IIFYM: calculating alcohol macros

You are on IIFYM  Flexible dieting.  So how do you calculate your alcohol macros? First of all: Protein reads as 4 calories per gram Carbohydrates read as 4 calories per gram Fat reads as 9 calories per gram Alcohol reads as 7 calories per gram You may count it as a FAT because it is close... Continue Reading →

Booty Builder: Banded Squats

Are you working on building out those glutes? Banding above the knees gets the glutes activated immediately! In this video I am using it for my weighted wide squats.  This is so hard that I have to drop my weight way back to complete my sets.   The glutes are activated and it's intense.  You have... Continue Reading →

Booty Blast: Sumo Split Squats

Benefits:  Biceps, booty, inner thighs, heart OOOOO.. this one burns.  If you are working on glutes and want to amp up your calorie burn, add this metabolic blast. I'm using 10 pound weights here and usually do 3x12 each side.   I like to use this at Sleek as an interval.  Your heart rate will... Continue Reading →

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