Booty Blaster : Smith Machine Burn out

I’m 4 weeks from my show. I spend a lot of time fine tuning my glutes. Hopefully, once I get leaner I can see the work I put in last winter. On a cut, you aren’t building.. sorry.. but we have to push hard to maintain the muscle we have.

I work my glutes/lower 3 days a week. This one is a huge burn. I finished my leg workout with this today.

Key points.

1.The smith machine is weighted as  heavy as I could handle for this.
2. I’m pressing through the heel in the standing leg.
3. Hips are pushing to the back wall.

I can feel my glute as I pulse. It’s on fire.

Moving my other foot to different spots gives variations to where I feel the work.
When my foot goes back, I feel my quad in the standing leg more.
Try it.

Treadmill booty work

This is a treadmill workout that really hits the glutes hard.
I like doing this as a ‘fat burn’ which means I keep my heart rate in the low, fat burning
end of my heart rate zone.

How: Incline 15
Speed Slow. (lol … I think this is 1.5 or so. )

I do side stepping for 30-60 seconds.
Facing backwards, stay low in your chair. We say “booty in the back seat, chest on the dashboard”.
As you walk backwards press through the heel! This is a good reason to do this slow. Fast.. no way.

In the front position I do a lunge plus back leg lift.

Of course, you must exercise caution when doing this workout.
I hope you try it!