Pistachio Protein pancake

I'm 5 weeks from stage. I love to use protein pancakes in my meals! This one may look like my other recipes but it's pistachio! I will get to the recipe for you! Pistachio Protein Pancake 1 cup pourable egg whites 8g dry Sugar free/fat free Jello pistachio pudding 12 g dry  quick oats 30g... Continue Reading →

Prep 911: Sugar Cravings

If you are cutting.. then you know about sugar cravings!  I'm no stranger to this! On my Bro-science prep, there were ZERO options for taming that. It was  cold turkey and it was tough. On Flex.. it's tight but you can be creative. My perspective on Flex/IIFYM prep I follow the guidelines of the original IIFYM protocol.  In a cut,... Continue Reading →

Meal prep Sunday: 13 weeks

I'm 13 weeks from Show #1.  I'm down another pound so I'm happy with my macros and workouts right now. I'm leaving for Vegas and feeling some minor trepidation. It's only 4 days and we have a suite with a full kitchen so I should be golden.  This will by my first Vegas trip without... Continue Reading →

Kale super salad super simple

Ok.. I've perfected this super salad ! Day 3 eating one of these a day. I feel awesome. My food is on point! Here's the salad and how you can do it quickly. Start with this bag of Mann's Brocolli and Carrots. The Mann's is already washed and ready to go. Put it in the... Continue Reading →

I got home from working at the studio and found this bounty of food. The hubs was on it. I was back in Monkey Macros yesterday and had very little carbs left. He went with asparagus/mushrooms and garlic for my green veggies. The Cabbage dish has broccoli, sweet peppers and a very Asian flavored spices.... Continue Reading →

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