Why I don’t want a meal plan and YOU shouldn’t either


I’m a macros coach. I do not give out meal plans. I used to give out meal plans. I’ve had coaches who gave me meal plans. I’m over it!

Reasons you want a meal plan.
1. You want to have someone else tell you what to eat.
2. You don’t want to have to “think about it”.
3. You’re too busy to take the time to figure it out.

Trust me, I’ve heard this before..
Reasons you don’t need a meal plan

  1. You are a grown up. You do not need another person to tell you what to eat. Here’s a thought.. Stop asking other people what to eat.
  2. How long is it until you are bored, or want to go to dinner? Then you will have to ‘think about it”.
  3. We are all busy. People who are busier than you, do macro counting successfully. They didn’t pass their own health and physique goals to someone else. Accountability is a pretty awesome thing.Ok.. now let me tell you the secrets of clients past.Ellen wants a meal plan. I did her macros, wrote it out and handed it to her.
    Oh no, Ellen hates something I put on the menu. What can she have instead?
    Congratulations, Ellen.. you are now on your way to macro counting. It’s easy to swap food on IIFYM.Mary Jo is too busy to think about her diet plan. I hand her a meal plan that I created based on all the foods she likes and 5 meals a day.
    Oh no.. Mary Jo had to go out of town and didn’t have her food packed.. she doesn’t know what to eat.
    Wait, she also ate Meal 4 at noon so she doesn’t know what to eat now? Should she eat Meal 5 then stop eating at 3pm?  OMGosh.. it’s so confusing.  With macro counting.. you eat what you want, when you want. When you are out of macros.. stop eating.

    Static diets are great until ... whoops.
    Static diets are great until … whoops.

    Susan cannot be bothered with learning about macro counting. She wants the same food every day.
    While Susan rocked her meal plan all week, she couldn’t even look at another piece of chicken on the weekend. She ate wings (that’s chicken..???) and had alcohol. Now she’s upset because she didn’t lose any weight this week at check in.  With macro counting, Susan  “could have” made a plan for the weekend earlier in the week and still hit her macro goals for the whole week and lost weight.  but.. she just “couldn’t be bothered”.

    Restrictive diets produce rebound effect in over 80 percent of people. Restrictive diets work until they don’t.
    Most clients do great for a finite amount of time. Then they either want something different or they stop altogether.

    Your body counts macros whether you do or not. If you are fluffy, you are in a surplus. If you want to continue the diet roller coaster, pay for generic meal plans. Keep on going with that.

    There are plenty of coaches who will hand you a cookie cutter no carb, no fat, paleo, sugar free, clean, baby food,
    hgc, 21 day fixie, diet that has zero to do with YOU, your lifestyle, goals or likes/dislikes.   Give them a check!!

    Macro counting #IIFYM allows you to eat any style you want. If you “only eat clean” then eat clean. Just eat the appropriate amount of Protein, Fats, Carbs and fiber. Macro counting doesn’t SHAME you either if you drink beer while you are “totally paleo”.  Namaste.. enjoy your food.

Smart baby. All foods have macros.
Smart baby. All foods have macros.

So.. if you want to actually problem solve your physique issues, the same way you would problem solve a leaky faucet, then you must learn how to eat for your physique goals.

eating food, real food with friends and family is actually very nice. Flexible is nice.
eating food, real food with friends and family is actually very nice. Flexible is nice.

The beauty of learning macro counting #IIFYM is
1. you always know how to do it. If you find  yourself getting fluffy, you know how to dial it in.
2. You can enjoy events, eating food with friends without sacrificing your sanity and physique goals.
3. You can pick food that makes YOU HAPPY.
4. You don’t ever have to be bored.
5. You are not at the mercy of someone to ‘change your meals’ if you have a schedule change.
6. You can have interesting food daily. If it fits your macros.. you can enjoy it.
7. You don’t have to be perfect, just consistent!
8: this is a biggie  You don’t have to post out on social media

“I’m so excited! My coach LET me have a cheat today!”
“My coach won’t let me have that.”
“My coach only LETS me eat spinach”.
“You can’t eat that, my coach said you won’t look right”.
“Fruit is not on my plan”.

When you are good at macro counting #IIFYM you begin to do intuitive dieting. Things begin to make sense and you come to know how to eat for your goals. It’s a transformation that creates positive changes. Many of us no longer feel the need to binge, because we don’t feel deprived. The roller coaster of diet/surplus stops and soon amazing changes happen to our health and body because we feed it.

SECRET! SHHHH. When you first beginbasic macro counting, simply start by tracking what  you normally eat. See how your numbers look then tweak. The goal is to eat like YOU. As long as you fuel your workouts and hit your fiber, you can basically eat when you are hungry. If you need more of a certain macro, then either add more at each meal or have a flex bowl at the end of the day with your dangling macros.


If you need help.. join my Skype Marco University for Smart girls!
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Smart girls guide to Bro-Prep Swaps: Caribbean


This is a fun one!  I saw a post on a competitor board asking if it was ok to have black eye peas
and greens in prep.  I thought it was interesting because you can really get some nice flavors in
this combination.
Let’s see how we can make that work.

The Standard Bro plan
We are looking at our ACTUAL menu from our coach.
Meal 3 is
5 oz Chicken (Chix) or Turkey
1/2 cup rice or 3 rice cakes or 5 oz potato

Reboot on this meal: 
Black eye peas 1/2 cup
Collard Greens 1/2 cup
Chicken breast 5 oz
Let’s see how we did
The fiber is higher on meal 2.

Note: The Bro-plan had “Veggies” in Meal 3 as well. We can assume veggies are “FREE”.
Collard greens, Kale have more carbs than asparagus and spinach. My instinct is to track everything
I eat. We don’t know how much our Coach needed this client to eat on this plan.  The collard greens
were a nice choice.

I’m assuming that the Island dish was prepared, prep style with no extra fats, oils. Of course.
If you prep this one Island Style,  you can use these flavors

Southern style.. I see bacon grease….. not today Satan.. not today!!

Remember: IIFYM/Flex/Macro counting isn’t so you can sit around and eat crap all day. It was originally
used by competitors to offer ‘options’ because of “Bro-Fatigue”.

If you look at your entire day as a whole and have met your nutritional goals, you can have some nice

Keep your food tight! Success!

Smart girls guide to competition success: Bro-prep swaps


Here’s how I coach: IIFYM
Jax top 10 in her first show, NPC.
And Brittany.. IIFYM.. BTW.. She won 1st place in two NPC shows.

ok.. here’s another one for you. Karina is IIFYM. She took 2 NPC first place in 2016.

This is one week into prep for Ashley. IIFYM. She had waffles, fries, ice cream and some pretty bad ass tacos this week!16996018_1275000182567322_761176547744141291_n
Then there is this.. Wah wah


Ok..  I’ll skip the sarcasm. Let’s look at your situation. You are on a bro prep and you hate your  breakfast. I have been there.  So get comfortable and let’s figure out how you are going to be successful on your prep and not piss off your coach.

Many smart girls get into coaching agreements with coaches who have only 1 way to look at things. Many women do not ask the right questions before they commit and one of them should be about your meal plan.  If your meal plan looks identical to the ones I’ve had since 1986, you’re in for a long 12 weeks.   The truth of the matter is, in prep, you do have to keep your food tight but the beauty of macro counting is NOT to eat a bunch of crap, it’s to give you options. So stay with your bro coach who you LOVE LOVE LOVE and eat some food that keeps you happy, and not running to facebook asking for advice because you “are gagging on egg whites”. Smart girls.. never do that!

If you want to get right to the swaps, scroll on down, otherwise start here.

All Food has macros. Even clean food like Magic Tilapia, Magic sweet potatoes  Magic egg whites, Magic oatmeal, Magic chicken! Magic Almonds! (dry of course).

Smart baby. All foods have macros.
Smart baby. All foods have macros.

Macro nutrients are
Carbs 4 calories per gram
Proteins: 4 calories per gram
Fats: 9 calories per gram
Alcohol: 7 calories per gram. Don’t even try..  you’re on prep.

Let’s get to work
This is a very basic (actual) bro plan that we are going to work with today.
M1: Be sure to eat that at eggsactly 8am!!! (eyeroll)

1 whole egg (omega)
5 egg whites
1/2 cup oatmeal
The macros on this are:

The vodoo of this breakfast escapes me, but I’ll be honest. I’m pretty used to using these ingredients in my prep I just remember my first coach telling me that I had to have egg/whites cooked and oat meal separate.
I covered them with mustard. I hated them. HATED THEM!

 This is my IIFYM treatment of these macros.
.5 cups egg whites
20g oat bran (or 1/2 cup dry oats: 40g)
.5 scoop whey
12g chia seeds.
Blend it then make a pancake in your non stick pan

Top with 
90g light and fit greek yogurt
1/2 cup (60ml) of Ihop Sugar Free Syrup

The results

Mine is 2 carbs over but has 3g more fiber. If you are so inclined, remove the SF syrup but mine still tastes better.
The idea is to keep your food tight but using macro counting gives you options.
I actually like the macros better on mine because I space my fats out during the day.
If you really can’t fathom going against your Bro-sciencecoach, then throw your ingredients into a Ninja and make a pancake with the ingredients.  I do that too.  Gagging egg whites is not what smart girls do. They find solutions.

This is one of my other options.
The peach version Peach birthday cake crepe. Guess what’s in it…
peach1 peach3

OMG.. someone ate a banana in prep!  OMG OMGOMGOMG..


What?  Birthday Cake? This one is for my last few weeks when the carbs are sad sad sad…

Smart girls do this!
You can head over to RippedRecipes.com
I added the exact macros of Bro-coach’s breakfast and got 273  of just BREAKFAST recipes that
fit those macros. If you want savory, then eat savory. If you don’t want sugar or Questies, you can
find recipes that include the EXACT foods YOU want to eat and still give you the same macros.


How do I figure out my food so I know what my macros are?
Option 1:
FatSecret.com will give you the macros on any foods.

Option 2: Add your coach’s menu items to a tracker like MyNetDiary, or any macro tracker.
You will have totals for each macro nutrient you need either for each meal or for the day.
If he says.. meal timing is critical eat the exact macros of each meal when he says.

Me.. I eat what I want when I want. I always preload my workouts and post workout food for recovery but
I’m super flexible with my day.  You do what you need to.

If you want to convert  your whole day over check out this blog post:

Meal prep Sunday: 13 weeks

‘m 13 weeks from Show #1.  I’m down another pound so I’m happy with my macros and workouts right now.
I’m leaving for Vegas and feeling some minor trepidation. It’s only 4 days and we have a suite with a full kitchen so
I should be golden.  This will by my first Vegas trip without the buffet!

I’m keeping extra tight during the week and will have my high carb day on my birthday next week.

Here’s how my food is shaping up this week.
The mister created some really nice baked tilpia for me. This one is thyme and mint.

his one is lime and parsley!  Really.. just some solid spices and baking.
I usually reserve tilipia for the end of prep, but it looked so nice at costco.  This tasted so good!
4 oz has 30g protein and only 3g fat with zero carbs.  The baking and spices make it amazing.
If I cook it, it’s watery and gross. Rob can do this stuff in his sleep. 5 min to prep this, 20 min to bake it.

Cutting : it is what it is

I am doing Flex/macro counting/IIFYM but I am NOT doing the lose 20 pounds in 12 weeks
track. I needed to focus on a slower lean. I’m keeping my food pretty tight. On a cut, only 10%
of your daily intake should be from ‘fun’ items.  I don’t even cross over into fun items right now.
I’m able to have “MORE” choices but my food is protein, veggies, fruit, for the most part.

Things I add in for now.
I love this stuff.  It’s whipped greek yogurt cream cheese. I like it on rice cakes and on those
bagel thins with egg whites.
2 Table spoons is a good amount. I use my scale!!
I will pull this closer  after vacation (12 weeks out) but this is part of my 10% . It’s so good.
I got it at Schnucks. Oh, they do make a plain one that is a brick like normal cream cheese.
It doesn’t have the extra ingredients.

Costco has these great chicken skewers.  They can be microwaved or grilled whatever.
They are so good!  This will most likely change to plain old chicken as I get near the end of prep.


And also from Costco
I love this.. with the whipped greek is great! The plain greek yogurt cream cheese works great with this.
I prefer this salmon to eating Steak. I struggle with ‘meat’ so these things are very do-able for me.

I wonder what changes I will make as I progress my prep after vacation.

My prep daily goals
1 Protein from 3-5 sources
2. Pre-post workout proper fueling
3. Fiber numbers 30-50g
4. Whole foods make up the bulk of my daily
5. EFA and super foods utilized (chia, flax, cocoa nibs, olive oil, )
6. Water: 1 gallon spring

I hope your week is fantastic!  How is your meal prep???

Prepping Not Starving: Banana Pancakes


Being in prep is tough. Cutting isn’t fun. I forget how much I like all the eating of ‘grow season’.

Once I begin prep.. “oh hey…I remember you”.  HUNGRY.

I realize, that sometimes I’m going to be hungry. I sure was in my last preps with bro food.  That food did not fill me up.

On a lovely side note:  One of my dear clients told me that last year at this time (prep) I was super crabby but this year I’m much more chill.  Ah… that makes sense, when you have some good food!

Poverty macros : when you have very little macros to work with.
You are going to have to stretch your food out. It can be done.

In my new series Prepping, not Starving, I’m going to share how I am going to stretch my macros as far as I can so you can see, you aren’t left with zero options just because you want to get to the stage.

The above pancake recipe might not classify as a volume food but it’s a pretty substantial meal for me and keeps me full for a few hours.

Because I am following a nutrition based IIFYM plan this prep, I’m going to use fruit.  My last two preps had just a tiny bit of blue berries until those went away.  Fruit is pretty much banned on bro plans.

This pancake is fantastic because it’s fluffy and delicious.

Secret to success:
Don’t be the girl who eyeballs her food. Don’t use measuring spoons or cups.  That’s lazy and sloppy.  Use your scale every time you do your food.  Leave nothing to chance!

Banana Pancake
For this recipe I used
Pourable egg whites 125g
Banana: 56g (that’s half a banana .. be sure you weigh it!!)
Quick oats:  dry 15g
Chia seeds 10g

I used my Ninja Blender to blend then cooked it using cooking spray in my pan.

The banana is new to me this prep and I am excited to have it! A plain pancake with just egg whites and oats is a snooze fest and the texture is pretty dismal and flat.

The good thing is I can control my  macros by adding or subtracting more of the ingredients if need be.

I have a very tough morning schedule and burn over 1300 calories from just training clients and lifting. I need a majority of my carbs to be substantial enough to have the energy to work.  I made two of these pancakes for my M1 and M2 today.

I have lots of macros to work with still today because I didn’t blow my macros out of the water at 4:30am.

Note: The fats on this are a tad low.  I sometimes end up with some extra fats dangling at the end of the day. I could have added a little bit of nut butter, or even 10g walnut for two pancakes.  It would only add
Calories:  32.5
Fat: 3.25g
Carbs: 1g
Protein: 1g
Fiber: .5

My goal is to keep my fats per meal, below 10g if I’m going to be training.  Too much fats in my meals around my workouts, slows me down.
Just a little bit of walnuts could really amp that pancake up to IHOP status!

Happy Prepping!


Secrets to setting your custom macros in MyFitnesspal


How do you track your macros?

If you are tracking your macros and would like to set them up in MyFitnessPal.com
This is how you will do it.
My Fitness Pal


Update your profile

choose what you want to do from the dropdown.
Now: in the menu click

make your goals custom


WARNING: MyFitnessPal will ALWAYS try to revert you back to ‘guided’.
You may end up repeating this step more than once. GRRRR. I check my macros
every day so I don’t eat from their guided recommendations.

Here's that crazy macros page with percentages!
Here’s that crazy macros page with percentages!

Don’t Panic. Make your macros look like mine.

When you use the drop down, it won’t be exact so get as close as you can. I went ‘over’ in carbs and under in fats because my fats are out of control.
I’d rather be a tad under because I go over every day. Carbs, I burn like crazy.

I removed all the other macros like sodium, etc.
Be sure to put your FIBER in though. That’s important!!

If you have done your macros DON’T ADD YOUR EXERCISE IN!
MyFitnessPal will adjust your macros and ask you to eat more food.
If I have done your macros for you, your exercise has been added in!!

 Double check it twice to make sure it took it and didn’t go back to ‘guided’.

Now.. check it everyday to make sure it didn’t go back to ‘guided’.

Do you need a meal plan or help with your Macros??
I can do that for you!!  http://www.sleekbodymethod.com/mealplan.htm