Surprises and Lulu haul

flow and go tank and pace rival skirt-<#
flow and go tank and pace rival skirt-<3

Today is my check in day with my coach. I’m about to get new food and
workouts. I’m starting my first track workout on Sunday.

One reason I’m blogging everything about my prep, is to keep a timeline
of how I’m changing.  A few things are making me feel really positive.

I am actually only 4 pounds from my last stage weight.  I have worked hard to put on muscle this last full year, so hopefully that’s the reason.  But, my rib cage is already 1.5 inches smaller than it was the day of my show.

This morning I got up to get my bikini pics together for MJ and on a whim I put on my competition bikini from last year.  It totally fit me. WHAT?  We got it last  year and that puppy didn’t fit me until 3 days from the show.  Still miles and miles to go in the next 2 months, but I’m certainly happy for that!

Today’s workout was Plyo for 30 minutes.  I did 55 get-ups plus tuck jumps.
I had a giant dose of C4 and got the whole series done.  I did one hour of Pilates Springs and will head back to the gym to finish my back workout.


Lululemon black speeds and VSX tank
Lululemon black speeds and VSX tank

Today I rocked my Speeds for Plyo. I’m pretty addicted to them.
My studio gets warm so these are going to be great for summer.
Yes, I changed clothes. After two hours of training, had to.
I went for my Flow and Go tank in antidote and my Pace Rival
skirt.  That tank is dorbs but it’s not for plyo. I have to lock it down.
This outfit is easy so I could hit errands after the gym.

Stopped for coffee… and…

I stopped at Lululemon and got a sweet top for my photoshoot.

HotSpell Bra.
HotSpell Bra.

I have to be honest with you.  It’s pretty saucy. On the Lulu models, I rarely love
their tanks.  I’m pretty boob-a-licious so everything looks really different.
This top is Photoshoot only!  There is zero support so there’s that.
Don’t judge it by this pic.  It’s odd looking on the model.

Tried on a pair of the new Groove Shorts Full on Luxtreme Regular.  I would have to size up in those!  It was not  hot!  😦   Those shorts are compression city!

Get on your workout and let me know how you’re doing!

Metabolic Finishers

So in our Wednesday workouts at Sleek, we added a cool metabolic circuit. These girls in the video have completed almost a full 3 months of hard training in our Bikini Challenge. We are pushing it hard in the last 2 weeks. The drills are set for 20/10 and we did 2 8 minute rounds. We followed up with leg finishers. This workout combines plyo, and believe me, it’s hard. I really liked it. It’s not too mind numbing. I have a little Exercise ADD so moving stations is great.
We did
1. Burpee to dead with the curl bar. Make sure you stabilze yourself before you hit that burpee. The hardest part of this drill is the instability. Core city. Definitely an advanced move.
2. Med Ball knee hits. Hold that ball and hit it with each knee. If your back is talking to you.. stop! These are super hard.
3. KettleBell swings. I used less weight because I added a speed component. Some of the clients slowed it down to keep form in check.
4. RIP60 plyo jumps . I did double hops over the sandbags. Some of the girls did single leg up and overs.
5. RIP60 flying scissors: Bust them hard and fast.
6. Side approach double wave then shuffle: Two ropes for the price of one. Shuffle fast!
7. Mt. Climbers: who doesn’t love those.

I did about 500 calories for the hour. My additional workout at the gym and just demonstrating for this class brought me up to 1200 calories burned before noon.
Looks like I need to eat eat!! Have a great day!

Prep Update- 25 weeks out

I am 7 weeks from my bikini challenge goal and 23 weeks from my show.

Successes this week.
I was spot on with my food and workouts. I had the best Plyo session of my life. I really don’t like Plyo so that’s huge.
I also have the coolest clients, who came out on Sunday morning to run the arch stairs. We did 22 trips up and down. That’s by
far the most I’ve ever done. We hit box jumps on the benches under the arch too. I felt great. I’m so thankful that I feel great!!

Box Jumps video

Switching up:
Working on some tiny tweaks to my meal plan this week. I’m feeling frustrated because I am holding a lot of water from my creatine loading.
I understood that it could happen. Some people actually like that! I am on Alpha Cre HD for just 30 more days. I will then switch to KreyAlkaline until we pull that before my show. I had only used KreyAlkaline in my last prep,so this is a new experience for me.
KreyAlkaline is supposed to have less bloating and I definitely experienced that. I did not, however have the strength gains I’ve had with my new stack. My strength gains are amazing. I leg pressed 230 two weeks ago. That was the highest I had done in my last prep.
This past week I did 4 sets at 300 pounds. Whoo hoo. I need to lift heavy. I have to build out my glutes. Once I start cutting, I tend to lose a lot of muscle! Come on, round booty!

I’m excited to notice a huge boost in my performance as well. Yesterday I did fast sprints up the arch stairs. Creatine helps those longer sprints too.
Getting used to being more bloated is tough for me. It’s a mental exercise to get used to my off season body.

New supplements this week. Cinnamon Toast Crunch protein. YUM
New supplements this week. Cinnamon Toast Crunch protein. YUM

We also stopped by Supplement Super Store and picked up new protein powder. Level-1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Frooty D loops and Ice Cream Sandwich. I’m adding in Ignition post lift too. These flavors are incredible. They are very sweet especially with the Ignition. I’m going to make the ice cream sandwich thicker and freeze it for my last meal. That will satisfy my need for sweets before bed.

Meal Prep:

Rob always preps my food. I’m so lucky. We have a deal I clean and do laundry while he food preps. That works for me! Here’s what our meals are for this week. Believe me, this is a bounty of great food. I am thankful every day for the ability to do this and for the support of my family. They eat what I eat. 🙂

Buffalo chicken, sweet potato chips, Chicken Fajitas, Chicken and Egg plant
Buffalo chicken, sweet potato chips, Chicken Fajitas, Chicken and Egg plant
Front: Herbed Chicken with yellow peppers, Spinach and kidney beans, Cajun tilapia
Front: Herbed Chicken with yellow peppers, Spinach and kidney beans, Cajun tilapia
Chicken stuffed pablanos with egg plant chips
Chicken stuffed pablanos with egg plant chips
Organic Girl baby Kale bakes into garlic kale chips.
Organic Girl baby Kale bakes into garlic kale chips.

All of the meals are separated into our containers after they have been weighed. Rob made all this food in 3 hours. We also have in the mix a no carb noodle made from tofu. Found that at Walmart. I won’t over indulge on that but it’s great. He did ours with chicken and mushrooms.

I’m set to have a great week. I hope you do too!