Mastering Poverty Macros on a Cut

  This picture says everything I want to say.  In our house, when we are out of macros we say we are on Monkey Macros.  This poor little guy is inconsolable! If you are on a 'cut' or 'active fat loss' phase of your diet then you understand how precious each one of those macros... Continue Reading →

IIFYM and accuracy

To make your IIFYM experience really successful, you have to get accurate.  Whew!  Who knew! I always feel like I'm totally accurate! Maybe you are, but your kitchen utensils might not be. 1. I started with my scale and my weighing unit. I put the plastic bowl on the scale and zero'd it out. 2.... Continue Reading →

20 Weeks out: Mixed bag

Ok.. My off season is still going on for another 2 months. Whew. To keep things honest, I'm struggling..  I am not at all used to the building phase and I feel super mushy and bloatedy. We were in Chicago for the holiday. That was positively exactly what I needed.  I brought a lot of... Continue Reading →

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