Christmas update : Preparing to prep

My son gifted me this old-school hex bar for Christmas.  I love it! Merry Christmas! Yesterday was our family Christmas day. We had an amazing day together. I hope your holiday is amazing!! UPDATE: This is a little prep update. I'm feeling pretty much like it's two steps forward and 1 step back. In the... Continue Reading →

Prep Update- 25 weeks out

I am 7 weeks from my bikini challenge goal and 23 weeks from my show. Successes this week. I was spot on with my food and workouts. I had the best Plyo session of my life. I really don't like Plyo so that's huge. I also have the coolest clients, who came out on Sunday... Continue Reading →

4 week progress update

I am 4 weeks into my off season training. My challenge goal of December 23, is just 8 weeks away. This week was a mixed bag. Positives: I got all my workouts in. I lifted really heavy and really hard. Gave my booty some extra push this week. Food was spot on. Water great. Supplements...... Continue Reading →

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