Surprises and Lulu haul

flow and go tank and pace rival skirt-<#
flow and go tank and pace rival skirt-<3

Today is my check in day with my coach. I’m about to get new food and
workouts. I’m starting my first track workout on Sunday.

One reason I’m blogging everything about my prep, is to keep a timeline
of how I’m changing.  A few things are making me feel really positive.

I am actually only 4 pounds from my last stage weight.  I have worked hard to put on muscle this last full year, so hopefully that’s the reason.  But, my rib cage is already 1.5 inches smaller than it was the day of my show.

This morning I got up to get my bikini pics together for MJ and on a whim I put on my competition bikini from last year.  It totally fit me. WHAT?  We got it last  year and that puppy didn’t fit me until 3 days from the show.  Still miles and miles to go in the next 2 months, but I’m certainly happy for that!

Today’s workout was Plyo for 30 minutes.  I did 55 get-ups plus tuck jumps.
I had a giant dose of C4 and got the whole series done.  I did one hour of Pilates Springs and will head back to the gym to finish my back workout.


Lululemon black speeds and VSX tank
Lululemon black speeds and VSX tank

Today I rocked my Speeds for Plyo. I’m pretty addicted to them.
My studio gets warm so these are going to be great for summer.
Yes, I changed clothes. After two hours of training, had to.
I went for my Flow and Go tank in antidote and my Pace Rival
skirt.  That tank is dorbs but it’s not for plyo. I have to lock it down.
This outfit is easy so I could hit errands after the gym.

Stopped for coffee… and…

I stopped at Lululemon and got a sweet top for my photoshoot.

HotSpell Bra.
HotSpell Bra.

I have to be honest with you.  It’s pretty saucy. On the Lulu models, I rarely love
their tanks.  I’m pretty boob-a-licious so everything looks really different.
This top is Photoshoot only!  There is zero support so there’s that.
Don’t judge it by this pic.  It’s odd looking on the model.

Tried on a pair of the new Groove Shorts Full on Luxtreme Regular.  I would have to size up in those!  It was not  hot!  😦   Those shorts are compression city!

Get on your workout and let me know how you’re doing!

8 weeks out

I had the best week of my prep this past. I hit every mark on the nose. I am feeling great.
My workouts were different this week. I’m doing more giant sets.
I lost another pound and an inch in my waist and a half inch in my hips.
My rib cage is actually smaller now than it was the day of my last show.
Starting to see little baby abs showing through.

It was time to order my suit. I have made changes to my last order.
I cannot wait to see it.

Ready for this week. Super pumped.

This is a little recap of this weeks workouts.
I’m excited to look back and see my changes week by week.
I hope you have an amazing week!

LuluLemon Trunk Show

Jill and Annie brought Lululemon to us!
Jill and Annie brought Lululemon to us!

Trainer Jen and just ONE of the racks of tops!  Holy cow! She and I shopped privately!

Trunk Show

Last Saturday we had Lululemon come to our studio for a Spring trunk show. Jill and Annie, from the Central West End store, brought racks and racks of brand new items for us to see! It was amazing! These are a few items we saw.

No Limits Tank in Angel Blue/Andidote

No Limits Tank in Angel Blue/Andidote
No Limits Tank in Angel Blue/Andidote

Danielle and Liz are modeling the Pace Crop and the Run Crops. I love the No-limits tank for lifting!

Run: Inspire Crop II Black/Quilt Spring 14

I have lots of Run Crop II’s. They always stay put and looks sharp. I typically don’t run so I can’t speak to that but I’ve heard good things from the girls who do.This was a great choice to introduce our clients to Lulu. It’s a great pant that doesn’t lose it’s shape.

A lot of our girls bought the pace crops! These are fantastic and fun. They weren’t even on the Lulu website. The detailing is unique. They are shorter than the Run Crops and I think they run a tad small but a great crop. I wore them Sunday for lifting.

Sidenote: I purchased some pretty hot stripped Nike running tights after seeing them on a fitness model on Instagram. They were $99. Within one hour, the booty was sagging. I took them back. Unacceptable. I’m not having good luck with Nike active wear.

Secret Garden Speeds
Cricket is showing us the hot new speeds.

I’m not sure how I feel about this print. My mama always told me not to wear giant flowers on your butt. Patterns are really in right now so this short would be cute with a black tank. I passed on it, but I wonder if I’ll regret it later. There’s a lot of Secret Garden Print this spring.

Headbands: Yep

Headbands go with everything.

 In the Flow dress
I love this dress. It’s darling. It looks super cute over crops. My trainer, Jen and I both got one. She rocks hers over pink crops! I like the side ruching. It’s flattering. I’ll do this with flip flops this summer for errands. I think the store got just a few of them. I feel pretty lucky I got to take one home!


Angie, Linds and Nicci rocked these jackets.  Forme Jacket in Cashew, the Dance Studio 3 jacket and the Nice Asana Jacket. Love these for spring.
I picked up the Dance Studio 3 jacket. It’s reversible! It looks very cute and pulled together. I think it makes you look skinny. I’m a scuba hoodie freak and frankly, I have lots of VSX nylon jackets. This one is really flattering for spring. When it’s too warm for Scuba this one is a winner.

One thing that was fun was the Infinity scarf. I’m pretty lame at scarfs and really would never wear them. This piece is super versatile and it makes a fun halter! It has lots of snaps and there is a video to show you all the ways you can rock it.
Something super fun and unique for summer .It makes a halter. Sold.

Last but not least,    Wish list for Spring. I am dying for this little Pace skirt in green with the studio top. What are you looking for this spring??

Check out Lululemon in the CWE on FB

Check out GROOVE Hip Hop at the party

Deload, Show changes Lulu haul


Lots of things going on this past week.

My new obsession is Lululemon. Oh, how did I not find you before?
I’m working on changing my work wardrobe to exclusively Lulu.
I have lots of VSX, which I love, but I’m loving the way Lulu’s are fitting me these days.
I’m an educator so Lulu gives me a pretty great discount on their clothes.
My latest haul is the No-limits tank. I rocked this today with the matching Run crop inspire II tights.
I also got a new Scuba Hoodie in double diamond baroque blue.

Oh Scuba Hoodies… swoon.

Conversation between me and the hubs.

Me: Summer is coming, you know why I’m sad?
Rob: No, baby, why?
Me: Because it will be too warm to wear my scuba hoodies.
Rob: Well we’ll just crank up the AC so you can wear them.

If a person can have a love affair with a jacket, that would be me.
I think people must feel that way about their North Face ackets.  My scuba
keeps me warm in a polar vortex.  It’s like butter!  I think they will be amazing all the way into
spring! I was lucky to find two different ones on the clearance rack. Score!  With my discount, they
were way less than VSX!

Changes in my prep/show.
I decided to push my show back until the summer.
We have some really awesome family things happening and I did not want
to be near my peak week for them.  I’m actually glad because now, my family and friends
can come to the show in STL. I think it’s the right choice all around. I have an additional 8 weeks
to improve my package.  Great news.

This last week I’ve been feeling pretty exhausted, so I’m doing a deload week. I’ve really tried to rest more and
prepare myself for some great work next week.
My last thrust PR was 165 pounds.  I dropped all my weights back to about 60 percent this week. Today I actually went to the gym
to lift and was only able to do 45 minutes before I tired out. I got a lot done, but not my best day. It was so hard.

Tomorrow, I have pilates and springboards so that should feel really good on my muscles.
Then Saturday and Sunday off.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Eat clean!

Week 10 Update:

Landmine lunges. 1st time. Oh man
Landmine lunges. 1st time. Oh man

The last few weeks I’ve been struggling with my weight loss. I had lost 3 pounds but made a well needed change to my meal plan and
started the scale moving again. Even though I’ve stressed out about my weight loss, I have discovered that in one month I’ve lost a total
of 6 pounds and 2.1 percent body fat. I felt like I was leaning out, but really retaining water. I had a heart to heart with a competitor friend
and she held me accountable to my water jug. No excuses. It made a huge difference.

I did a small intermitten fast followed by a high carb day. I’m super bloated from that. I always drop a bit after that type of re-feed.

Tidbit of information:
The best pants in the entire planet to squat in are LuluLemon Wonder Under pants!

I love these pants.
I love these pants.

I’m becoming a collector of Lulus and rock lots of their styles, but these are my favorite because they don’t move.
Girls, you know if your V-string pops out of the back of your tights when you squat, that’s not ok. Just saying. It’s the little things.

Today, my workout was less than beast mode. I had fully intended to GO HAM. My pre-workout let me down.
I get samples from GNC and they tossed a sample of Arnold’s Iron Pump pre-workout my way. I should never have tried that on my hardest leg day. It was
a thumbs down. I was fueled correctly but nothing kicked in. I missed my C4. So I will not cheat on her again!!

I had PR’s today but not like I wanted.
I added Land Mine legs today. First time ever and you know what.. I might have died.
I did Land Mine Goblet Squats and lunges. I was shaking and could barely walk away.
If you haven’t added those yet, to your training, it’s time!
Follow my Instagram and see my video of my workout!

This week, is more pushing!
Go after what you want!!