Show update 21 weeks out

First of all.. picked my shows. If I’m ready, my first is June 20, 2015 in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Starting the cut
I have struggled with binge eating after my last show in June.   If you follow my blog you know this.  I rebounded from my Bro diet hard and ate  some great food. I added muscle too.  I got some great lifts while I was getting fluffy. No apologies. I’m fixing this problem. It’s a journey, for sure!

The process
I began a slow cut January 1. I made a change to remove most processed foods like cookies and candy, pastries because I was being triggered by the sugar.  I am NOT on a a bro diet at all. I’m simply eating more whole foods and enjoying things I KNOW I would have  never gotten to eat on my Bro-prep.  IIFYM  Tracy Style.  I’m ONLY using processed sugars around my leg workouts and eating things that are not triggers for binges.

My Goal
My goal was to cut 1 pound a week until I’m 10 pounds from show weight then start my official 12 prep-whenever that would be.

In my mind, I’m 20 pounds from my show weight right now. 153.

I started January 1 at 157 and dropped immediately to 153, then 152, then back up to 153, where I have been for 3 solid weeks. EVERY SINGLE DAY!

My beginning macros were 1800 calories and we upped them in week 2 to 1900 and I’m at about 200g Carbs per day.
I’m not carb cycling.  I just want to eat well and not binge and I’m doing great on that!


I was very stressed at the scale! I was contemplating adding more cardio! Hey, my FitBit said I should have lost 3 pounds a week!
My head kept saying, cut back,  cut carbs at 21 weeks out!  I was seriously freaking because my plan was NOT happening.

Fortunately,  I had taken  my beginning pics  on January 4. I hate these with all my heart!  UGH! Fluffy but determined!

3 weeks difference with no change on the scale.
3 weeks difference with no change on the scale. Left side is 200g carbs a day. I added more food to see what would happen.

I took the next set January 24. I just woke up no spray tan, no pump, just 5am -me.  I like these!!  I know I have miles to go in 21 weeks but I’m encouraged!  More food!

Flex prep!
There is not one other person in this world who cares as much about my health or show prep than me. I will do what it takes to
flex prep properly. If I can’t compete until later, I’m ok with that!
I’m  100 percent responsible here.  I will be successful! Yeah, I said it. No one would be as anal as me about this!   After 2 eye diseases, I’m doing this right.

I’m actually  not scared. I will reach the stage without starving, or burning off my glutes with hours of cardio. I’m only doing 2 x 15 min HIITs right now. I’m lifting heavy 6 days a week. Changes will come later as needed.  Stay the course and eat.

What I learned :
With my past  Bro preps (low carb, dangerously low fats) the scale moved.  I’m eating more carbs now than I ever had before.  By nature, the scale will be inaccurate because of the carbs.
I expect it to move eventually. I typically hold for a bit then drop.
However, the scale is not going to be the determining factor this prep.  I will be leaner for my shows, but I won’t be hungry and ready to pass out on stage again!

So that’s the long update for today!!


Stop starving yourself to lose weight

Stop doing this!

So Christmas is over.  Now, you are focused on losing weight. This is the year you’re
going all the way!  What should you do?

Dr. Oz detox?
21 day fixes?
Cabbage soup diet? Wait.. no, that’s from the 70’s.
No carb?

Well.. let’s just stop right here!

Restrictive diets are a sure fire way to set yourself up to fail.
 1. Restrictive diets that are too low in calories, and nutrients cause the body to hold on to body fat.
When you starve your body, your body thinks it’s starving.  That makes sense right?

2. Restrictive diets often lead to binge eating!
Every day we wake up with the potential to be a little bigger or a little smaller.
Our bodies can store an UNLIMITED amount of fat. We can rock our meal plan
all week but consume so many calories on the weekends that we cannot get ahead.
Consistency is key! If you are  so restricted that you dream of binges, you are walking
on a slippery slope.

I can help you with your meal plan!

Downloading generic diets are not the way either.
You are an individual. Generic diets are not based on your dietary needs.
Menu plans should be based on your personal stats, like age,height, weight, the energy you expend as
well as your lifestyle.
You need a different meal plan than the girl in the cube next to you.

This is what consistency , not perfection looks like.
I put Heather on a cutting meal plan for active fat loss.  I gave her minimal  cardio but heavy
lifting.  She has leaned out in just a few short weeks! She is coming in lean and tight.
I’m very proud of her, because she is a pro at flexible dieting.
She said
“I made it through Halloween and birthday dinners without completely negating my progress.
And I got to eat an entire box of rasinettes at the movies woo hoo! “


#Flexible dieting, or #IIFYM, (If It fits your macros) works because you eat until you hit you own
macronutrient numbers, then you stop.   You must eat the appropriate amount of
Carbs, Fats, Protein and Fiber. This ensures you are eating for nutrition as well as physique goals.
As your body changes, your macros can be tweaked to prevent stalls.
Bottom line, you will eat more food because your fueling your body not starving.

With flexible dieting, you do NOT have to be perfect. We strive to reach our macro nutrients
each day. Some days are better than others. However, since no food is off limits, you do not
have to deprive yourself of things such as movie treats if that’s what you want.

I don’t eat fats. Don’t want to eat fats. Coach gave me one egg yolk a day.
Here’s some science for you. You need fat in your diet.
Fats help with
vitamin absorption
brain function
cardiovascular health
keeps you full
Never go below 20% fats in your diet. Not even the most extreme cutting should be that low.
Health is number 1!


I can help you with your meal plan!

Eating Carbs:
This is my client, Jax. She is training for her first bikini competition this spring..  I started
Jax on a reverse diet to give her more  food and slowly upped her carbs.
Her goal was to gain muscle and that, she is doing. She eats around 400g
carbs a day. She does NO cardio but lifts heavy weights.

Abs: no starving here
Abs: no starving here. Over 400g carbs a day.

BAM! Look at this bikini body!

Jax has abs now, because she eats.

Dieting intelligently means:
You aren’t locked into one menu.

You can eat with your family.
You can eat what they eat.
You don’t have to skip social functions.
You can have food that satisfies and fuels your progress.

If you need a meal plan, please, let me help you!
Start this year with the right plan for YOU.
Contact me here



Gorgeous workout:


This workout will give you a full body workout, meta to amp your calories. So pick up some
heavy weights if you have them, and rock this.  You will do each block of two moves, 3 times.
Rest when you need to but push! As always, core tight, chest up and push hard!

1. 12 DB overhead presses
25 Box step ups each side

2. 12 lateral raises
25 low lateral skaters

3. 12 cross body curls (biceps)

Sumo jump squats 25

4. 12 Back Flyes
25 Jack knives

5.   12 Tricep kick backs
25 side to side squats (weighted)

6. 12 diamond pushups (On your knees, hand make a diamond under your chest. Pushup, elbows back wall (tricep work)
25 clock lunges (12 per side)

7. 12 plank Knee to elbow
25 Mt.Climber Sprints

8. 25 single leg glute bridges (use a band above your knees if you have one)
25 bicycle abs.

IIFYM: calculating alcohol macros


You are on IIFYM  Flexible dieting.  So how do you calculate your alcohol macros?

First of all:
Protein reads as 4 calories per gram
Carbohydrates read as 4 calories per gram
Fat reads as 9 calories per gram
Alcohol reads as 7 calories per gram

You may count it as a FAT because it is close to the calories of a fat than a carb.

To calculate alcohol as a fat- take the number of calories of alcohol you will consume and divide that by 9 to get the grams of fat to count.

Example: Bud light=110 calories
110/9=12 so take 12 grams of fat for this bottle of beer.

Count it as carbs
You may take it as a carb but you must double the carbs.
Example: Bud light=110
110/4= 27.5 so double that and take 55 carbs for this beer.

Word of caution: In my past training experience, I have found that clients who drink, often will not stick to their meal plan and binge eat for the next 24 hours.
When you plan on having a drink, yes.. you will track it in your macros, but set a plan in place: 1 drink then club soda. Or 1 glass of wine. You are in control of a substance that often will cause you to lose control!!

If you are on a cut, be mindful that alcohol can slow you down.
My personal recommendation is to keep drinking to a minimum while you are cutting.  Contest prep.. do not recommend at all!

Fitgirl 101: Holiday Survival Guide

Holiday’s are so tricky when you are living the fit lifestyle. Time and time again, my clients tell me that they take such guff from friends, family and
even strangers when they make healthy meal choices.

“Oh, you don’t need to lose weight.”

“Why are you eating, AGAIN?”

“I could never do that, I love (FILL IN THE BLANK) too much.”

“You’re just going to gain it back”

and the holiday versions

“Your Aunt Mary will be so hurt if you don’t eat her stuffing.”

“We made all this food, don’t be rude.”

Personal choices should be Personal choices, yet for some reason it seems to be OK to freely comment on a fit person’s food.

It would be considered rude behavior to tell Cousin Joe that he should dial it back on the pie since he could lose a few pounds.
In the real world, I don’t have hardship with my food choices. In the family setting.. sheesh.
It’s very frustrating to feel the need to explain, time and time again that you are making better choices because you want to take care of your body.

Several years ago, our family was having a lot of health issues. We did not want to rely on medication because we found a correlation between
certain foods and issues. We began by removing meat (red meat and poultry) from our diet to see if things got better.
That first holiday, you’d think we’d set out to ruin Christmas.
Some relatives were so bold as to ‘sneak’ bacon into our veg dishes out of spite.

Our continuing journey to remove processed food (fast food) and sugar from our meals were equally as frustrating to some of our family.
Their attitudes felt very vindictive and there was a lot of guilting associated with it.

Thankfully, after a few years, it became less of a problem at the holidays. We have learned a lot especially from our own mistakes.
With our flexible dieting (#iifym) meal plan now, we are able to make positive choices without someone losing their mind.
Fortunately, by now, everyone is used to dealing with my crazy food needs.
For those of us who are cutting or just trying to keep your macros in check…

Are you worried?
If you are worried about this season and how you can stay on your program while celebrating, here’s some food for thought.

You do not have to please everyone!  

It’s ok to have goals.
When you are focused on the goal you have in front of you, you don’t ‘have’ to please anyone but yourself. You are not required by any laws, enforceable, made up or otherwise to ‘eat’ what someone else has prepared. You do not have to qualify, explain or feel ashamed because of your choices. Think about these scenarios..

IF you were diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and your family, friends knew, what do you think they would do? They would bring foods to accommodate your dietary needs. I’ll bet you have someone in your family who is in charge of the sugar free pies. We have that. There’s plenty of diet soda too. Right next to the Full-on Cool Whip is the sugar free!

What if you had a peanut or gluten allergy? Your family and friends would be very helpful in making sure you weren’t having foods that contained those items.

We are very mindful in assisting the sick. Why aren’t we helpful in assisting the well/fit? My guess is that because making a decision to live a fit lifestyle
points a finger back to others. It seems ‘judgey’ when it’s not. Being sick you ‘can’t help’.

So, what can you do to make this holiday season go smoothly?

I will include the traditional Good Housekeeping holiday tips from December 1972 as well.
1. Eat before you go to your event.
2. Fill up on water.
3. Knaw on celery or cut veggies before dinner.
4. No picking, snacking in the kitch or tasting at the stove.

Now.. these are the real survival tips…Here are some things that we have learned some of these the hard way.

Don’t Stress!
I used to stress. I will not do this anymore!
Remember: if you are doing IIFYM you can do intuitive eating.  You know what you can have and what is too much.  It’s OK to take the day and enjoy your family and friends. Flexible dieting is FLEXIBLE.

More hints:
1. Bring a few bonus dishes that fit your meal plan and that everyone can enjoy. Thank you PINTEREST!! Your hostess will be grateful for the extra deliciousness. I like to ask if they have a genre of food they’d like me to bring. Then I bring two extra things as well. Dessert is my thing. I like having something that I know fits my macros.

2. Shhhhh…don’t talk about it. The less I discuss my meal needs, the less anyone notices or cares.

3. Drink clear liquids like club soda with lime. No one needs to know if you are partying or faux drinking. Frankly, on occasion, I’ve brought my own secret container of sugar free cherry syrup to drizzle in my club soda. I like to live on the edge. Oh and by the way, that plain tall glass of ice water is like a target on your back. Blend in. It has been my experience, that people don’t like it if you aren’t partying. You’ll be fine, you’re totally fun anyway. They won’t notice.

4. If someone asks you about your meal plan, respond quickly, politely and then ask the something interesting about themselves.
“Oh, Aunt Sally, your Ramen Noodle salad looks yummy. There is so much great food here. I’m so full! Now tell me about all your Corgi’s. Do you still have 11 of them?” People love to talk about themselves so you can deflect like Wonder Woman’s bracelets.

5. Don’t try to convert the masses or be a hero at the dinner table. If someone tries to engage you on your meal plan, I say, laugh it off. “Oh, Aunt Audrey, thank you for asking but it’s just such a boring topic. I’d rather hear about Uncle Bucky’s new hip.” See how I deflect?

6. Left overs are not mandatory. If possible, pass them by. If you can’t escape, you can do the unthinkable and not bring them home. Of course if you can get the turkey, then your muscles will thank you.

How do you handle events and stay on your meal plan??


Top Supplements for fat loss

It’s that time of year!  The Supplement stores are excited to see you coming in and part with all your hard earned cash.  I know you are in search of the magic pills to make you lean and tight.

So  I want to give you the scoop on supplementation and it’s place in fitness weight loss.
The first thing I want to say is

Supplements are for supplementation. They are NOT the solution to your problems.
I do not believe in starting my clients on any supplements until we have gotten their food worked out.
Don’t waste your money on magic pills when you haven’t put down the fast food.
You cannot out train a bad diet and you cannot out supplement one either.


Dr. Oz gets a check. #truth
Dr. Oz gets a check. #truth

Stop listening to Dr. Oz, Oprah, Dr. Phil, Real Housewives and infomercials!
Now, I realize that Dr. Oz is a popular guy and while I believe he knows some things and he’s got a friendly face, I don’t think he really embraces  a brand new fat loss cure every single day of the week. There cannot be that many cures or we’d all be cured from belly fat.  Dr. Oz gets a check. So does Jillian Michaels. Uh-oh! I’m in trouble now. I’ve said something negative about the ‘World’s Toughest Trainer’.
*eye roll*

Supplementation products are terrific in theory. You can wander into Target, Walgreens or GNC and find products that promise you everything  you want. I want you to stop for a second and drink this in. If a product has a famous face on it, it is called a “licensed” product. That means the  celebrity that is ‘endorsing’ it got a check. Many times the product ends up being very kitchen sink-y. The product might have more fillers or less  quality ingredients because the company has to pay for the licensing rights.

So.. walk past those products. A personal side note.. please never give the Kardashian family a dime for any fitness related products. *shakes head* Jillian I get.

So where shall I go?
Return policy is #1
I live in St. Louis and the two competing entities in our area are GNC and Supplement Super Store.
I really like them both, but I recommend GNC for my clients for one solid reason. The return policy is great at GNC. There is no ‘official’  return policy at SS2. Quality products are an investment so if you find a product that doesn’t suit your system or you don’t care for, you need the opportunity to get it right. This is absolutely not an indictment of stores that don’t have a return policy. I have had clients who have reactions to high quality products and it’s hard to let go of 75 dollars for whey protein you can’t use. Begin your search in a store that has a return policy.

But I want some supplements because it’s January and I’m on a diet.
January is awesome. You feel all energized and ready to go. Supplements are deeply discounted for this reason. So I’m trusting that you have  your meal plans in order. I also trust that you are not going to be falling for the cardio only workout of weight loss. So if you are solid and ready to get started some supplements, alright!

I can help you with your meal plans!


Do you take a multi?
Take a multivitamin every day. I use GNC Active Multi. Love it. But I’m happy if you are on a One A Day.

Fish oil/Omega 3: Let’s do that too. Got mine at Target for 6 dollars. Fish oil is terrific for making your arteries slick and it also aids in weight loss.
It is believed that omega 3 oil improves the flow of blood to the muscles during exercise and helps to stimulate enzymes which transport fat to where it can be used up for energy. You can get Omega 3 in super foods like Flax oil or Flax seeds as well.

Vitamin C 1000mg daily: Recent studies show that vitamin C helps in weight loss and lowering body fat.
Vitamin C is one of the building blocks for carnitine, which is used by your body to transform fat into the fuel it needs.Taking extra “C” can help balance out cortisol spikes so take it!!

Calcium with D: For your bones. You already knew that! If you are taking calcium chews be sure you are tracking the macros for them!


I want weight loss supplements

Do NOT buy fad diet items like HGC, that promise rapid weight loss. You are risking metabolic damage. I will never condone anything other than solid meal plans, proper workouts and lifestyle changes. However, unless you are prepared, you ‘could’ walk out having spent a small fortune. You are doing your homework so now you know.

Fat Burners
There are two types of Fat Burners:
Stimulants (Stim) and Non Stimulant.
If you can take caffeine you ‘might’ do ok on a Stimulant. Fat burners are NOT made to allow you to eat whatever you want.
They raise your metabolism slightly and some have ingredients that stabilize your insulin. Extreme fat burners might have the Geranium oil and use tag lines like the ‘meanest and cruelest’ fat burners on the market. You may really like the idea of sitting on the couch and losing 5 pounds, or sweating like crazy while at your desk, the risks are real. I used a Stim fat burner and had terrible panic attacks. If you are on medications, be wary also. Mixing extreme fat burners if you are on anti-depressants or other mood altering pharms might not be a good idea. Do your research!!

Non-Stimulant Fat burners use ingredients like Green Tea, Raspberry Keto to rev the metabolism. Be wary, they take a long time to get into your system and work. You can certainly drink green tea as a natural fat burner if you prefer.  If you try one of these for a month and don’t like it, you didn’t give it a chance to work! The stores will try to sell you more than one month supply because YOU NEED more than 1 month.

But, there were great results on the commercial!
Those products are tested on people who are most likely
1. sedentary
2. eating terrible
3. out of shape.

They give them a controlled meal plan (read the fine print).
Get them off the couch.   Wow!  huge results!

But: it says I don’t have to exercise if I take this.
If you are still standing by the ‘no exercise’ success stories, you need to save your money on pills.
To lose FAT you need to burn it off. You need a deficit of calories. That is either by lower calorie intake or by training or moving more.   If you are not moving more, you will burn off muscle and that will slow your metabolism down.  Even weight training 3x a week will amp your metabolism. Let’s make good choices this year!!  Get lean the right way!

What I used:
The Non-stim fat burner I used before my first show was Epiq Shred from GNC. I had great results with it taking just one capsule a day.  My second show I used Hydroxy Cut non stim from GNC. It’s not the crappy version from Walgreens.  I liked both of those.

Do not purchase a fat burner that has an appetite suppressant. You must eat to lose weight. If you are not eating you are burning muscle. Your weight loss will be temporary and you will gain even more weight. Don’t be that girl!


Here’s my review of a great Fat Burner stack I love for my clients


Get Lean: Top secrets for smart people.

Everyone wants it to be easy. They want it now. Time and time again I get asked the secrets to getting lean.
Here you go!

1. Eat according to your goals.

What do you want?
What do you want?

Have you decided what you want?  Active fat loss, getting leaner but adding muscle?
Eat according to your goals.  You can still eat well, even on fat loss!

I can help you get your meal plan right!

I know… Everyone has YOLO’d their  way into a food coma, but if you aren’t eating on your plan, get back in check.
Consistency with the right foods will keep you lean and tight. If you are eating for your physique goals
you can enjoy all kinds of foods!

2. Pick up heavy weights

Lift heavy. LIFT!
Lift heavy. LIFT!

Muscle is the fountain of youth. Lift heavy weights at least
3 x a week to increase your metabolism!

3. Stop fretting over being too bulky.
Be fearless!

My client got this booty by eating lots of yummy carbs.
My client got this booty by eating lots of yummy carbs.

Do you know how hard it is to gain muscle?  Women cannot just put on slabs of muscle
and getting bulky is an unnecessary worry. Lifting heavy will create some beautiful curves
and lean tight bodies. My client, Liz worked on that Peachy Booty for 7 months. She ate
over 300 g carbs per day! She was fearless!  She’s very lean because she’s lifting very heavy!
She does no cardio.

4. Stop being a cardio bunny

cardio alone did not build this body!
cardio alone did not build this body!

Fact: Long duration cardio makes you mushy as you use your precious muscle for fuel.
Unless you are an endurance athlete, add some high intensity intervals into your weekly workout
2-3 times. It’s good for your heart.  Want to be tiny and tight with sleek, sexy abs?  Focus on lifting heavy
like Amanda Latona!

5. Trust the Process 

Trust the process. Don't give up
Trust the process. Don’t give up

Rome wasn’t built in a day. You can be successful if you are willing to
trust the process.  Fat loss or body  re-compostion is not linear.
It takes time. Giving up too soon because you want instant results
is self sabotage.  Start by taking weekly selfies to chart your progress.
Keep your  motivation up by taking daily successes.  Completing workouts,
hitting your macros, are all successes that ensure the physique you want.

6. Be good to yourself.

Never give .up
Never give .up

Your worth is NOT determined by your physique.
You can try your hardest, so what if you have a mistep.  Just keep pushing onward.
Never, ever give up!!!

Do you need help with your workouts or meal plans?
I can help!!  Contact me here
I can help you get your meal plan right!

Are you getting enough fiber in your diet?

Fiber.. it's whats for breakfast lunch and dinner
Fiber.. it’s whats for breakfast lunch and dinner

In Flexible Dieting (#IIFYM) your goal is to hit your macro nutrients, Protein, Carbs and Fats every day.

You must also hit your micro nutrient,  Fiber each day too!!

Fiber is very important to our overall health.  We know it’s good for keeping things moving
along in our digestive system. If you aren’t getting enough.. well.. you certainly will have some digestive issues.

According to the JAMA, dietary fiber helps us even with heart health.

Heart attacks:   An inverse association has been found between fiber intake and heart attack, and research shows that those eating a high-fiber diet have a 40 percent lower risk of heart disease.
Stroke: Researchers have found that for every seven-grams more fiber you consume on a daily basis, your stroke risk is decreased by 7 percent.

Flexible dieting and fiber

When I work with clients on flexible dieting, they begin by tracking their current food to see where they are lacking.
Even the ones who say they eat really healthy are typically low in the fiber department. It’s quite eye opening.

How to get enough fiber.
Depending on your personal macros, you will need between 25 and 35 grams of fiber each day.
When you are looking for food that offers substantial amounts of fiber without breaking the macro’s a balancing act.

How I do it

I really like  a product called “Uncle Sam’s Original Cereal”  It’s in the cereal section marked “Grandpa cereals” near the Grape Nuts.

Nutritionally dense!
Nutritionally dense!

Macros for this are
P: 7g
C: 38g
F: 5g
Fiber: 10g!!!

This is a nutritional dream come true.  It includes some pretty heavy hitters in the super food
category.  So I might mix a serving of this with 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk
for a total breakfast of
P: 8g
C: 40g

I’m a third of my way to my 31g of daily fiber.

I can also add it to greek yogurt for more protein.

Caveats to Uncle Sams:  I am cutting right now (active fat loss) so those are some pretty high carbs for me.
I have 202 carbs a day.  This is a great meal to have pre-workout and gives me exactly what I need to blast through a
beast mode lift.  On other days, I may rock some quick oats/egg whites to make a pancake. Quick oats has 4.5g fiber per cup.

I  am typically done with my fiber at lunch time.
I will have a chicken wrap, with 1 Flat Out, 1 package of Wholly Guacamole 100 calorie packs.
I will also have 2 cups of steamed brocolli at 10g fiber
Flat Out wraps with 9 grams of fiber per serving.

flat out wraps
flat out wraps

Wholly Guacamole 100 calorie packs have 4g fiber per serving.

Love this! Costco!
Love this! Costco!

My meal has about 23g fiber.I’m already at 34g fiber for my day. My goal is 31.

Other sources of fiber I use are dark berries. I will have them with greek yogurt and almond milk to make a shake.

Quest bars:  If you are a fan of Questies, you already know that they have about 17g fiber. I have been able to hit my macros but one day, I was low on fiber and  a Quest bar saved the day.
A questie fits my macros beautifully so when I want one, I enjoy it.

How not to get fiber?

Many clients tell me they can’t hit the fiber numbers.  I think it takes time to figure out how not to go over your carb
macros simply to get fiber.  For obvious reasons, taking 6 tablespoons of Metamucil is probably not a great idea. Owwww!
However.. good news,  Psyllium Husk powder has 4.5g in 1 teaspoon and the carbs are only 4.5g. Recommended dose is 3 teaspoons per day ro 13.5g fiber.

Taking 17 fiber gummies.. oh don’t even. Those things are addicting but they make your booty leak. I said it. Everyone know it, and it says so on the jar.

Looking to fruits and veggies for fiber if you are not a grain eater is fantastic.  Watch your carbs if you are cutting!
You can Google to find more great sources of fiber.
Hope this helps!!

5 weeks out

This all happened and a bunch more.
This all happened and a bunch more in week 6. I’m not officially 5 weeks from my show.

This week was so much better.  Coach MJ got me all straightened out.
We talked about some changes in my diet this check in so I’m super excited.
I have steak again, and greek yogurt. I feel like I won the lottery for this next 2 weeks.

I am down another 2 pounds. I am at 143 now. In Jan I was at 157.
I’m two pounds over my last years stage weight.  I wonder what my food change will
bring with my physique these next two weeks!

Track is starting up for me this week.  I am ready.
I dominate track (in my mind) because I’m slow and no one cares!

Elbow what is UP?
I haven’t mentioned this.. but
I have a lovely case of Lateral epicondylitis or Tennis Elbow.  I know exactly when I hurt it. It was 2 months ago and I went a little crazy with a new land mine exercise.
Tennis Elbow is pretty common for body builders. Did not see that coming.
I’m lifting about half of what I normally could and can hardly lift anything with my hand turned.  Having trouble putting the dishes away! EEEK.

So in light of that challenge.. I’m really keeping my form tight and trying to squash my need for extreme momentum and beast mode.  This arm will not be *F*cking sh*t up” as the girls like to say.  I’m on the precision path until I can do some post show rehab and rest.

We are taking a trip to Chicago and I am all packed.  My cooler is set.
I’m not even worried.  Yep.. I’m taking all my food.
They guys can eat the delisiousness of Kuma’s Korner.  I’m all good!

Enjoy your holiday! IIFYM!