Boss workouts: Fat Shredding Plyo

Plyometrics: What kind of fresh hell is this!? Plyo has great benefits. It's good for your heart, it builds lean, sexy muscle. I for sure use it for prep! This series is pretty freaking tough. Start with 30 seconds air squats then go right into 30 seconds jump squats. Follow that with 30 seconds of... Continue Reading →

Jane Fonda’s are back

Christmas 1981 I got this book, leg warmers and a matching leotard from my mama. My career began! I found my calling! Jane Fonda workouts had lots of leg lifts and lots and lots of repetitions! Did you know that she was on the right track?  Her moves do recruit the glutes. These moves do... Continue Reading →

Bring on the Booty Gains

I was scrolling through my cloud and came up with my pics from my first posing session in February 2013. I have been working diligently on my glutes so this is progress! Whoo hoo.. Here's a booty move to throw down!! Werk! Do you want to train with me online?? Check out my site and... Continue Reading →

Best Glute Blaster

Gym time! I used my heavy duty giant rubber band from Dick's Sporting goods for this one.   You can hook your band around the dead lift bars in the cage or squat rack at your gym.  Grab a bench and start thrusting. Stay in your heels and pull your toes up to really keep the... Continue Reading →

Deep Six glute workout

Certain workout days for me require industrial motivation. I'm typically a booty shaking music girl until this type of leg day. I did not take any pics because I was pukey. This is not a straight glamour workout.  Rob stood next to me for every rep. He just kept saying "Nashville", "hardware", "gains", "Bentonville", TWalk. ... Continue Reading →

Gorgeous workout:

This workout will give you a full body workout, meta to amp your calories. So pick up some heavy weights if you have them, and rock this.  You will do each block of two moves, 3 times. Rest when you need to but push! As always, core tight, chest up and push hard! 1. 12... Continue Reading →

Treadmill booty work

This is a treadmill workout that really hits the glutes hard. I like doing this as a 'fat burn' which means I keep my heart rate in the low, fat burning end of my heart rate zone. How: Incline 15 Speed Slow. (lol ... I think this is 1.5 or so. ) I do side... Continue Reading →

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