Booty Blast: Sumo Split Squats

Benefits:  Biceps, booty, inner thighs, heart OOOOO.. this one burns.  If you are working on glutes and want to amp up your calorie burn, add this metabolic blast. I'm using 10 pound weights here and usually do 3x12 each side.   I like to use this at Sleek as an interval.  Your heart rate will... Continue Reading →

4 weeks out update

I started the week off on Sunday with track. I hit the mark on all my cardio and workouts. I'm training 7 days a week. I have 6 lifting days. I almost peed in my car. Don't judge! #bikinigirlproblems Had my check in with my coach, MJ today. I will get all new food and... Continue Reading →

Lululemon haul

On our Chicago trip, we did a little shop it up. I was excited to visit the Rush Street Lululemon and found my unicorn!! The Super Stripe Cadet Blue Wunder Under pants!! Squeee!  I love these pants. The fabric is very different than my other WU but it's a winner.  I got the last pair... Continue Reading →

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