Progress photos 2 weeks out


The goal for 2015 was to grow. I know.. who grows for bikini.  ME. I like the look of bikini athlete.
I build my own package based on what I want.  I compete for me. So, that being said.. I’m feeling pretty
excited that we got some gains.

For my clients who aren’t into ‘muscles’ or bulk.. I’m super flexed here. I won’t even be flexed like this on stage and if you are competing, you won’t either.

This is more accurate here.
Trust me, it’s going to take me years to accomplish what I set as my goal.
Comparison is the thief of joy.  I step on stage better than last year, I’ve done my job!
Build what you want.  Design your physique as you would build a sculpture.

The Fabletics top in my new pic is so fun! I love the back detail.
I love their tops for the back detail.
You can get your first outfit for just $25 +free shipping


8 weeks out: macro drop

Here comes another drop of macros as I continue my cut.  I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t at sky high ones to begin with but I took a certain pride in being able to finagle the numbers to keep my volume of food up.

I’m down another 150 calories so I’m dragging!
I’m sure I’ll get used to it again but the fatigue is here.

I have  a big leg workout today and 30 mins to do on my Air Dyne.

Track day: Sunday
Yesterday’s track workout was the best one I’ve had ever.
My training buddy, The Mister, always runs with me.

We did a full hour of sprints and it was a total of 18 laps.

This week, I really need to see some fat loss! I’m going to push.

My workout today was legs. Then I skipped the bike for deadlift cardio. I did 10×10 dead variations at 60% of my weight. 

30 sec kettle bell swings between sets. 

8 weeks out updates

Almost..8 weeks out.
I use my blog to show benchmarks in my training/progress. I don’t send pics to coaches  since I’m self coached but I still do weekly pics.  I have been busting my booty this week. I ‘almost’ had a cold but found my way out of that so that’s good.
his is 11 weeks and 8 weeks out. I’m feeling good. Umm.. a zillion miles to go though!

One thing I’m noticing is my recovery time is not super fast. I am not going to say it’s being 50,  but I’m trying to be mindful of that. I am still busting it so hard but as of yet haven’t resorted to endless  time on the cardio equipment daily.  I get some in and will be adding more, but my airdyne bike is keeping me on point.
In my studio, I have a lot of my team cutting for weddings, shows and just because it’s time!  The workouts we are doing are on point to keep us progressing to the end.

Cold: Immune system: abby
I am using thieves oil every single day.  The product I use is DoTerra On guard.  I was feeling terrible
and started a gargle swish thing with a few drops of this. My cold was gone in 1 day. You can use it for
so much but I am determined to stay well this prep.  You can search Pinterest for more on OnGuard
You can get it here from my guru friend, Abby
Remember the other blog post about colds and flu??

New product:
I LOVE this product.  I am using this as a thermagenic (fat burner) and my creatine. This product has
Dandelion root for water retention.  I feel really good on this one.  You have to drink it before, during and after your workouts. I do 2 scoops for 5g creatine.  It does have CLA so I’m pulling my Abcuts. Be sure to count  5g of fat for this product.   I just supplement around this with my others to meet my needs.

It’s a weird grainy texture. You might not like it but I got used to is after the first day.
I don’t work for GNC. They don’t give me anything. They have a return policy though…

I’m not changing macros just yet because what I’m doing is working. My goal is to keep as much food as I can for as long as I can.  I’m using a little more egg white this week to switch it up. Lots of pancakes, mug cakes.

Last night I had a boat load of macros to eat so I ate this
I modified the hell out of this recipe. No agave. The base of this is
Chick peas. I used peanut butter with no sugar added. I counted
out sixteen 60% cacao unsweetened  chips for the recipe.
The recipe also  has coconut flour, protein powder, and  almond milk.  I loved it.
I hit my macros and everything on this was squeaky clean!!

The rest of my day was perfect. Veggies, lean protein  whole foods.

I’ve been ending my days with a little too many macros left over so I’m trying really hard
this week to go to bed with only protein left.  I feel better. I think I sleep better.

Being on Bro-preps with M6 as egg whites or chicken  was tough.  Now, I try to have
some great food during the day so I don’t mind the egg white pancake as my last.

I’m sure some Negative Nancy- Mr. Boss Around  will fly in here and debate that meal timing does or doesn’t matter and there’s probably some material to back that up. Don’t care.. If it bothers me, it bothers me.
Some of my clients tell me, it matters or it doesn’t matter.  My meal timing is now intuitive on this cut.  Too many carbs before sleep bothers me.   I go to bed at 7pm. lol

Except for pre-post workout, my ish is tight! I eat with purpose!

Here’s a picture of my kitty, Tatu Baby. She’s my smushy!
Enjoy your day!

Smart girls guide to Bro-Prep Swaps: Caribbean


This is a fun one!  I saw a post on a competitor board asking if it was ok to have black eye peas
and greens in prep.  I thought it was interesting because you can really get some nice flavors in
this combination.
Let’s see how we can make that work.

The Standard Bro plan
We are looking at our ACTUAL menu from our coach.
Meal 3 is
5 oz Chicken (Chix) or Turkey
1/2 cup rice or 3 rice cakes or 5 oz potato

Reboot on this meal: 
Black eye peas 1/2 cup
Collard Greens 1/2 cup
Chicken breast 5 oz
Let’s see how we did
The fiber is higher on meal 2.

Note: The Bro-plan had “Veggies” in Meal 3 as well. We can assume veggies are “FREE”.
Collard greens, Kale have more carbs than asparagus and spinach. My instinct is to track everything
I eat. We don’t know how much our Coach needed this client to eat on this plan.  The collard greens
were a nice choice.

I’m assuming that the Island dish was prepared, prep style with no extra fats, oils. Of course.
If you prep this one Island Style,  you can use these flavors

Southern style.. I see bacon grease….. not today Satan.. not today!!

Remember: IIFYM/Flex/Macro counting isn’t so you can sit around and eat crap all day. It was originally
used by competitors to offer ‘options’ because of “Bro-Fatigue”.

If you look at your entire day as a whole and have met your nutritional goals, you can have some nice

Keep your food tight! Success!

10 weeks out Update

ecember 2014 and Today: Aug 2015

I’m 10 weeks from my UFE Show in Chicago. I snapped the above pic on the right today no filter. I am happy with progress.  I want to share a little about this process of being self coached and IIFYM.

The pics above are about 5 pounds apart.

My grow season was about eating some good food and building. I do not gain muscle easily. My macros were over 2000 calories but I  was still fighting binges. I probably always will have that to contend with. 😦
I did get some good gains and I lifted some heavy weight. Lots of PRS! I put the time in on building that’s for sure.
Even though, I’m pretty fluffy in pic 1, I was happy and felt good.   I was in the process of eliminating too many sugary foods that were causing me to binge. It’s taken me months to get into the right groove. But, I always tell my clients..
hey.. we learned something!”

I started a prep in March then halted it for a few reasons.  I was not happy with the balance of food and the length of time I needed to cut . I’ve been working on a slow cut for several months.  The scale.. ugh. It just never gives me the right answer!

Current progress
Last week to this week. Now, I had just come of my birthday and vacation in Las Vegas. But I’m still liking the change my new macros gave me after 10 days.  I was rudely, publicly criticized  two times this week by meatheads saying that what I’m doing is a waste of time. I think not.  I give zero credibility to people who cannot see past their own arrogance. We are all here to learn.  I am grateful for my circle of friends who are positive!

FullSizeRender (2)

This prep, even though I’m Macro counting,  I’m using almost no grains. Oats is about it. I’m eating my weight in veggies and creating more balance of food that looks and tastes good than 5 meals of Turkey Chicken Fish.

Most of my food is whole foods.  No nut butters. Those trigger me!  My fats are all coming from super foods, like avocado,
cocoa nibs, salmon, fish oil caps, olive oil.    I’m not sharing my cut percentages., 🙂  Sorry, a few of you have asked.  I am playing with the ones that work and these are the ones.

My proteins are coming from  lean meat , but I’m also using whey, greek yogurt (light and fit ), cottage cheese and egg whites of course. I always start the day with a protein pancake since 2013.  Boring!

Carbs include fruit too. I do not eat food I dislike. I am hungry sometimes but over all feel amazing!

I understand I will have to drop macros more, but for now.. it’s working just fine. I’m sure I’ll keep you updated!
Peach Protein Cupcakes with Raspberry Icing
FullSizeRender (3)
I’m using to give me options that are fun yet fit how I want to eat. I’m making Peach Raspberry Protein cupcakes for dinner. They are grain free and high protein.
Look at these macros.. I removed the Agave which takes off 2g carbs and 8 calories  per cupcake. It’s sweet enough without the Agave.   Here is that recipe
FullSizeRender (1)

Here’s why
I posted this for a couple reasons. Slow cuts are better for me!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m working my butt off but a 20 pound loss in 12 weeks is going to go badly on the rebound. My goal is to reverse properly and stay at a solid off season weight that will allow me some choices. I want more muscle for 2016.

Secondly, many of the super stars of IG never show you their grow season pictures.  I’m ok with that, but it’s hard to believe they eat on prep macros all year round and look camera ready.  You need a surplus of calories to grow. It’s science.

Yeah Science
Many times girls want to compete and they show me their current macros that they live on..basically no food.
You cannot start a prep from a low caloric intake.

Please understand this.. to get leaner, you must be in a deficit. If you start a 12 week prep on 1200 calories and 6 days of cardio, the only thing you can do is workout more, or eat less.

The trick to this process is to learn where the balance is between off season and show season.  Not many people are proficient because I see women posting all the time about how they rebounded post show.

My goal in this process is to learn as much as I can so I can get better each year.

I’m starting 10 weeks out feeling great. So many miles to go! 
Enjoy your weekend and stay focused. Stay positive! You can do it!

11 weeks to show

Hey!! I turned 50!  I spent my birthday in Las Vegas with the hubs and our son, Hunter.
Here’s Serendipty3 and I had a fried twinkie sundae for my birthday.
I was able to train at our hotel. We stayed at the Hilton Grand Resorts on the strip
Competitors.. this is your place. There are lots of these properties on the Strip.
You can search this company for suites like this all over the world. I want to try the Times Square one!

Look at the  suite.
All cooking utensils present! Everything was there including washer/dryer in the kitch.
There is a grocery market on the first floor with the Starbucks! It was perfect.
I was able to make my pancakes and shakes perfectly.
Giant soaking tub was awesome. I was pretty beat up after my track day on the parking lot.
The gym was very very good too.  It had a huge dining and living room plus the bathroom was
giant too! I LOVED it! LOVED!
Track day in the early LV sunrise.

We were there 5 days and I had some  food. Now I’m ready  for these last 11 weeks.
I came home pretty beat and bloated.  It took me a day or so to recover. Frazzled.
Today is the first day I feel great. We got home 3 days ago! DAMN.

I don’t know about you, but when I eat restaurants or things off my program, I feel pretty yucky.
It was a perfect birthday. I’m ready to kill it now!

Back home
I am so psyched to be home. My competitors and brides are killing their prep!  I have girls who are weeks out
who are looking amazing. I’m so proud of them.
I cannot wait to see my clients reach their goals!

This was waiting for me when I got home. My stevia drops and 12 containers of Miracle Noodles.
Miracle noodles are most always my M6. These come in Rice, Angle Hair, Orzo and Fettuccini.
It’s fun to make different tastes.  Check them out at  They are zero macros!

I’m on auto ship for these so this is 2 weeks worth. It’s about $2 a bag.

I’ve gone to my cutting macros hard core now. So these noodles come in handy!
Volume foods for the win. I wish I’d had these last prep!

Oh this happened too.

This is the Schwinn Airdyne bike. When I was a very young girl,  I watched all the body
builders in my gym prep for show on this. I’ve  used it. This is it’s own kind of fresh hell.
I’m adding this into my metabolic training. Found this one on Craigslist since Schwinn doesn’t
make them. If you read Arnold’s book.. he encourages you to use this!  I love it/yet hate it.
It works.
I’m super lucky. Rob drove 2.5 hours to pick this one up. If you want one, get on Craigslist because all the
Cross fitters are going for them in droves.. We paid $100 for this one. A new version of this is $999. The old school ones are
bad ass.

My macros are tight, my workouts are fierce and I’m set up for success.
Go get what you want!

Prep Updates 15 weeks

I’m 15 weeks from my show!  UFE new federation for me but I’m excited to do this one!
I’ve been slowly ramping up with a longer, slower cut.  I know I will bring my best package to the stage!

In January 2015, I started  working with my coach, Lisa Nobels from Perfect Posing by Lisa.
I’ve spent a lot more time on posing this year and I’m feeling really good.
Workouts are amped up. Typically, competitors might use the step mill and treadmill daily for cardio. This season, I was interested in seeing how my physique progressed by using other forms of metabolic work.
At 15 weeks, I have
1 plyo, agility day,
1 30 min kick boxing session,
1 cross training style workout and
1 track day.
Whew.. that’s a lot!  Plus I’m still lifting and doing pilates.

I’m walking the line of worry though. Too much cardio makes me squishy and I need to keep the muscle I have!
Treading lightly here. I’m hoping that keeping my food on point will help me cut without doing 2 a days.
I have PR’d on my Box jumps. I’m notw doing the 20 inch box . I hit 22 inches on the Reebok step but I was more terrified of that actual plyo box. This was the first time I was able to do it. My confidence is up and I can really feel it so much differently in my glutes!  I can do about 60 box jumps a session now. Feeling strong.

I also completed 125 straight arm burpees and also 100 pushup burpees. That’s  not accumulative. I can do those in 1 workout. Once I got past the 125 straight arm burpees, I wanted to back up and practice the pushup ones. So that took another week. Those are hard. I need to tighten those up.
Those is a huge milestone for me. I really want to be strong. I’ll continue to push.

What are you working on now?

9 weeks out

I don’t filter my pictures either. This is real. 4 months from age 50.

My first show this summer is 9 weeks from now.  I have so much work to do but I’m tracking better than last year. I’m feeling great and so much better than prep last year. I’m still on  appx 180 C and I’m still leaning so I’m making subtle changes each week but not drastically reducing calories, nor am I going to drop below 20 percent fat .
Each week, I have 3x 15 minute hiits,1 plyo and  1 track workout.. I vary my style of hiit  though. Today I trained with my team. That killed me. Cardio is Hardio. I lift 5 days and do pilates springs 2-3 hours a week. Posing 2-3 hours a week. I teach lots of classes too so while I can hear people judging my progress . I should probably eat less!  I burn an enormous amount each day.  I am not about starving.

For me to pull this body fat off my lower body for stage, I am going to have to pummel it hard. It is what it is. I carry body fat right in my mid section. I’m using my trampoline a lot. I’m also using my spring boards more this year. That make a huge difference. I’m so lucky to have my own equipment.


My food is spot on. I enjoyed a little No Sugar Added frozen yogurt this weekend for my carb up. I carry my own scale with me.

I’m using muscle eggs, whey, meat, greek, and this year some dairy as protein sources. I try to get several sources each day. I have not resorted to fish yet. I hope I can do it without the fish furnace.

No sugary, treaty foods in my plan like Captain Crunch cereal. I switched those things out for zucchini and veggies.  My light and fit greek is yummo. I am in love with muscle eggs and Quest  is launching  chocolate mint bar this week. I do a Questie every few days. I’ve been eating lots of veggies and fruit too for fiber and carbs. Boring.. no. But not chicken wings and beer either. I’m very happy.  I feel healthy.

When the food is over.
don’t have a strategy for food like front loading or back loading or sideways loading. I’m not over thinking this right now. I fuel around my workouts as normal and when the food is done, it’s done.
I’m hungry.  Volume foods help but I’m always hungry in prep. I said it. I’m hungry in prep.
Sleep is  time machine until breakfast.

Lift heavy! Give 100 percent!

10 weeks : Dirty 30 workout

I’m 10 weeks out. I’m feeling freaking awesome. I was sick one day last week but got back to it.
My workouts are pretty rough now. I’m switching gears. This workout was called Dirty 30.

Yeah. my video is 90 seconds long but I want you to see my heart rate at the end.
Cardio on the treadmill..? Naw.. Not today.

Track today was really good.
We hit Bishop Dubourg for some 50’s, 100’s and 200’s. Since it was my first time out, I went
in just hoping I didn’t die. Well. we did 40 minutes. I used my heart rate monitor and hit sprints, jogs
in all three zones. Creatine saved me this year!   Creatine works on blasts from 30-60 seconds.
The sprints weren’t bad at all. We went straight to the gym.
I’m kind of weirded out, that I seem to be the only bikini girl on the FB groups who does track.
No one knew what I was talking about.  I do it for 10 weeks 1x per week. It helps me get my thunder
under control. That’s where I’m holding on to fat!  Upper.. coming in BAM!

The squat racks were full so I had to make due with the loaded bars. It was fine. I’ll live.
5 rounds of 30 reps.

10 DEADS110#
Rest until heart rate is back to zone 1.

Halfway through the series, I switched the weights  to light deads and heavy squats .

My workout today had 3 different dirty thirty series.  1 hour was 789 calories burned in all three zones.


Plan your work. work your plan!