if you have them, and rock this.  You will do each block of two moves, 3 times.
Rest when you need to but push! As always, core tight, chest up and push hard!

1. 12 DB overhead presses
25 Box step ups each side

2. 12 lateral raises
25 low lateral skaters

3. 12 cross body curls (biceps)

Sumo jump squats 25

4. 12 Back Flyes
25 Jack knives

5.   12 Tricep kick backs
25 side to side squats (weighted)

6. 12 diamond pushups (On your knees, hand make a diamond under your chest. Pushup, elbows back wall (tricep work)
25 clock lunges (12 per side)

7. 12 plank Knee to elbow
25 Mt.Climber Sprints

8. 25 single leg glute bridges (use a band above your knees if you have one)
25 bicycle abs.