Prep 101: Summer time grill

So this week a competitor was on a board talking about how she was going back to her Bro plan because she tried that "iifym thing" and it didn't work. I asked her what was it that didn't work and really had no answer. She said she " just needed to eat clean." Some people... Continue Reading →

Summer recipes: Protein Popsicles

Had a great check in with my client, Heather. She is having lots of fun this summer, out and about. That made me think about the challenge of getting all your protein macros in when you are on the go! This is one idea that I think would be spectacular! Check out Isopure's zero carb... Continue Reading →

Green Shake and Prep update

It's game time! Prep is on! I'm on my leaning meal plan now and I'm ready to see what all that muscle I've been putting on will look like come show time! I'm about 13.5 weeks from my show, and I'm setting up to drop 1.5 pounds a week. We'll use that as a starting... Continue Reading →

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