I haven’t posted a good booty workout for a minute!!

I did this one today. It’s my second leg day and I focused on glute activation.
I did about 45 min of this plus the finishers.  Good luck

Goal is 3-4 rounds with purpose. Glute activation and zero slacking!

Warm Up: be sweaty and ready .

Band side steps using hip circle 30 seconds
Barbell Glute bridges HEAVY slow with hip circle above knees. Keep glutes activated 10 reps
Banded Cable squats 2 counts down 1 count up 10 reps
Banded stiff leg cable deads 10
Bulgarian split squat  with barbell 10 /10
Stationary  lunges 10/10 with barbell
Barbell Squat pulses 10

Finishers are 
Cable hip extension 100/100
45 degree hypers with weight 3×12

Music for this one is

No slacking…

Deep Six glute workout

No half repping.
No half repping.

Certain workout days for me require industrial motivation.
I’m typically a booty shaking music girl until this type of leg day.
I did not take any pics because I was pukey. This is not a straight glamour workout.  Rob stood next to me for every rep.
He just kept saying “Nashville”, “hardware”, “gains”, “Bentonville”, TWalk.  Focus much?  I went as heavy as humanly possible. I WISH I was eating all the food right now but cutting macros, even though they are still awesome, make me slow and weaker.

Today’s workout is
The object of this leg workout  is to go Ass to Grass deep  and pause in my reps.
I dropped my weight way back. Back squatted only 60 pounds x 130 ATG slow as molasses reps.
Deads I did 60 reps at 95 pounds.
The rest I did until my glutes bled.

This is the gym version.
10×10 back squats (deep and hold at the bottom)
6×10 Sumo deads
10×10 feet together &up high  leg press (70 reps full ROM) 30 reps with staggers at the bottom of the lift.
3×20 heavy barbell glute bridges (shoulders on floor)
4×15 hammie curls
3×10 back squats (yep) raise your weights and kill it.

Here’s the leg press moves, if you didn’t get it last time!

Little MM for you, if you are so motivated. I’m obsessed with this song.