Prepping Not Starving: Tacos!!

Oh man.. who doesn’t love TACO’S!
I am 12 weeks out from my show and I am nailing my IIFYM prep. This one has been the most fun yet.  Taco prep is going to be my new thing!

Look what I found! LaTiara Low Carb Taco Shells. I got these at my local Schnucks store in the Taco section.They are also available on Amazon and other Low carb sites. Check Google!
Each taco shell has just 4g carbs where as other shells or tortillas are around 18g carbs each.

La Tiara registers a B on MyNetDiary’s food score so that works for me.
It’s a small taco shell but it’s so good.

The macros for two tacos are
2. oz grilled tilapia
25 g light sour cream
20g fat free cheese
2 table spoon of salsa
2 shell

Total for two tacos
P: 26
C: 13
F: 9
fiber 1
Calories  236
That’s just 118 calories per taco!

Bro prep swaps: If by chance your coach has you on the “no fat ever” bro plan, you could drop down to fat free greek yogurt and only take 4g fat for the whole recipe.

I bought 72 taco shells on my last trip to the store!
Everything in my recipe has an A or B rating and would be considered “healthy”!!

What about doing Shrimp tacos? Yesss! I mixed shrimp with light sour cream, avocado and
filled the shell! mmmmm..

Try grilling Corn on the Cob if you have the carbs!

You could also use those taco shells for some nachos if you do it right!
Pro-tip: create your recipe and load it into your tracker early in the day. Just eat around the recipe so you hit all your macros/fiber/veggies/fruit requirements.

I wish you well on your competition training!



Summer prep: More grilling

I am 21 weeks out from UFE Halloween Mayhem. I’m doing a slow cut and I’m 100 percent IIFYM.  We are using the grill for prep this year!!

The mister hit Costco yesterday. He literally walked the food from the car to the grill.
The above pic is our charred chicken breasts. I like them so much better on the grill. They were juicy!

This is the seasoning he used.

Jennie-O turkey Sausage
This is crumbled Jennie O lean turkey sausage, onions, cherry tomatoes and mushrooms.
This was really good. The macros on this are 6g fat per 56g of sausage so I only had  a little but it fit my macros!

Grilled Cali flower!!  The mister cut it and laid it on the grill. Done.

Other things that we could have added to this were BBQ sauces! These are at Walmart.bbq

Love this! Costco!

I love having choices and not living on 6 meals of turkey, chicken and fish.
The grill makes things taste better and it’s fairly easy.
I wish you luck with your show!

Starbucks for girls on prep

I drink Starbucks every day. Close to my show, I’ll do 2x a day.  That’s my thing.  These are the things I love to order when I’m cutting.  You can make your own at home too. I have an espresso machine so often I will do my own.


Iced coffee plus 1 scoop vanilla whey in the blender!
I love this. It’s fantastic!
Icy Donut (my hubs created this one for me)

Add your own protein powder to this. I use Quest Salted Caramel! It’s amazing.
I don’t know what the macros are for Starbucks protein but I know my own!!

My Birthday cake shake

Prep 101: Summer time grill


So this week a competitor was on a board talking about how she was going back to her Bro plan because she tried that “iifym thing” and it didn’t work. I asked her what was it that didn’t work and really had no answer. She said she ” just needed to eat clean.”

Some people get overwhelmed by too many choices. I can understand that, especially when you are used to being a strict meal plan kind of girl. It’s all you know, right?

IIFYM is not a diet. You count macro nutrients :Protein, Carbs and Fats.
You must eat at least 20 g of fiber each day.
You must hit your numbers +5/-5 grams daily.
You can eat any way you want but in a fat loss plan, your ratios are 95 percent nutrient dense foods and 5 percent discretionary.
You could eat paleo, diabetic, vegan, bro, whatever you like. You just have to hit those numbers!

This girl was confused. She missed an opportunity to eat well and have choices which is exactly what IIFYM is about. Choices!!

My prep is starting up and we decided that this summer is going to be about the grill.
I want to show you some things we did for my prep.

Bison burgers are lean.
This is shark! mmmmmmm
This is Cajun shrimp. He didn’t even flip them. Just closed the lid on the grill.
Butter Ball Turkey breast , thawed and cut into steaks on the grill.

Protein:  I get about 190 g protein per day. Rob grilled bison burgers, Shark Steaks, Cajun shrimp and turkey.  So the turkey.. he took a Butterball breast and thawed it. He cut it into steaks and grilled it, 20 min per side. It was insane.  There is no added fat in anything here.
I added avocado to my turkey for my fats and fiber and it was amazing.

Bison and cabbage
Grilled purple cabbage from the farmer’s market.
The zucchini was the best. It’s so flavorful! Asparagus was great! So much better grilled.
Yellow peppers and poblanos! There’s zuc in there too. This bowl was gone fast! YUM.

All our food came from the farmer’s market next door to my studio.
There is no additional fats on these at all. The squash is my favorite. The flavors burst. We used poblanos and yellow peppers. I hate regular green peppers but you could try.  The yellow ones are so sweet when you grill them.

Roasted cabbage is very good. We have made that into a salad for lunch tomorrow. With this grilling, Rob really just chopped and grilled. He likes to use seasonings so you can too.
I’m sure you have your own flavors you dig.

You can do it
If you are a person who thinks you have to choose the restricted non scientific BRO plan because IIFYM means all you eat is crap.. I am so sorry that you have misunderstood.
I want you to learn so you can have peace in your plan. If you are happy with ‘clean’ food then by all means, enjoy the food you eat.  Dousing things with mustard because you don’t believe you can sub out anything for egg whites is just foolish. It doesn’t make you a better athlete. It doesn’t make you  more HAM or beast mode.  Here’s what makes you a better athlete. Listening to your body. Eating well for your gains. Choosing things that YOU like for consistency and to not feel restricted.

Remember as athletes we need 300-500g of fruits and veggies per day. All my clients, in fact eat this. That’s about 300 calories and 40g carbs or so.  We need 35 different foods per week and we need to focus on our micro nutrients too. Different foods provide micros! Don’t be stuck with the same 6 food items! Investigate!!  Let me know if you have questions!!

I wish you luck with your competition!!

Pistachio Protein pancake


I’m 5 weeks from stage. I love to use protein pancakes in my meals!
This one may look like my other recipes but it’s pistachio!

I will get to the recipe for you!

Pistachio Protein Pancake
1 cup pourable egg whites
8g dry Sugar free/fat free Jello pistachio pudding
12 g dry  quick oats
30g light and fit greek yogurt


You could roll it up with a filling of Greek yogurt. I used Coconut
light and fit. Add SF syrup if you like!

The Jello I used is this

I always say
Look at your day as a whole.  If you eat well 80-90 percent
of your day, you can fit in small amounts of food that are more fun.
The Jello pudding came up as a B on the food rating. I can work with that.
Six carbs out of my day will be from this Jello product. I’m fine!

Oh it tasted awesome!

Low fat Low carb Maple Peanut Butter


Poverty macros are no match with this trick I just discovered yesterday!
Maple Peanut Butter will fit your macros in some way shape or form!

12 g PB2 Powder
60g (1/2 cup) Ihop sugar free syrup (available at Walmart) Trust me.. it’s the best.

Mix it up and eat it all up.

Macros for the above recipe:
Calories: 65
F: 1.5g
P: 5g
C: 12g
Fiber 2

You can adjust the amounts based on how many macros you have to play with.
I use less than 1/4 cup if I want it to be thicker like sticky peanut butter. The full 1/4 cup
of syrup is perfect if you have macros to double the PB2.

I want to use this as Icing on everything. I want to dip a quest bar in it.
You will use a spatula to get it all out of your bowl
Here’s how I do it

Poverty macros: window pane zucchini

‘m a huge fan of zucchini! I have used it during my prep quite a bit.
This weird recipe is actually so good, I want to eat it 3x a day.

I call it “Window Pane Zucchini”

2 medium zucchini. (about 99g when it’s baked)
3/4 cup liquid egg whites
Salt/pepper or spices of your choice
Slice your green or yellow zuccchini really thin.
Spray a cookie sheet or baking pan with non stick butter spray
Sprinkle salt and pepper (or Mrs. Dash) over the squash.
Pour a cup of liquid egg whites over the squash.

Bake 375 degrees for about 30 min.

It comes out with the egg whites all crispy and brown.
I used a spatula to loosen it up.

Macros are for 
117 calories
4 Carbs
21 Protein
0 Fat
1 fiber

If you aren’t brave, here is the non protein Zuc Chips I live on.

Slice them so thin and bake them the same as above, just skip the egg whites.
That’s 99g and it’s about  4 carbs.
I like mine burned into oblivion.

I love salt on mine!

Prepping not starving: Products to love

One of my favorite meals of my entire life was McDonalds Quarter pounder and a boat load of ketchup.
Well.. I haven’t had fast food in 10 years so there’s that, but.. I found a pretty good substitute.

In prep, usually sauces and condiments are out. In a Bro-prep, you end up with mustard covering everything.
Tomatos are taboo because of “all the sugar”.   So ketcup is unheard of in prep.

I use 99% lean ground turkey burgers with this awesome Heinze Reduced Sugar Ketchup.
Each table spoon has just 1 carb.  I can alot for this in 2 meals a day and I’m in faux fast food heaven.

Here’s the nutritional info on this product.

BBQ Sauce

This is at WalMart! The macros on it is

Serving size is 30g
Calories 10
Carbs 2

I’m pretty psyched about this. I’m not slathering my food, but it’s nice to have options. Remember, IIFYM, Flex isn’t about craptastic food all day, it’s options!!

Eat well!!

Prepping not starving: Peachy Birthday Cake Crepe


I love summer peaches! On my last Bro-preps I got zero fruit so I am excited to use peaches
in my IIFYM/Flex/Macro counting prep. This reminds me of my favorite breakfast at Uncle Bills, Crepes Peachee.
If you are in STL.. you know!

This is my breakkie for today: M1 if you are counting.
Recipe is:
.5 cup pourable egg whites
.5 scoop Muscle Pharm Birthday Cake Whey  (sold at GNC only)
100g fresh peaches
25g light and fit non fat vanilla greek yogurt
.25 cup of IHOP Sugar Free Pancake syrup

Mix egg whites and whey in your ninja.
Pour into a non stick pan and spread it really thin like a crepe.

Add your peaches and greek. (plus a few sprinkles!)

Macros are:
Calories: 205
Fat: 1g
Carbs: 21g
Pro 29g
Fiber 2g


IIFYM: How do you do “Fat”?

It’s super weird when I give clients macros and they see how much FAT they have to eat.
I hear things like

” I don’t want to eat fat because I’m already fat.”
“How am I going to eat all that fat?”
“What’s fat?”

Fat: Whey do we need it?
Just a few reasons!

Essential fatty acids from omega-3 and omega-6 fats cannot be made by your body, and therefore they must be supplied through your diet. Dull, lifeless hair and dry skin can be a sign that you may not be getting enough of these fats.**

Fat enables your body to transport, store and absorb the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. An absence of fat may mean a deficiency in these vitamins. Fat-soluble vitamins help to regulate blood pressure, heart rate, blood vessel constriction, blood clotting, and the nervous system.**

Immune systems can be compromised!
It’s good for you and helps you keep your immune system strong! 20%-35% is a healthy range.

Last year, I was in a Bro prep and had only 8g fat per day. I got very sick!  I got two eye diseases that came on the end of a nasty respiratory infection.  A weakened immune system was the culprit. My good cholesterol numbers were so low my doctor ordered me to stop prep and get my fats up.  I lost 30% vision in one eye and was on extreme antivirals that kicked my ass for over 6 months. I have been rehabbing my immune system diligently since.

Sports Nutrition tells us that we should NOT go below 20% fat per day even on extreme diets!  Yes… competition prep is extreme  and temporary.  We must care for our health even if coaches tell us we don’t need to.

However, the thing about ‘fat’ on a cut is if you aren’t careful, you can blow your diet out of the water.  That spoon of peanut butter ‘unmeasured’ can really push your fats into a surplus.  Many times clients say.. “I eat clean” but are overweight.
Bag and bags of nuts and ‘healthy snacks from Trader Joes, might give us some insight to the surplus!

Getting it right.

1 Tablespoon is deceptive. This is 15ML of olive oil. This is almost half my fat for a day.
Measuring fats is really important. Don’t eyeball your olive oil!
Use your scale!  Once your really understand what a tablespoon of olive oil looks like, it’s easy to see why we are over.
1ML is the same as 1g on your scale.
Serving size is 1 tablespoon or 15ML

15 ML of Olive oil is 150 calories
14g fat

What if you have lots of fat left but not a lot of other macros?
If your fats are higher than you are used to eating and you don’t know what to do think about
using higher fat products like Sour cream. OMG.. I know some of you gasped.  I had 30g of fat left
one day and instead of using Fat Free Greek yogurt for my Qdoba salad, I actually used some real sour cream! Measured it on my scale and it was incredible.  No body lost a limb when I did that. I hit my macros that day. It’s ok if you are on point!

What are some other things that will help me reach my fats without having to eat a bunch of mayonnaise?

This is a 1 oz (28g) of walnuts. If you need to get your fats out of the way quickly, here you go.
Calories: 190
Fat: 18g
Fiber 2g
Protein 4g
Carbs 4g

HEY!! What are Cocoa Nibs?
coco nib

Cocoa nibs are 70% cocoa solids. It takes the super food status to the next level.
They are the least processed and most natural form of chocolate.
They have lots of health benefits including anti-oxidants and fiber!
They are not sweet, kind of nutty and work great in yogurt  or just as a snack.
I got them at Whole Foods, but Amazon has them too!
One ounce of Cocoa Nibs (28g) is
Calories: 130
Fat: 13g
Fiber 9g
Protein 3g
Carbs 10g

Let’s not forget the solidly awesome Omega egg !!
Calories: 71
Fat: 5g
Fiber 0g
Protein 6g
Carbs 0g

Pro tip: if you are not getting your EFA’s you can add 2 Burpless fish oil sups!
Remember to  add them to  your tracker.

If you have a “Lot” of fat to eat, use super foods like I’ve shown above.

Update 2016: Over time we have had clients who decided to hoard their fats and save them all for the weekend so they could drink and eat fast food. Fat Cycling is not a thing. Fat is necessary daily. Please remember it’s optimal to eat for health! Flexibility is great taking liberties as such are counter productive.