Boss workouts:Booty builder

This workout is one of my favorites for competition training.
I do this on my big leg day.  I set the big leg press up with 4 plates. Yeah, I can lift a lot more than that but this one is a volume set so I keep it on the light side-you know.. like Luke Skywalker.

10 leg presses
10 pop squats
10 rounds

Of course, you can use your regressions and cut the sets down and lower the weight.
If you don’t have a leg press, you can rock the power cord version which will burn like
Hades. Just saying.

I wish you well in your competiton! Keep pushing!




10 weeks out Update

ecember 2014 and Today: Aug 2015

I’m 10 weeks from my UFE Show in Chicago. I snapped the above pic on the right today no filter. I am happy with progress.  I want to share a little about this process of being self coached and IIFYM.

The pics above are about 5 pounds apart.

My grow season was about eating some good food and building. I do not gain muscle easily. My macros were over 2000 calories but I  was still fighting binges. I probably always will have that to contend with. 😦
I did get some good gains and I lifted some heavy weight. Lots of PRS! I put the time in on building that’s for sure.
Even though, I’m pretty fluffy in pic 1, I was happy and felt good.   I was in the process of eliminating too many sugary foods that were causing me to binge. It’s taken me months to get into the right groove. But, I always tell my clients..
hey.. we learned something!”

I started a prep in March then halted it for a few reasons.  I was not happy with the balance of food and the length of time I needed to cut . I’ve been working on a slow cut for several months.  The scale.. ugh. It just never gives me the right answer!

Current progress
Last week to this week. Now, I had just come of my birthday and vacation in Las Vegas. But I’m still liking the change my new macros gave me after 10 days.  I was rudely, publicly criticized  two times this week by meatheads saying that what I’m doing is a waste of time. I think not.  I give zero credibility to people who cannot see past their own arrogance. We are all here to learn.  I am grateful for my circle of friends who are positive!

FullSizeRender (2)

This prep, even though I’m Macro counting,  I’m using almost no grains. Oats is about it. I’m eating my weight in veggies and creating more balance of food that looks and tastes good than 5 meals of Turkey Chicken Fish.

Most of my food is whole foods.  No nut butters. Those trigger me!  My fats are all coming from super foods, like avocado,
cocoa nibs, salmon, fish oil caps, olive oil.    I’m not sharing my cut percentages., 🙂  Sorry, a few of you have asked.  I am playing with the ones that work and these are the ones.

My proteins are coming from  lean meat , but I’m also using whey, greek yogurt (light and fit ), cottage cheese and egg whites of course. I always start the day with a protein pancake since 2013.  Boring!

Carbs include fruit too. I do not eat food I dislike. I am hungry sometimes but over all feel amazing!

I understand I will have to drop macros more, but for now.. it’s working just fine. I’m sure I’ll keep you updated!
Peach Protein Cupcakes with Raspberry Icing
FullSizeRender (3)
I’m using to give me options that are fun yet fit how I want to eat. I’m making Peach Raspberry Protein cupcakes for dinner. They are grain free and high protein.
Look at these macros.. I removed the Agave which takes off 2g carbs and 8 calories  per cupcake. It’s sweet enough without the Agave.   Here is that recipe
FullSizeRender (1)

Here’s why
I posted this for a couple reasons. Slow cuts are better for me!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m working my butt off but a 20 pound loss in 12 weeks is going to go badly on the rebound. My goal is to reverse properly and stay at a solid off season weight that will allow me some choices. I want more muscle for 2016.

Secondly, many of the super stars of IG never show you their grow season pictures.  I’m ok with that, but it’s hard to believe they eat on prep macros all year round and look camera ready.  You need a surplus of calories to grow. It’s science.

Yeah Science
Many times girls want to compete and they show me their current macros that they live on..basically no food.
You cannot start a prep from a low caloric intake.

Please understand this.. to get leaner, you must be in a deficit. If you start a 12 week prep on 1200 calories and 6 days of cardio, the only thing you can do is workout more, or eat less.

The trick to this process is to learn where the balance is between off season and show season.  Not many people are proficient because I see women posting all the time about how they rebounded post show.

My goal in this process is to learn as much as I can so I can get better each year.

I’m starting 10 weeks out feeling great. So many miles to go! 
Enjoy your weekend and stay focused. Stay positive! You can do it!

The one arm move you should be doing

I train competitors, brides and women who are particular about not having dangling batwing.
It doesn’t matter if you are 20 and your arms jingle jangle, that looks old!
You need to work that area!

I do not know who coined the phrase batwing but it’s pretty derogatory since no man arm is ever
referred to in that manner.

My clients know they have to do this move. We want those wedding  dresses /tank /bikini’s to lie flat and
this one hits this area hard! That overhang from a strapless dress.. we need to get busy and pretty up that back!

So Yes!! While this one is a fantastic back move,  I have found that it really
hits the arms in places that my ‘normal’ tricep work might not.  You can feel it!!

Keep your arms straight as you bring the bar down. Try not  let the tension up so you are working
with your arms tight.

2x a week! 3×10 reps as a finisher!

IIFYM: You are doing it wrong

Stop eating food you hate.
Stop eating food you hate.

This week I have seen so many competitors posting about doing IIFYM and eating food they hate because their coach said so.

Can someone please tell me how to fix chicken so I don’t gag and have to drink water to get it down.  My coach has me on chicken 5 meals a day”  That was on an IIFYM Competitor forum.

Why are you eating food you hate?

I saw two meal plans from coaches that ‘said’ they were IIFYM but had only 3 protein sources to chose from. Guess which ones..
Turkey.. yep
Fish.. yep

I saw non competitors posting on IIFYM boards about being sick and tired of eating broccoli, or whatever.

Let’s start with the basics of IIFYM.

1.  If you are on IIFYM: Flexible Dieting, NO food is off limits.

2. You will be counting Protein, Carbohydrates, Fats and the micronutrient, Fiber in grams.

3. You must eat your macros daily and those are configured properly for health and based on body, your activity level, and goals by someone who understands how to do it properly. More on that later.

4. You must hit them daily +/- 5g  including your fiber.

Competitors: You are doing it wrong if you have a coach who
>gives you random numbers or cookie cutter macros /PDF that everyone gets.  Macro numbers are based on a scientific formula.

> gives you a list of options for your food choices.  Remember, no food is off limits.  That’s not IIFYM.
You can eat what you want as long as it’s on this list of 5 things

I saw a menu this week that had

“Post workout you can have 2 plain rice cakes and 1 table spoon of jelly.”

Macros for that are:
27 carbs
1g protein
0 fat
0 fiber

Why not have a banana?
1 med banana
27 carbs
1g protein
0 fat
3g fiber
You got some fiber! Whoo hoo.

You are doing it wrong if you have a coach who
>tells you things you CANNOT eat. Nothing but  Walden farms salad dressing and plain salsa  for condiments is NOT IIFYM.
No fruit allowed. No dairy (protein much?)  Basically.. you should just hit your numbers.
Caveat, I’m not going to say that there are not circumstances  in prep that call for you to make adjustments as you near your show. For the most part, you should be eating .Good coaches will help you with IIFYM . My IIFYM coach gave me suggestions for high carb day of Skinny pop or Skinny Cow.  Sometimes, in prep we will have to tighten things up a lot but   at 12 weeks out, if you limited to tilapia and asparagus, you are seriously bumming!
Which you already know!

Flexible Dieting in 1979?? WHAT?  READ THIS!

I love this. 1979 YO
I love this. 1979 YO  He used Flexible dieting and He won the Olympia!

You are doing it wrong if you have a coach who
>does not have a fiber number for you to hit.  Red flag.

>has your fats below 20% of your daily intake.  I said it. Health first!
Sports Nutrition tells us that you should NEVER go below  20% not even on the crash diets.  Fats are important to your hormones and brain function.  One egg yolk a day for 12 weeks  is NOT the only fat you need.  Show prep or not.  It’s not healthy!

>is flat out starving you and giving you hours of cardio . (I threw that in because WTH?  You should not be ‘starving’ on IIFYM because you can use volume foods and make them fit!

What about non competitors?

You are doing it wrong if you are freaking out over your macro tracker. If you can’t figure out what to replace one food with and it stresses you out.  If you are out of egg whites, eat greek yogurt. Make your food fit. Namaste! It takes a few weeks to get a groove. Keep trying.

You are doing it wrong if you are eating the same 5 things every day.
Sports Nutrition 101 says we need at least 35 different foods per week.   Two Quest bars and 2 salads every day  is NOT healthy.  Eat a variety of  food that makes you happy and make it fit!

You  are doing it wrong ( and this makes me so mad) if you take the numbers you are given and “cut them in half” or cut out a whole nutrient group so you will “get thin”.    This thinspo mentality is
horrific and damaging to our bodies.  Calling it IIFYM and starving is NOT ok.

You are doing it wrong if you are dragging Tupperware to restaurants still.  (Competitors in prep are excluded here).
You can make a plan using the site They list all the macros for resturants! Or just look at the actual restaurants website for their nutritional information.  If you are going to  get Mexican food, you can probably figure out, what’s in a burrito and  get a solid count.  I take my mini scale with me, but I’m competing. Just sayin.

You are doing it wrong if you “leave out whole groups of food”.
You seriously won’t die, if you “drink” some calories.  I know, I used to feel differently.  Seriously, if you have a Flat White and make it fit.. you will be fine. Are you happy? Did you enjoy it? Good!

You are doing it wrong if you refuse to track and just “eyeball” your portions.  As a coach, I see this and it’s usually followed by  “IIFYM” doesn’t work. Well..   If you are beginning on IIFYM you need to measure everything on your scale in grams. Not half cups or tablespoons in your silverware drawer.  You will learn to do intuitive dieting later  but you must first get serious about knowing portion sizes.  Weigh your peanut butter so you really know what 2 Table spoons (32g) looks like.  Mind blown.  I lost 5 pounds when I used the scale instead of relying on that table spoon measurement!

If you have not tracked everything correctly, how will your coach/trainer know what to tweak. Everyone is different. This is data. 😉

eyes up! Weigh it properly for success!
eyes up! Weigh it properly for success!

You are doing it wrong if you have dangling macros and you don’t eat them because you think you will lose weight faster.  Remember how we talked about your body starving and holding on to fat? Eat your food. Food is good.

You are doing it wrong if you have dangling macros and you don’t eat them because you don’t know what to eat.  How do you not know what to eat? Eat what you like.


You are for sure doing it wrong if you have to ask a public forum
“I have 10 carbs, 4 fat grams and 23 grams of protein, what should I eat?”
Stop doing that.   Learn about Flex bowls. (Blog post is here)
Asking other people what you should eat is ridiculous.  If you really are so unable to fathom what to eat, go to Ripped and
put in your dangling macros and figure it out.

17 weeks out: prep update

Exactly 2 years apart to the day.
Exactly 2 years apart to the day.

First of all: I highly doubt anyone is remotely interested in this but I’m blogging my experience to help me learn.

Positives: I have not been on the scale since Jan. 31. I have no idea if I’ve lost an ounce or gained 5 pounds.
Positive: Some Lulu pants I got in Vegas are too big for me today.. I’m back in my “show season pants” size 6.
Positives: I feel great. Still on 1853 calories a day. I’ve gone over so I’m more like 2000 on some days.

Macros are : roughly
1853 calories
F: 56g
C: 185-220g
Fiber always eat about 50g a day.

I have not had “sugar” in the form of cookies, treats or such since Jan 1.  Except for a few minor mistakes on reading labels.  I have come to terms  with not eating it.  I have also realized that sugar alcohols make me quite sick. So it, is what it is.  I’m better off.  I blew  macros one day when I ate  4 Questies.  This  S’mores one is off my plan.

I can't even
I can’t even

Nobody’s  perfect

This last week, I did not feel like I did very well.  I had a sushi dinner and ate a little off the buffet. I did that on my long day when I usually burn an extra 1000 calories just in my work.  I wish I wouldn’t have done that.  I  didn’t  binge but  my head was a mess. I told myself to let it go!

I’m actually still 5 weeks from my 12 week prep so I am resisting every urge to go full on stripped out carbs and no real life food.   I need to stay the course and continue this steady, slow lean out.

I have 3 shows within a month and my goal is to feel good enough to do all three.  If I start cutting fast now, I’m worried about stalls. So I’ll press on as planned. I’m progressing so it is anti-plan to cut everything before I need to.

Sweet potatoes are back in my rotation.

Workouts this  week felt off. I got everything in, just felt scattered.  I have three 15 minute hiits now, 5 lifting days, 2 pilates workouts.

This  week I’m all prepared. My gym plans are made and menus are done. Fired up!

Mind blowing:
I  went to Club Fitness on Hampton today so I could shoot my progress pic to match the one from 2 years ago.
I haven’t been there for  almost  a year.  I freaked out because the same 5 people were on the cardio equipment that are always there.  I wanted to say to them,  “You look exactly the same.”  So happy I found my way back to body building.

Hope you have your plan set up for a great week!   Thirteen weeks until the pool opens!

Secrets of why you can’t keep your weight off

Restrictive diets work.. temporarily
Restrictive diets work.. temporarily

Everyone is looking for the ultra quick fix for weight loss.  Diets by nature are restrictive.

Here are some of the ones I see  online.

No eating after 7pm
No carbs
No grains
No fats
No fruit
All juice
No juice
All fruit, veggies , no protein
All protein, nothing else
Eating only baby food and less than 500 calories a day
No sweets, no processed food, NO no no no

To put it in very simple terms:
To successfully lose weight, you must be in a calorie deficit.
So by default, if you eat less food, or burn extra calories  you will lose weight. Simple right???

Then why is there still a 60+ percentage obesity rate.

Quick fixes sell
This is nothing new.  Since the dawn of time, people have been looking for the magic pill for weight loss.

The problem is that restrictive diets are ‘restrictive’. Science tells us  that people who lose  weight on crash diets, will gain the weight they lost back and more!

You have an over 80% chance  of gaining more weight!

Did you need science to tell you that?  Everyone knows someone who has lost and gained at least once!

As a competitor who has done the normal Bro-science prep, I can assure you this is real. The interesting thing,
which I now consider data, is that upon regaining 15 of the 20 pounds I lost, the fat came back placed differently, and it’s tough to get rid of!

Basically, if you restrict yourself and then go back to  to the eating habits you had before, you will rebound.
This is a post starvation rebound.

Socially, it’s grueling

There is something to be said about the un-socialness of restricted dieting. Friends get fussy if you aren’t eating or drinking with them.
Some people get judgey with you while you are dieting and going places socially is, sometimes, too much temptation.  We often see clients fall into the “Screw it!” mentality and eat more food and drink than they would have if they just allowed themselves to eat well.

What else?

Another reason why restrictive diets aren’t effective for permanent weight loss is mental. If you are told you cannot have something, isn’t that typically what you really want?   On my last prep, I stayed up at night pinning recipes of sugary desserts and treats to binge on post show. I had dreams of vats of cake icing.  The first thing I ate after stepping of the stage was a pound of Birthday Cake Fudge that had more butter in it than I would eat in a year.  I don’t even remember tasting it!  So when you throw the baby out with the bath water.. the baby is GONE!  Buffets here we come!

Another reason, restrictive diets fail is metabolic adaptation. You metabolism isn’t static. Every time you put yourself on a restricted diet, your metabolism adapts to that amount of food for survival.
If we are eating so much less, we must be starving!  After you stop your diet and go back to your old eating habits, you will gain because you are now in a surplus of calories from where your body has adjusted.

So which ‘diet’ should I do to lose fat and keep it off?”

Any diet that you can see yourself realistically on for at least the next year is the one you should do.

Consistency is your greatest ally in the fat loss endeavor.
Stopping and starting diets,  starving  followed by binging  these things lack consistency.

I have learned a great many things following the process of competition prep and Flexible dieting.  Things I swore by, I no longer hold to be true.

Flexible dieting works for me and many others, to help them get off this roller coaster. Eating foods that satisfy your nutritional needs as well as your mental ones is quite liberating.  Flexible dieting means no food is off limits.   While I cannot eat a whole cake, I can certainly be accountable for a piece if I want it.

I am finding that meeting my nutritional needs with food I like makes me feel amazing.  Being ‘perfect’ on flexible dieting isn’t the goal.  Being consistent is the goal and it’s not that hard.

Long term, we can expect that by eating well, training hard we can expect solid body changes for the better.  We must be willing to work toward long term goals as well as our short term ones.

If you need help with your macros or workouts,  you can contact me here

Round Booty Blaster

This is my special secret weapon the round booty blaster.
This move is guaranteed to give you a burn on your glute like no other.

We say “booty in the back seat, chest on the dashboard”. That means, push your hips to the back
wall as far as you can and your chest presses forward and is lifted.  Make sure your leg goes

Here’s how I would use this:

Heavy sumo squats 20 reps
20 RBB each side
3-4 sets.

I would also use this on a metabolic workout! It’s so hard!
Get it!

No Scale February Challenge


Omgoodness.. every day I get email after email about the scale!
Stop with the scale already! I totally understand but it’s time to get over it!

The scale is not an accurate representation of body composition.

Oh,. remember last week when this happened to me?

3 weeks difference with no change on the scale.
3 weeks difference with no change on the scale.

In case you missed my last two years of blogs about why the scale is dumb and if you have too many committments to go look them up.. here’s a recap.

1. Water will show on the scale. Six ounces of water “can” show up to a pound on the scale. You body is made of water so figure that out.

2. Eating carbs puts moisture into the muscle (good thing). See number 1.

3. Hormones will make the scale shift.

4. Your body weight fluctuates on the scale up to 6 times daily.

5. Biggest Loser weigh-ins are TV! They are dehydrated, they pee blood and have kidney issues from sitting in saunas for 4 hours a day. This is NOT real.  You need to eat and train to lose body fat! Science said so!

To gain weight (fat) you need a surplus of calories and 3600 calories will equal a pound.
If you want to lose weight (bodyfat) you will need to be in a deficit of the same 3600 calories. (less food or exercise ) Calories matter.

So having some salt and gaining 3 actual  pounds is NOT possible.

My goal for this month is to create “No Scale February” or “Self-uary”.  

This challenge is very simple to do. I wonder how many of you can complete it without cheating.

1. Begin with a set of selfies or have someone shoot your beginning pics.  Front, side, and back shots are best!

2. Measure your waist, hips and abs and write that down.
If you need help with these things visit my “How to measure tutorial”.

3. Commit to your macros and your water each and every day.

4. Train 4-5x a week consistently.

On February 14 and 28 repeat numbers 1 and two.
You will use your collage app to see your side by side comparisons.
We will check back with selfies at the end of the month for results.

If you are see your body changing and your clothes are fitting better, what difference is the scale?  No one ever, at any time will ask you what you weigh. No on stage,  not on a date. It’s not important. It’s NOT important.

You must NOT, no matter what.. abandon this challenge. If you binge drink on Mardi Gras, get right back to your plan. If you eat candy Valentines Day, get back on your plan.  No scales, just day to day successes.

My hope is that without the stress of the impending weigh in you can focus your energy on positive steps toward your physique goals.

Challenge ON!

If you still don’t know about the scale.. read my posts here

If you want me to see your selfies for accountability: You can drop them here.

Bikini Girl Secret Arm blaster

I used this move in my prep to keep my arms bangin.
One thing I do not allow in my studio is for my clients to have jiggly arms.
If your arm is jiggly, you look old. I said it.  It doesn’t matter how old you are, so the trick is to keep it tight.

Use a plate at your gym. Keep your elbows tight to your ears and rep that hard.  Do 3-4 sets of 12.  I do not want to hear about you, bikini girl, lifting 5 pound plates.  Go get some big girl plates and get your work done.  Even if you start with only a few, drop your weight down and finish the set!