The Green Shake is back

My security blanket is my green shake.
Each prep I have done a green shake for my veggies.   Since I’m doing IIFYM/Flex/Macro counting I’m being very
careful to keep my fiber numbers up.  This is 5-6 cups of spinach and while it does have some lovely micronutrients, the fiber for my  whole day  of veggies was 4g.  Soooo.. I’m on the green beans and broccoli too. ACK .. they are NOT in the shake.
The shake is
Cytogreens for Athletes
Unsweetened Almond milk
1 scoop Whey

This was my shake today.

Since I made my video in 2013, I’ve used different whey protein in my shake and added some chia seeds. Chia seeds are
great.  I do not expect anyone else in the world to get excited about it, but I still like doing it every day.
I feel really good. I like the Greens powder too. I’m using my carbs for some blueberries in it!

Do you like the Green powders?

4 week progress update

Not every week is perfect.
Not every week is perfect.

I am 4 weeks into my off season training. My challenge goal of December 23, is just 8 weeks away.
This week was a mixed bag.

I got all my workouts in. I lifted really heavy and really hard.
Gave my booty some extra push this week.
Food was spot on.
Water great.
Supplements… Check.
I felt really strong this week. Love, love that!

Not so great:
My cheat meal on Saturday messed me up. I did NOT feel well!
I felt like I was coming down with a cold this week, which I did not. Bullet dodged!
I’m doing some different things with my supplements. I tried to take Pro-sculpt twice a day (as per the label)
I also started Mega Ignite which is the product recommended with Prosculpt. I had some rough panic/mood issues. I
I know, consider yourself lucky you weren’t around. I dialed that back immediately!

I’m also crazy bloated! Jury is still out on why. Is it the Creatine monohydrate or salt, or just me. hmmmm.

I didn’t sleep well, but let’s be honest. I don’t usually. In my last show, I got to a point where my gains were really slowing down. One night I slept 9 hours and my abs came in! I know sleep is probably one of my biggest hurdles.

I think I look super puffy today. I’m pressing on. Not every week is going to be perfect. Looking for some great strides in the coming. Re-thinking my cheat meal for sure!