Smart girls tips to being successful resolutioners

Every January, a gazillion people rush the doors of gyms everywhere. These people are  called New Year’s Resolutioners.  Every year, 2-6 weeks later, many of these resolutioners quit and become a statistic in the game of fitness.

If you are thinking that this is going to be your year to get fit, I am going to tell you exactly how to be a success and not a NYR statistic.

 Start Now.   It’s just a few weeks before the new year. However, letting everything go because you are starting in January could result in an extra 7-10 pounds through the holidays.  Even doing some workouts will help keep pounds from creeping up during party season.   Another great reason to begin now, is that you  can start the new year with a few pounds lost!  That’s motivation!

Ok.. so you want to  wait until January to show up.

1.Make a plan:

Smart girls have a plan of action!
Smart girls have a plan of action!

Make a plan based on your goals. Start with specific short term goals.
Example: I will be 1 size smaller by  Valentine’s day.
An arbitrary goal such as “I want to lose weight” is not the way to go!
Small, achievable goals will always win.

How will you execute this plan?
Be specific on how you will do this.
Write it down!
 “I will go to the gym 4x a week after work”

How will you execute that plan?
“I will schedule my workouts like meetings.”
“I will get up early before the kids go to school for my workouts.”

Stick to your plan no matter what. Your goals are important! And for you moms out there with a busy schedule, remember this.
“If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”

Create a habit by creating a visual.
It takes 21 days to create a new habit.
Set your self up for success by creating a visual to get you through your first 21 days.  I, myself, use a spread sheet to track my progress.
This visual was created by one of my clients! It’s awesome!

My client created this awesome visual.
My client created this awesome visual. Yep, it says no drinking for 21 days.  Here’s a secret, that will REALLY help!

TIP: Selfies: Start your program with selfies!
Everyone needs to take some rockin selfies so you can see your body changing.  If you don’t know how to do it, check out my tutorial.
Set up your selfie day each week. I always shoot on Friday. It’s not right after the weekend! I am accountable each week and look forward to seeing changes.

Yes, I take them too. I have to be accountable!
Yes, I take them too. I have to be accountable!

TIP:  Work on only 1 day at a time.
I’m telling you from my own personal experience, long term goals are overwhelming. I am very focused on what successes I can have today.
If I don’t get something right today, it’s ok.  I will try again tomorrow.
Soon, I have strung together many successful days and THAT  is how you get to your goal. 

TIP: Stop trying to be so perfect all the time.

You don't even have to try!
You don’t even have to try!

Getting in shape is not about being perfect all the time, it’s about being consistent.
I have seen clients do great for 6 weeks and one slip up derails them for 6 months. They throw the baby out with the bath water over one ‘misstep’.  Well.. there are no missteps. This is your life. You are eating food, eating well and taking care of your body.  Count your successes and stop adding up your failures.  You can have, exactly what you want, but you have to stop beating yourself up if you can’t be perfect.

TIP: Stop punishing yourself
I just saw a thread on FB from a girl who created all kinds of punishments for herself for when she strayed from her meal plan.  That is just so wrong!
Food is NOT bad. Exercise is NOT punishment.  If you are so inflexible with your meal plan, that you willingly punish yourself for straying, you must change your mindset. Negative reinforcement will NOT help you be successful. Please, do not start down this road!

911:  what if you feel like giving up?

No Results:Not seeing immediate results can be a huge frustration for people starting a new program. For fat loss, you should not set up to lose more than 1 pound a week.  Setting your goals up properly will help you keep your head in the game. If you are looking for starvation, low carb or otherwise immediate results, you are going to rebound and regain more weight.  So put that out of your head. Namaste. This time you are on a path to solid weight loss with real sustainable results. Slow and steady wins this race.

Time excuses are real, but you have to problem solve them out the same way you do any other problems.  If your sink needs fixing, you will for sure problem solve that. So why would you let something get in the way of your health?

Other Excuses: Stop finding them, stop allowing them to be the reason you don’t get what you want.  If you have small children, find a gym with child care.  If you have too many things going on to train, you are out of sync with your health.  There are people who are just as busy as you who find time to train. Find some balance!  Ask for help, problem solve and get what you want. You can do this!

Smart Girls top 10 reasons for ditching the scale


“I’m a bikini competitor. I feel leaner and look better but the scale!!!”
“I’m in prep but the scale isn’t moving”
“I’ve been dieting but the scale went up 2 pounds”
“I’m on the plan but the scale isn’t moving, should I drop my calories?”

Do you weigh yourself and find that you your mood changes based on the numbers?
Day after day, I hear this from my clients!

No one weighs you on stage, No one weighs you and judges you in your normal life.
You must get your mind set correct if you are going to be successful here!

If you grew up looking to the scale for reinforcement of your total skinniness , the scale will let you down every time!  Here’s what I have to say to you because I care, but mostly because you are SMART and won’t be falling for this crap any longer.

10. Understand that your mom was WRONG. Getting on the scale every day
“just to keep things in check.” is not real information.  Water, hormones, sodium, the wind blowing sideways can alter the number on the scale. It’s NOT accurate.

9. If you can move your scale to another part of the room and you weigh lighter.. um… NO. I always feel better but it’s not real. Just the same as if you step on it more than once and it’s either heavier or lighter.. toss that scale. This is doing you no favors unless you like fake friends.

8. Your body  can  normally fluctuate up to 6 pounds a day, just by normal daily functioning. Digesting?? Nourishing, flushing.. and if you hydrate.. scale up…Go pee, it’s down  Eat food.. lawdy don’t get on the scale after a meal…  Whatever.  Let it do it’s job!!

7.  Water will mess you UP!  Six ounces of water can show as a POUND on the scale.
If you are bloated, or dry, it will show.  Think about boxers who sweat for hours just to “make weight”.  Are they truly lighter or just dehydrated. That’s not accurate?  So now it is actually JUST A NUMBER  (ps. drink your water.. 1 gallon spring. I said so).


You do not get the luxury of building lean mass without a surplus of carbs. If you have been starving yourself
then begin to eat carbs stay off the scale. Carbs by nature pull moisture into the muscle. Dry muscles don’t grow. It’s science.  You will have more muscle, but be leaner, and smaller so eat and get lean. The scale is for chumps.
Oh, my client Jax,above, reversed up to almost 400g carbs per day.  She did most of her 12 week prep there. Last 2 weeks over 200g carbs a day. Who cares what the scale said. Ripped.

5.People magazine shows me how to be movie star skinny.  Weighing less doesn’t mean you look good.  I SAID IT. Starving to say “I just want to be skinny” means that you have no muscle tone. It means that you are going to look drawn and crackly. Muscle is the fountain of youth.  SkinnySkinny= metabolism is crap. Having muscle, your metabolism is like a rocket ship. That real housewives, skinny scare crow look is not cute.  It’s’ yucky. People magazine is the first to turn on you too.  “Look how skinny SHE looks!”, then 2 years later, “Look  how fat she is.”! Stop listening to People Magazine.  Kardashians are NOT role models. PS. Many Hollywood leading men are dwarfs so actresses have to be tiny. That’s not YOUR world.


4.   Well, you low carbed it up or lost a bunch of weight but did you lose muscle too? Did you regain your weight right back with some extra pounds?   Have you done that more than once? Crash dieting to see a ‘certain’ number means you’re going to rebound hard!   No one has time for that!  Adding muscle will ensure you keep a youthful, healthy, supple body and you can eat without fear of gaining! Muscle = awesome metabolism.


My results with my meal plans and supplement stacks.

3  Change your mindset first.  Pitch your scale and look in the mirror.  Track your own progress with selfies.  Each week you can ascertain if what you are doing is working or you need to tweak.
Once you are free from that number, you are free to lift weights and get smaller. Clients who FREAK out and run back to the elipitcal have a great surprise when they realize that they can lift heavy and burn more calories and body fat. They will look better and rock a tight bod.  Selfies will reinforce progress!! Do IT. Say no to the treadmill.   Lift heavy 4-5 days a week for 45 min. Do it.
I said so.


2. Muscle doesn’t weigh more than fat. One pound of muscle or fat is still a pound but, that pound of muscle is smaller and TIGHT and more DENSE .  Girls who are smart enough to WANT to gain muscle will win because they will slide into their clothes like they are dipped in butter. Muscle burns more calories than fat!
When you get on the scale and see that you are the same or higher weight, don’t complain  because, girl you are now rocking smaller pants.

1. The scale doesn’t determine your worth. If you look at your body as a sculpture. What would you like to fix?  Having belly fat doesn’t make you less of the amazing person you are. But if you have belly fat and want to fix that, stop making it personal. Problem solve it. You figured out how to fix a leaky faucet.  It wasn’t personal.  Neither is the work you want to do on your self.  Numbers, are just numbers, inaccurate or accurate. who cares.  You don’t win an award for numbers on the scale. It has NO effect on who you are.

Ditch your scale. Get your food right.  Train hard with heavy weights 4-5 times a week.
I can help you if you need assistance in any of these areas!!

Weeks 12 thru 10

Weeks 12 thru 10

Began my off season prep. Week 12, 11 and 10.

I chose a show for 2014. I’ll be competing in the Southern States Classic, April 25 and 26 in Liberty, Missouri.
This is a big show so I have to come in tighter, leaner and with more muscle.

My off season prep is coinciding with our Sleek Body Method clients bikini challenge. Our clients are going through the same meal plans to lean out before the holiday.
This is my first time working with my own food. I like weekly selfies so I can be accountable, but also to see how my body changes with each meal plan change.

It was interesting that I was able to shred by eating sweet potatoes.  I’m not able to function on no carb.  I burn about 1000 calories, just walking around my studio training. As was proven before.. I need food. I’m eating 6-7 meals a day.

My biggest struggles with my new plan is getting all my protein in. Discipline!

Goals:  I am working to add more muscle in the next several months. I noticed that 3 weeks out from my last show, I really liked my shape. The last few weeks included more HIIT and track workouts and while I came in leaner than I have ever been, I lost quite a bit of muscle.   My hope is that I can pack it on so when it comes time to shred, I will have some left!

Pic one is 7 weeks from my show. Pic 2 is 3 weeks out.
Pic one is 7 weeks from my show. Pic 2 is 3 weeks out.

I refuse to use the words “It’s my age”.  I have always had trouble maintaining my muscle. I know my body and have to push harder.