10 weeks out Update

December 2014 and Today: Aug 2015 I'm 10 weeks from my UFE Show in Chicago. I snapped the above pic on the right today no filter. I am happy with progress.  I want to share a little about this process of being self coached and IIFYM. The pics above are about 5 pounds apart. My... Continue Reading →

IIFYM: You are doing it wrong

This week I have seen so many competitors posting about doing IIFYM and eating food they hate because their coach said so. "Can someone please tell me how to fix chicken so I don't gag and have to drink water to get it down.  My coach has me on chicken 5 meals a day"  That... Continue Reading →

Bring on the Booty Gains

I was scrolling through my cloud and came up with my pics from my first posing session in February 2013. I have been working diligently on my glutes so this is progress! Whoo hoo.. Here's a booty move to throw down!! Werk! Do you want to train with me online?? Check out my site and... Continue Reading →

17 weeks out: prep update

First of all: I highly doubt anyone is remotely interested in this but I'm blogging my experience to help me learn. Positives: I have not been on the scale since Jan. 31. I have no idea if I've lost an ounce or gained 5 pounds. Positive: Some Lulu pants I got in Vegas are too... Continue Reading →

No Scale February Challenge

Omgoodness.. every day I get email after email about the scale! Stop with the scale already! I totally understand but it's time to get over it! The scale is not an accurate representation of body composition. Oh,. remember last week when this happened to me? In case you missed my last two years of blogs about why... Continue Reading →

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