Competition 101: Facing doubt

If you ever think or feel "I'm not going to make it" "I'm not changing fast enough" "I won't be lean enough" You are normal. It's ok! Don't let doubt overwhelm you!  I quit 3 times in prep. My 5 week out mark is always my worst. I  am 5 weeks out. I just hit milestone... Continue Reading →

Show Updates: I’m in prep!

Hey oh! I'm at the gym.. again! I'm smiling at YOU! I can't believe it's been almost 8 weeks since I had my gall bladder surgery! I was a hot mess for a while but I'm healed and feeling awesome. Anyone who even bothers to read my life-casting stuff.. just know I use this as... Continue Reading →

Your next level self

Do you every think about losing weight? Getting lean? Seeing your abs? Getting healthy? What does it take to get that? It takes a whole lot more than you are doing now. Sorry if that sounds harsh.   You probably want to stop reading now! Hear me out. I'm a comfort zone person. I actually... Continue Reading →

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