Fascia blasting : My First 30 days.

There they are!  My Fascia Blasters!  This journey.. OY!!

A few months ago, I happened upon a Facebook video from Ashley Black Guru and she was talking about the “cellulite myth”.  I  was mid prep so I just set that aside for later.

After my show though, I spent some time researching the science of Fascia and it started to hit home with me that this was something I needed to get to work on.
Fascia on the chicken breast, you’ve seen this before.. bet you didn’t know what it was!!

Here’s the original video

 This one.. omg.. yes

How I started: 
One of the first things I did was join the Fascia Blasters Facebook group and watched daily as hundreds of people were posting their progress!  I spent a lot of time on Ashley’s Youtube channel and finally sent her my show pics for her coaching advice.

She said
“Tracy to me your fascia looks “beyond bound” – so you don’t have much dimpling but your skin is in solid chunks and you probably have poor circulation, leg cramps, and feel tight and tired all the time. If you go to grab your skin and it feels like 1 solid piece and you can not separate it at all – that is beyond bound! Don’t worry – the FasciaBlaster WILL FIX IT – it’s just gonna get “uglier” before it gets better.”

Here is a visual of the variations of ‘cellulite’.

She was right!  If I pinched my skin it was big chunks.  Everything she said was true. Tight and tired all the time.

What I purchased: 
The Full sized Fascia Blaster
The mini Fascia Blaster
Ashley’s blasting oil
After Blasting cream.

I received my blaster in 2 days!! The oil did not arrive until a week later so I started with the Moroccan oil my mama gave me. It worked great.
Ashley’s Fascia Blasting Oil is awesome too, but I use a lot so I also just got some Target body oil. Other  people use coconut oil or Massage oils.  Baby oil was awful so don’t use that.  So far, Ashley’s oil and my Moroccan oil were the best as they spread easily and the blaster glided well.

It’s best to blast in heat.so we put a heater in the bathroom or I use the sauna.
It actually  does hurt and I bruised my first week, although I’m not bruised anymore.  I blast 4-5x a week. Sometimes I just do my legs and sometimes I do several parts. It takes me a good 20 min but I also can just blast my arms quickly in the shower.

It’s been about 3.5 weeks now 

Today, I sent her a follow up video and I was utterly mortified. Beyond Bound is about breaking up the fat so it does look chunky now!!
A large chunk of fat broke off on the back of my leg and is floating. It’s gross. It will eventually break up.

So after sending this video.. I’m curious to see what changes she has for me.

Good news: even though I’m looking rough, with Beyond Bound it will get worse before it gets better!!
 I’m 100 percent committed to working on this issue. I’m learning so much about how the fascia effects my body building and muscle gains! .  I want education and I want healthy fascia.  Fascia issues can cause  some crazy issues. LOOK  Look at this chart: 

When I started I went through a full week of feeling pretty crummy and tired. That’s really normal.  I’ve noticed though my circulation is getting better.  Even though my abs, legs, glutes resemble mashed potatos… I am seeing quad definition coming through. I actually see positive changes.  I’m really in this for the long haul.

It’s probably odd that I didn’t post my personal pictures here. I’d like to do that after I have achieved progress.

As I work this next year to balance my body, with my training, chiropractic adjustments and stretching, Fascia Blasting makes sense to me. There is actually a body builder, competitors facebook group that I’m in for support too.  It’s interesting.

Do you blast too?

UFE Halloween Mayhem Update: 9 weeks out


When I look at my stage pics, I’m always feeling a little crummy about how my skin looks so muddy with that spray tan.  I feel like it never looks like ME on stage.  This year, I did not hire hair and makeup because I need to commit to creating my own look.

I went to You tube and watched the same videos everyone watched. I bought every product on those videos too.

One of our Sleek Bikini Team athletes hired a local artist for her show in June.
Racheal Gloyd

Taylor’s makeup just looked fantastic on stage.

I asked Rachael to teach me!!

She spent 4 hours with me to construct a look that will be perfect through all my costume changes.  She taught me how to hold the brushes and how to contour, MY face so my photography looks great.

I feel like a lot of girls have skills in makeup and while I’m a total cosmetic junkie, I never progressed at all in doing it well.   So it’s going to be a real challenge to commit to this aspect of competition.

My skin looks really pale here but we already have put a formula together to mix shades once I know how my spray tan comes out. This will allow me to get the right amount of color without being fully chocotaco tan on my face.

Rachael put a lot of emphasis on my eyes and we are using glitter and we will use fluffy lashes too.

So now, the ball is in my corner. I have 4 hours worth of instructional video ready to conquer this.

I wish you luck in your competition!!

15 weeks out updates

pole is a part of my 2016 prep. Look at that awesome pole burn on my leg! lol

I just realized I haven’t posted for a while. I have a lot of my journey on Insta and I’m sure you are catching it there if you are following.

Prep for UFE Halloween Mayhem:

Food: My food is the best it has ever been. I love IIFYM. I’m sitting at about 2000 calories a day and I have been gritting my teeth not to do that reactionary move and increase cardio and drop food yet.  I have about 200 carbs a day now. I’m actually down about 10 pounds from the holiday bulk up.  Now, let me clarify.. the scale is a piece of crap because I fluctuate 3-5 pounds up or down every time I get on it. I have some carb ups and some lower carb days so that falls in line with the scale being a giant B. Oh and I don’t follow that psycho carb cycle of 30 carbs a day then 300 a day. I eat what I want and when I want.
So do my clients. 🙂

Speaking of…I have in my food plan, the same concepts my clients/competitors use. We hit our numbers +5/-5 grams everyday. I eat over 500g veggies daily and I get a gallon of water in. I eat when I want and I eat what I want.

The Mister and I are heading to Vegas for our 20 year anniversary and it’s also my 51 birthday. When we return, it will be about 12 weeks out and time to start my taper.

My goal was to do as much body recomp as I could on as high macros as I could.

Pole dancing + body building +strength gains
I started pole dancing in November last year at age 50. I wish I’d started so many years ago. It’s my favorite thing!  I have the chance to do pole 3-5 times a week. I’m a slow learner but I’m getting much stronger. My lats are growing because my sports bras are too tight to wiggle into!

I was able to almost do pull ups on my own this week. I had a tiny bit of assistance so focusing on my strength has been a really cool addition to my show training.

Flexibility fitness:

With pole there is an ongoing goal of getting super bendy! How fun is that?
Here’s my progress since November 2015.

This is my Dharma Wheel. I got it from  Amazon. It’s bright pink and it’s a beast. It will pop your back like nothing else. I have more flexibility in my hips but to make the shapes I want, I need to get super bendy in my back too.

Why for bikini prep?
Because I want to and I like it.  My goal this year is to do everything in my power to not cardio/low carb my glutes off. To eat well and with purpose and to train in a way that works but brings me joy.  I’m lifting heavy AF in my workouts 5-6 days a week and train on my pole 3-5 times a week as well. I have track/steps outdoors 1x a week and about 20 min of other cardio for my heart. I like my shape this year so much better.

Last year I did hundreds of burpees and tons of plyo.  That was totally fine! I just want to see how my body changes this year.  I actually believe having these  personal goals is making my prep more about changes and not the race to the finish line.  I certainly will learn something this go round!

Mayhem: I’m so excited to do UFE Halloween Mayhem this year.   All 4 of my costumes/suits for this show are solidified.  They are fun and unique and nothing like you  could ever order online. I will bring my very very best this year!
EAT LIFT SLAY  #prep2016

Check out UFE for your next show. I hope you will be a part of our family!

I wish YOU well with your prep!


Perspective and prep updates

I mull around a lot of ish inside my head. I’m a type A, over achiever and over thinker.
So this meme is spot on.  I never really pushed out of my comfort zone in much of anything until the last few years.  My comfort zone is pretty intense but I think I always stopped short of really knowing what I’m fully capable of.

Competing is fascinating when I’m doing it, and helping others learn it. It’s not fascinating when  a coach handed me a menu and I learned nothing. I felt like I had more insight to what my body wanted, needed so a generic path is not for me. I feel like we are learning so much in our industry about being stronger, healthier and more in tune to our athletic selves that we can reach even higher.

I’m amazed at the athletes I coach and how they find their best selves through their nutrition and training.  Getting better is addicting for sure.

Strength: My goals with doing pole is to push myself differently. I think pole extremely hard but the hybrid of pole and my new workouts is really giving me some great gains.


I have added these crazy prowlers to my workouts 3 x a week.  They are full body but I really feel my glutes, core, hammies.. well. everything. I’m using my lats to push to help me gain strength in my pole work.  I’m finding that I’m getting much stronger in my climbing. I like my muscle, I like being strong.  I climbed the pole many, many times in class. I was able to accomplish a new pole sit. This is a break through move which means I’m moving into more inverted moves. I was not able to lift myself up a short time ago.

First time in this pole sit, Shrimp on the barbie.. Looking forward to the lay back.
 20 weeks out. I feel strong.

Revelation: I spend a lot of my time being pissy because I can’t do this, I can’t lift this. I can’t, I can’t.. I want it all. I want it all now.
My pole instructor schooled me hard.
This rings true with my  bodybuilding/business journey too. I will share her wise words giving her full credit. Thanks Michelle.

She  told me, “You will never be where you want to be. There will always be something you are working for. There is no end to your journey so you are better off to enjoy each part of this trip you are on.”

I need more of this in my life.That’s for sure!!

I wish you luck with your show!!

Show Update: UFE Mayhem Prep

Anyone else? This is totally me. I’m so squishy right now.

Oh man, it’s been a long time since I wrote a blog post. It’s been so crazy.
My mother in law says I have “luxury problems” being that I’m so busy with my business and what not.  Ok.. maybe so here’s what going on.. the short version.

Julia killed Figure! 2 trophies!!  She was amazing!

Photo shoot went really well.
Took 7 girls to NANBF Southern States Classic in Liberty and we came home with 5 trophies. Everyone looked great!  We are back to work, heads down and grinding for next
season. UFE Rampage STL is April 22, 2017!  We have 10 girls already training for this show!
We also have some amazing athletes getting ready to compete in just a few weeks. Squeee!!  I can’t wait to show you!!

Last week, I was starting my own prep and got really sick. The lady at Brow Art in the mall used a communal eye liner on me and I ended up at the ER sick as a dog. GROSS. I was so sick I wished someone would kill me. I haven’t been this sick in so long. I missed my son’s graduation!  This was a pretty bad week. I think missing his graduation was the worst day of my life.  I’m so glad he understood. I’m so proud of him.

I’m finally feeling better. I am going to start my full on prep in the morning. I have 8 weeks until my 20 year wedding anniversary Trip in Vegas with the Mister. Here we are in Nashville at Miss Pole Dance America Championships!

I’m ready. I have a game plan in place. I’m pretty freaking psyched that my girls are training with me this time. We are at a new gym and have added in some sled training. I can already tell my legs are better.  I need to really bring it this year.

My prep is long. I’m taking it slow as usual but I’m going a bit of a different route this time. I will fill you in later about what I’m doing. Right now I’m just going to get a little leaner before Vegas then spend the last 12 weeks to finish it out. I will be 51 at this show, UFE Halloween Mayhem.

I’m not really feeling 100 percent but I’m heading in with the right mindset. My before pics are done already. I’m puffy from the meds, I haven’t trained for over a week so.. this should be interesting!

So that’s the short update:  Here’s how my whole weekend looked.  This is Roo. She trains with Lou Ferrigno. She eats totally Bro.  puppy


Show Updates: I’m in prep!

Hey oh! I’m at the gym.. again! I’m smiling at YOU!

I can’t believe it’s been almost 8 weeks since I had my gall bladder surgery! I was a hot mess for a while but I’m healed and feeling awesome. Anyone who even bothers to read my life-casting stuff.. just know I use this as a timeline for my progress.

One of my bodybuilding sisters, turned me on to a brand new gym that is close to my studio. It’s a perfect fit for me. It has the best equipment I’ve ever worked with in over 33 years of training.  I’m able to do most everything at Sleek but this is a perfect fit. I am feeling so pumped right now!

Prep: I started in January, prepping for my photo-shoot. I am now 6 weeks from that.
I wrote a brand new plan for myself to see how my body would change. I love it. One thing I want to note is that post surgery, my food has been about keeping my digestive system happy. I can’t digest much fat so I literally eat about 5g fat per meal. Certain foods make my stomach hurt!  I have made peace with my food situation. I’m focused on my physique and my health.  I am sitting at about 2000 calories a day and I’m very happy with my slow results. I don’t even know what I weigh. My clothes are getting too big. Seriously… I fluffed so hard over the holidays. I know I added some muscle but I am excited to NOT feel fluffy!

My next competition
My next show is UFE Halloween Mayhem, October 29 in Chicago! I am beyond excited. I am so happy in this federation. I really, really like the people. The experience was amazing. I’m going to compete this year as Master’s Glamour (like VS fashion show) and Fitness Model categories. I am not doing bikini. I will be upping my macros a bit post shoot to continue to build for this show. I will come in with a better package this year. I get two costumes and two bikinis! I’m meeting my costume designer this week!

Current situation: This is happening in prep:
Sometimes that bike.. tho! Getting snap chats from my team!

Booty/Hammies are changing with my new workouts:
Legs are my hardest area to bring in. I will be successful this year.

SleekBikiniTeam: OMGOSH I am the luckiest coach. I have the best, best team of women competing and in off season.  I have two lovely  online ladies very close to their April shows!  Our local team is prepping for NANBF and there are 7 girls representing TeamSleekBody in late April.  Everyone is looking spot on and feeling pumped. Suits are ordered and we are going to bring it. We have a full roster of amazing athletes heading in to the summer and fall ready to kill it!

It’s now the summer prep season so my studio clients, brides and lifestyle clients are pushing hard. Every day, I get to wake up and train alongside these awesome women.
They bring their best everyday.  Progress, not perfection. We are sisters in iron and macros and  we are Justin Bieber fans too. lol

Push hard!

UFE Halloween Mayhem show

This is the stage and a bit of our competitor meeting before the show.

I competed in Masters Bikini at the UFE Halloween Mayhem at Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) in Chicago.
This was really one of the best shows I’ve done. I enjoyed it very much. It had a Halloween costume portion also.
Unfortunately, I was confused on that and didn’t bring one. The girls at Fitworld Tan created a costume for me on the fly so I wouldn’t look like total jerk.  I am grateful.

The mister and I left the hotel and headed to the venue. I’m rocking my Team Sleek tank! Representing my girls. We are over 100 strong all over the world!
Heading into the venue with my lucky suitcase, 6 pack cooler. I’m ready.
The green room for this show.. OMG. It had lighted mirrors. It was nice and big and it had a bathroom for us as well. Best venue to date! The promoters had water and cookies for us too! We went straight into our meeting.
Our meeting took place on the stage. This stage was FANTASTIC.  After our meeting my group was called to line up. Unfortunately, I did not get glued into my suit before I went out on stage. That was a bummer. I did my best to get something down but time didn’t permit.
For Masters Bikini the age range was 35 and  up. I am 50. I am the oldest bikini competitor in this show.
We did a T-walk in the pre judging and waited on the pink line behind me.
We walked to the front of the stage.
We went through a very quick round of quarter turns. Then left the stage. This was the fastest judging I’ve ever done.
We were off the stage and I was actually done until the night show.


The night show was really fun. I did not place in the top 3 for this show. I’m very happy with the package  I brought to the stage. I weighed 131 pounds on stage. I’m 5’8″. I have not weighed this little since I was 11 years old. I think everyone thinks you look huge on stage but competitors are actually itty bitty.

I worked for 16 months to be in this show. I did my best! The thing I focused on was to improve my physique from last season. I definitely did. I am self coached and IIFYM. My last shows were Bro and I was miserable.
I will say that I had the best prep I’ve ever had. I learned so much!  I have already begun working on my 2016 game plan.
I wish you luck in your shows!! Thanks to UFE for having me.

UFE Halloween Mayhem Check in

The mister and I woke up early Friday the 23 and began our 5 hour drive to Chicago.
The trip took 6.5 hours because of all the peeing I had to do. It’s all good.

The Host Hotel
We have never traveled for a show before. I would typically recommend you stay at the host hotel simply because the tanning and makeup vendors would be on site as well as your Friday night check in. Often the Polygraph testing is at the host hotel as well.  They will often have a good rate for you. They will also give you instructions as to what to bring to protect the hotel property from your crazy tan. We brought our own sheets.

I’ve been super fug all week. Prepping my skin and rarely in makeup. I was exhausted when I got to the tanning appointment.  I liked the girls at Fitworld Tanning a lot. They were very cool to me all weekend.  Tanning takes a good hour or more. You’re naked and people will be walking around you. If you can tan at the venue, that’s a great idea.
Your tan makes a difference in your overall appearance. Fitworld also did my hair makeup so I just purchased the entire package.  I worked 16 months to do THIS show.. I wasn’t going to skimp on anything.

Check in
Our check in was easy!  We met our show’s promoters and got our numbers.
Super great people! Excited to do this show!!
The mister. Man.. he just helps me so much. By the time we were done with check in, I passed out and he went to Kuma’s Corner for a burger.

eary e2
Early am on Show day!!  I woke up feeling lean and tight!
Ready to get down to hair and makeup!

Competiton secrets: what’s in my suitcase

What’s in my suitcase.  Mind you.. my suitcase is now the giant size one.. lol  This was my first year in UFE.

If you are a competing in a fitness competition, you may not know what to bring with you to your show.

Suit (or 3)
Black Silk Robe: VS sells these. Black because of your tan!
Loose black pants with NO cuffs or elastic to mess up your tan
A small towel
Styrofoam cups. Poke the bottom out and  pee through that so you don’t mess up your tan.
Glue ( Bikini Bite )
Gloss : Baby oil gel is good. Do not use PAM cooking spray. Don’t be that girl!
Baby wipes
Bobby pins
Hair brush
Curling iron (it rained on me, I had to borrow)
Hair spray
Makeup : for sure a lipstick for stage!
Mirror for touch ups.
Pump up power cords
Cell phone charger (long day)
Your food for the day
Phone/take lots of pics!
Vodka. just sayin.. I saw it. lol
Bring snacks for the girls backstage. They will love you.

Edit: I want to show you Bikini Bite. As a competitor you can bring your own.  My coaches have used 3m spray on me. It’s not ‘recommended’ for skin but it holds like a mama.
The people who do your tan, “may” or “may not” glue you. Bring your own just in case. I went  on stage unglued! OMG.
Bikni Bite is at Amazon or Bodybuilding.com
I keep this with me for my competitors when I travel with them.
IMPORTANT:::If you are coming in from out of town
Also bring with you these things so you don’t get charged for ruining the hotel’s items.
Dark sheets for the bed
Dark towels and wash cloths

This is a huge help if you are in UFE and have wardrobe changes. I purchased clear shoe containers from Target and put each of my bikini’s in them with my number. Each category will have it’s own number so keeping the number with the outfit is so helpful.


This is backstage at UFE Fury The venue was amazing
and had a beautiful green room with lights and outlets.  Best venue I’ve ever seen.
The girls were fantastic. Everyone was very willing to share. If you can help a sister out
I hope you do. Everyone has their own journey. I learned about some fantastic women who
worked so hard to get to this show. Any time we can help each other.. we win!

I wish you so  much luck on your competition! xoxo

Peak week as told though pictures and funny memes

This year I did 16 weeks of prep. Peak week is the last week before you compete. Basically.. you should be ready to go. You are dialing it in. Peak week is known to be it’s own kind of fresh hell. You are tired, carb depleted and ready to be done. Tired isn’t even accurate. Training 7 days a  week  2x per day and here we go!
Started peak week off pale. It’d been a full week since my last spray tan.
You have to prep your skin for your show tan. I used Castile soap, and baking soda.
Feeling tired from the macro drop. Gallons of water too. But hey, I had my hair done!

Cardio: 2x per day
Up at 4am. Cardio, posing
Then back in the afternoon to lift. Depletion circuits. I kicked my own ass.
I’m so pale. I can’t focus and I drool a lot. Drinking 2 gallons a day

Don’t act like you didn’t notice. That’s why I stayed home! That and because of the peeing.
And this
Nails: Get gel or Shellac on your fingers and toes so that the mother loving tan doesn’t foil your French.
Once I start crying at the gym.. I know I’m about to go HAM. I always cry at the gym
at least one time in peak week. Then I push hard.
Thursday morning. 131 pounds. I haven’t been this weight since I was 11 years old.
How many times do people tell you that you look icky or disgusting?
All the freaking time. Why do people tell you this? No one wants to hear this!
I’m LEAN! Not skinny. Come on!
Here’s a picture of my kitten Tatu Baby. She eats carbs and is fat.