Show update/ticket info

Contest update: I just got my new meal plan and workouts for my show. I’m 11 weeks out. We are working on getting more round in my glutes at this time. I looked at pics from this time last year and I look quite different. I’m pleased because my coach has told me I’m better... Continue Reading →

Product Review: Phormula 1 Whey

Rob and I started using 1stPhorm's Phormula-1 Whey protein several years ago. We were rocking the Juicy Watermelon flavor before and after lifting.  I was at a bodybuilding show and Supplement SuperStore was there giving samples of their new flavors CTC and Frooty Loopy.  I went out the next day and bought both. Phormula-1 whey... Continue Reading →

Back Workout

I have started my stack so I should start to see more muscle development. I felt good today, but really could have used my pre-workout! Started today off with First Phorm  AlphaCre HD ProSculpt  Extreme Muscle Definition system Half shot of Phormula-1 CTC (cinnamon toast Crunch) 1 shot of Blox (pink lemonade) BCAA plus my... Continue Reading →

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