Competition 101: Let’s pick a bikini!

Bikini Competitions are the “new wedding”!!   I spent more time selecting all my suits than I actually did selecting my wedding gown 20 years ago.   If you are new to competing, it might seem overwhelming.  Have no fear!! This is the fun part!

What kind of suit do I need for my bikini competition?
If you are doing bikini, the suit you will buy will be like these!

You can see that suits come in all colors and styles.
They are two pieces and have connectors . Most girls have their suits custom made but many designers have ready to go designs available. They come in all price ranges.

If you are FIGURE, your suit will look like this.
coach j
Figure suits are connected and cross in the back. . This girl looks awesome.
If you are a figure girls, this is the suit you will buy. It can be blingy, very blingy, plain, OMG or in between.

You need to know!
The bottom cut of your suit will depend on the federation you compete in.
You will check with your coach or federation guidelines on their website  for more details. NPC will be a much smaller cut.
Many natural federation like NANBF require the moderate back.
UFE bottoms should cover 30 percent of the glute. You can go with Standard back.
If you are doing shows in different federations, you can order two bottoms with your top.

When do I order?
Typically, suits are ordered 8 weeks out from your show. Some designers require more time because of stoning or volume of work load during the show season. You will find that info on their website.  If you need it, many designers have a ‘quick ship’ or quick turnaround for an additional charge.

I’m so excited, I want to order it now.
Please don’t. We have seen time and time again that jumping the gun will bite you in the booty. If you are 8 weeks out the designer will know how to cut it for show. Most ladies who pulled the trigger early had to have their bottoms remade because they looked like a diaper. You have no idea how tiny you will be at show. They won’t fit until right before your show.

Ack. there is a sale and I want it.
You could pay your designer for your suit and place the order 8 weeks out.

Where will I find designers/suits to look at?I love Instagram! If you look for #competitionbikinis, #competitionsuits, you will find some amazing designers!
Google will give you some great results too, but you’ll miss out on some of the newer designers. I say.. use IG!

Glamfitbikini’s has the coolest IG page on the planet. @Glamfitbikini
They get big ups for color coding their entire feed. They are in Australia but ship to the US.

Katkinis has some beautiful suits!

The connectors!!
 Another cool designer is @Bikini_voronina_Official


How much should I spend?
I bought my first suits from They are amazing to work with. There are so many price points when you are selecting your suits. Pricing can depend on amount of stones, upgrades in stone colors and connector choices. You can spend as much as you want!

This one is mineeeeeeeeeee!
This one is mineeeeeeeeeee!

I’ve had suits that were very blingy but this year I went with the stretchy sequins !I bought my suit this year from a picture I saw on IG! @crystallinibikini/   I paid $180 for it and it’s  my favorite suit! I actually felt that the stretchy sequin fabric was a better fit for my implants! I had some trouble with my stoned suits coming up .  I love the connectors. Sequins looked great on stage too!

You can also buy plain suits and stone them yourself if you are up to the challenge!!
My new obsession this year is Muscle Dazzle. I saw a girl at my last show with a fantastic suit from them. It came in a pretty sleeper box! Their prices are fantastic!


Can I borrow or rent or buy a gently used suit?
Sure. Facebook has a great group of ladies on the Figure/physique, bikini competitors ‘buy and sell’ board. rents her suits out as well. They go fast though. You should watch her FB page too.

Does color/style matter to judges?
Tamee Marie her self told me that blondes in pink suits is cliche.  I don’t know. I’ve been to lots of shows and the ONE thing I do know is.. the total package matters. If you pick a suit that makes you feel awesome, look awesome and you rock it, that counts for a lot.  I love blingy suits on stage, the lights make them look amazing but I’ve also seen girls with plain suits win.  Oddly, a girl won in bikini wearing a figure suit at one show. I don’t even know how that worked out, but my guess is ‘suits’ aren’t the thing that makes the judges pick you over another girl.

Suit designers I like
They are very very good! This year, they remade my old suit bottoms to fit the federation I was competing in. I sent them the bottoms and they had them back promptly! Great customer service too. I have had amazing luck with them.

Crystallini Bikini (Ellen is your girl).

I got my suit! It doesn’t fit!
If  you are a girl who has to lean out for stage, your suit may not fit until the last week. If you try it on 3 weeks out and you still have work to do, try not to panic. It will fit! The designers are good at their job!

I wish you much luck!!


Fabletics review/Haul November 2015

Fabletics Saint Louis Galleria has a super fun event the first Saturday of each month!
They had a live DJ and champagne! Raffles with giveways too. I came to shop it up with the Mister!

The above capris are my favorite. I love the Salar Capri! This color is Artic/Black Slub.
The regular price for this capri is $49.95 but the VIP price is just $34.95

Salar capri!

The Salar Capri is my absolute favorite pant from Fabletics. The fabric is soft but it’s so flattering.
It doesn’t budge when you squat/dead lift! They wash beautifully too.  I have this capri in Black Slub too.
I also have the legging version of Black Slub.
I think I have 8 pair of the Salar Capri. For you LULU girls, this will be like your wunder under capris. I like these better!
Booty be popping.

I want to show you this pair or November so you can go get it!
This pant is really cute!! It’s the Salar Capri in Northern Lights Reflective print.

I got this! It’s the Hudson Bralette. I had to size up on this but it’s a good bra for lifting and my pole days.
It’s very hard to see the amount of sparkle in this!  I sized UP. Clearly. This one is not lined and doesn’t have any
padding. It’s snug though.
Here is the matching legging..
This is the Salar Legging in black Silver Icicle .

I also picked up the Neve Tank (Left) . It has a full bra in it and a racer back! So cute. It’s $34.95 VIP
The other tank is the Pryor Tank. It has this beautiful twisty back. Pryor comes in 5 colors and is $19.95 VIP

My friend, Michaela looks awesome in her Pryor tank!

Got this cute cute cute tee
The McKinney Tee color is Oasis. They have 5 colors in this top. I sized down to it wouldn’t be a loose fit.
I wear a Medium in tops but got XS and it fits perfectly. Basically.. it runs big.

Gift time!!

Because I spent $49.95 yesterday, I got a gift!! This is the 3 pack of thong undies.
This normally $29.95 regular price, $19.95 VIP.  Super cute lazer cut and they won’t show under your gear!

So listen, the store has a party event each month on the first Saturday.
You can come in and shop your outfit for your membership. Then you will get a free gift!
You will get chance to win prizes. You can drink Champagne and eat lovely snacks!
Seems like a win win!

If you are not a Fabletics member.. You can get your first outfit for just $25 free shipping! Click here to get check it out!

Fabletics Haul/reviews

Kate Hudson gifted me some new gear and a sweet note. I'm very honored to be chosen as a Fabletics Master.
Kate Hudson gifted me some new gear and a sweet note. I’m very honored to be chosen as a Fabletics Master.

If you have read my blog, you know I’m obsessed with workout gear. Fabletics is a company that is
repped by Kate Hudson.  The company started with online membership and is now opening stores!
Our St. Louis Galleria is one of the first stores in the US!  I’m very exciting. I want to tell you about
a few items and how they compare.
Camacan Capri

Fabletics Camacan capri
Fabletics Camacan capri

The tights that Kate sent me are called Camacan Capri.
They area currently on sale on the website for between $20-$30 with a purchase.
These capris fit true to size, and  they have great compression. They do NOT shift around while you are training. They are flattering and there are 12 different fabric styles. They are moisture wicking and 4 way stretch! I did not have to pull them up during my burpees today.

Salara Legging

These are amazing.
These are amazing.

I bought both pairs of these Salara Leggings. The tiny stripped ones are fantastic and soft.
They stay up during all my workouts. It has a little pocket for your key . The stripes are
very flattering and they match up beautifully in the back. They have long and short inseams too.
The Tribal Camo leggings
Fabric Content: 88% Polyester/12% Elastane
Features: Smooth, Chafe-Resistant Design, Convenient Hidden Pocket, Moisture Wicking, Four-Way Stretch.
There are 35 fabric choices of this legging! OMG.  Remember, as a VIP you ALWAYS get the VIP pricing.
These are less than half price of the Lulu Wunder Unders!

Salara Capri
Here’s the score. These Salar Capris are the bomb.If you are a fan of Lulu Wunder Under crops and these
one going to make you so happy. They have great compression, they don’t budge during my workouts.
They wash great and there are 26 fabric choices! I bought three pair!

Remember, you can join Fabletics and get your  first outfit for just $25 dollars and free shipping.
If you have access to a store, you can purchase your monthly outfit there. If you don’t want a new outfit , just make sure you “pass on your outfit” between the first and the 5th of the month.

I have gotten many reward points and coupons for discounts since I joined. Fabletics sent me a $30 gift certificate a few weeks after I joined. Fun.  The rewards points add up to get you new  gear.

There is also FL2 workout gear for your man! This is repped by Kate’s handsome brother, Oliver from the show Nashville.
My pants in the pic below are Salara Capri in Dusk. I wear  Medium, size 8. I am 5″8 inches tall.

My selara crops and leggings.Adventure tank in Tangerine.
My selara crops and leggings.Adventure tank in Tangerine.
Check out the site and see how you like your new outfits. Let me know what you think!
Check out the site and see how you like your new outfits. Let me know what you think!

Progress photos 2 weeks out


The goal for 2015 was to grow. I know.. who grows for bikini.  ME. I like the look of bikini athlete.
I build my own package based on what I want.  I compete for me. So, that being said.. I’m feeling pretty
excited that we got some gains.

For my clients who aren’t into ‘muscles’ or bulk.. I’m super flexed here. I won’t even be flexed like this on stage and if you are competing, you won’t either.

This is more accurate here.
Trust me, it’s going to take me years to accomplish what I set as my goal.
Comparison is the thief of joy.  I step on stage better than last year, I’ve done my job!
Build what you want.  Design your physique as you would build a sculpture.

The Fabletics top in my new pic is so fun! I love the back detail.
I love their tops for the back detail.
You can get your first outfit for just $25 +free shipping


Fabletics Reviews haul


If you are not familiar with Fabletics, this is the company that is repped by  Kate Hudson. You can purchase your first outfit online for just $25!  Each month you can get a new outfit for half price or ‘pass’. The membership is really cool because
new styles are introduced each month!

Now.. we have a Fabletics store in St. Louis!!

I attended the Grand Opening last night at the St. Louis Galleria. The store was packed with gorgeous pieces!
Much more than the site!

I was able to pick up 4 things last night!
The IBIS sports bra is the new release for October Breast Cancer Awareness. This one is sold out!
The back detail is so cute. See the pink Ribbon!  I love the pink/black camo!
The pants are Corfu Capri II. They are great for squats, plyo, and NO see through!
They fit true to size. The mesh detail is super fun.

I picked up the Adventure tank. It was just $ 15. 95 and I actually do like it better than my Lulu CRB tanks.
It’s super soft and very flattering! It comes in so many colors!


If you are not a Fabletics member, you should join!    If you shop in the store, that counts toward your monthly subscription purchase.  Remember, you can login and “pass” if you don’t want to purchase that month.

One thing that’s fun about Fabletics, is that you get credit toward clothes by submitting reviews of your purchase!

So far everything I’ve purchased, is amazing.  I hope you will enjoy! Click here to check it out! 

My beauty secrets for stage and beyond

side 1: before I began skincare side 2: after 6 months with Alix
side 1: before I began skincare side 2: after 6 months with Alix. No filter on either. My first pic was after my first botox and she froze me so much the bottom of my face crinkled. Side 2 is after 1 year using Brooke at Dr. Rottler. I use less botox each time, because I see Alix.

Muscle is the fountain of youth! If you follow my blog, then you know I believe it, I live it.  Now skincare.. don’t backburner that!

I was a tanning bed girl for decades but I stopped that!
My skin was beginning to sag  as it was losing elasticity!
When I started competing, I wanted to bring my best package
so I began to focus more on my skin.

Facials, Peels
My very dear friend and client Alix Mancuso  is my esthetician.
We started working together a  year ago to revitalize my skin.
We do peels and collagen treatments.  I am noticing that the damaged skin is coming to the surface and my skin looks better with each peel!   Soon it will be clear from all the sun damage. I do my peels with no down time!

Anti-Gravity Face Lift
Alix  also started me on microcurrent face lifts. I do this with her
once a month.
Microcurrent anti gravity lifts are amazing. They retrain the muscles in your face. I have noticed great results from doing them.
They are NON-invasisve!  YES! You look tighter instantly. Results are cumulative!

I have an in home version of the Nu-face as well which I do for 5 minutes a day.  This is the one I’m using at home.  I wish mine was PINK! You can click to see more about it.

My nuface
My nuface

Alix is local to St. Louis and works at the Four Seasons Spa.
You can book her there! I hope you do. She is amazing, caring and one of the best people I know. Book here

I was a department store skin care girl for my whole life. I switch brands, buy bits and pieces here and there  and it was “ok”. When I started with Alix, she set me straight.  She was able to see that I was using the exact wrong types of products  and we changed courses. That made all the difference. This was shocking because I thought I knew my skin.  I was also piling on so many products!  A skin care  professional can look at your skin and give you the correct recommendations!  It matters! I had no idea!  Just like you need a good trainer/coach a skin care professional will change your life.

Good Products
I am loving the products I’m now using. Babor. These are available in
Alix’s spa  They are beyond fantastic.  The best anti-aging treatments!
The cleanser I was using was drying me out.  My exfoliant was TOO rough for my skin and I used it too often!  I probably damaged my skin by over use.  For cleansing I use Babor Hy-oil
and my skin never feels dry or tight.  I use the HSR lifting products
and the Mimical cream is fantastic post botox. It helps my botox last longer.

Babor HSR line is my holy grail!
Babor HSR line is my holy grail!

Botox: Yes.. I botox. I have done botox for 4 years.  I am using
Aurora Med Spa and my girl is Chelsea Becker! She is at the West Country location.

Aurora Medical Spa
13319 Manchester Road
Des Peres, MO 63131
(314) 822-1060
Visit our website

Be sure to sign up for Brilliant Distinctions. You will get discounts on your injections.
Aurora has a skin care club too for discounts. I’ve sent lots of people to them. They are very nice and Chelsea took a full hour for my consult!!

If you use my name at Aurora you can get a
$10 off your botox or $20 off microderm.

Sugar, etc.  I find my skin looks worse when I eat  lots sugar. I mean sugar like, candy cookies, etc.  I am IIFYM but I do try to keep my sugary treats to a minimum. I’m sure not everyone notices changes in their skin with sugar, but it makes a difference for me.

I drink over a gallon of water daily too. I notice a huge difference when I drink less!

I also take amazing vitamins, including biotin for my hair skin and nails.


Get it right: Stop doing this AB move!


Oh man, how many times do I get in the gym and see a women holding a heavy kettle bell rocking this side bend move.
“Why do you like that weighted side bend exercise?”
“So I can lose weight from my belly.”

I train women primarily, and have for the last 3 decades.  I know how
my clients want to look and I have never incorporated this move and I never will.
My clients are women who want to look great in their clothes, smaller waist and flat tummies. They are not bulking or training for body building shows.  So if you are ‘that woman’…

Let me break it down for you quickly.
1.You cannot lose belly fat by doing a specific exercise.
2. This lateral weighted move can increase the girth of your waist.
3. There are better moves to give you the definition you want.

Get your food right
1. Priority: You can have great ab muscles but you may never get to see them if your body fat is too high. Abs are made in the kitchen. Your meal plan IS the most important part of your ab success.

Look like a girl
2. Women have beautiful curves. We have a natural sweep in from the back to the waist and this move has the potential to thicken that up. On that note, stay away from the ab machines in the gym too. The weighted rotation machine and the weighted crunch machine are great if you desire a thicker trunk. However, most women do not want abs that look like fun-sized candy bars.  Sporty girls, might like the idea of a thick boyish body, and that’s ok.  But I don’t, so I’m going to keep my ab training techniques reflecting the look I want. I want sexy, girl curves.

Tell me how
3. There are better ways to train your abs and get great results.  I am a huge believer in pilates and find that it creates the most incredible abs. If you want to seek out pilates, there are great videos on youtube to get you going. Women do not need to do, what I call “meathead” abs. Hanging with chains, loaded machines etc are totally unnecessary.  But think about this, Med ball slams engage the core.  Any work done on a Bosu is core-centric.  Planking is phenomenal.  You can spend a portion your workouts doing core-centric movement and add pilates a few times a week to create beautiful lines without the bulking potential.

Pilates abs.
The only ab specific training I did for my show was pilates. My full body work was core centric as well. No side bends, no weighted movements.

In pilates we use rotation and I stand by that. Instead of side to side movement as is demonstrated in the above picture, we train the obliques by trunk rotation. Movements like wood chops-low to high with a stability ball or the pilates criss cross movement are demonstrations of trunk rotation.

Check out my pilates 5 video below for amazing results!

Work smart on your core and get your food right. Soon you will see the beautiful, sleek abs you want!!