Boss workouts: Fat Shredding Plyo

Plyometrics: What kind of fresh hell is this!? Plyo has great benefits. It's good for your heart, it builds lean, sexy muscle. I for sure use it for prep! This series is pretty freaking tough. Start with 30 seconds air squats then go right into 30 seconds jump squats. Follow that with 30 seconds of... Continue Reading →

Jane Fonda’s are back

Christmas 1981 I got this book, leg warmers and a matching leotard from my mama. My career began! I found my calling! Jane Fonda workouts had lots of leg lifts and lots and lots of repetitions! Did you know that she was on the right track?  Her moves do recruit the glutes. These moves do... Continue Reading →

Core and upper body blaster

Try this on your next core/upper body workout. Remember to pay attention to form!  I'm picky! Don't let you back 'arch' off the floor to come up. You should use the pilates principle of articulation and peel each vertebra off the mat like you are lifting a strand of pearls. It's so hard!!  No momentum!!... Continue Reading →

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